Tuesday, April 25, 2017

On to Crimea

It is raining the evening of the 4th when you climb aboard the boat, but it clears up as you depart on the 5th. By the morning of the 6th you’re fighting against a NE wind and tacking steadily but slowly against it. It is spitting rain. This gets easier as the wind declines through the day, but it is still pushing against you.

The wind improves for you through the 7th, with a low gentle breeze blowing you eastward ~ but then this dies away. Eventaully the Captain, to get some wind at all, begins to cut back again towards the northwest, and the 7th is almost completely wasted.

Once again, you’re tacking against the wind on the 9th, but four days you’ve been travelling and you’re still just 80 miles from Igneada. It has been slow going. Through the afternoon of the 9th you find yourself skirting the coast of Dobruja, as the Captain now hopes to catch a bit of current that will take him north along the rim of the Black Sea. The wind for three days has blown consistently from the northeast, in the least valuable way possible. Things do not get better until late on the 10th.

At last, on the 11th, the sails are full, the skies are clear (it has been scattered rain for a week now) and you make good time. There’s a good strong rain in the evening and the wind changes to the south on the 12th, but you’re described as 40 miles from the Crimea’s southwest coast now so you’re feeling better about progress.

You see the Crimea on the 13th, but the wind turns against you, pushing the ship into the coast. There’s rain and it is unpleasant, but the captain decides at this point to seek a harbor and wait for a better wind. Late on the 14th, you find yourself looking at the coast town of Yalta, on the Crimea. At that point, I’ll let the party decide its next move. You owe the captain 10 g.p. each and 40 g.p for Coraggio.


Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

I count three more days of waiting prior to departure, so 6 more lbs. of food consumed and 1 hp per level per day of rest in healing, yes?

With 10 days of traveling, that's 20 more lbs. of food (total 26 lbs.).

Sofia pays the captain and gives an additional 10 gp to Enrico for the horse.

Alexis, I see on the Danube Mouth map that Yalta is 5 hexes short of Kefe. Can the captain estimate for us how long the remainder of the trip will take?

Friends, we might consider disembarking here and going on foot or at least seeing if food is available as before. Thoughts?

Enrico Guerriero said...

We should have negotiated a flat rate. Paying per day just incentivizes lazy seamanship. :P

Enrico pays the Captain 50 g.p. for himself and the horse, and thanks Sofia for the 10 g.p.

I think disembarking here is the best course of action; Yalta would appear to be a market town?

Kismet said...

Kismet as previously suggested offers the 10g to Enrico as well and pays his own fare.

Regarding food... I decided I would prepare for 30 days ish of travel.

So I have a lot of food remaining.

I may have been somewhat abusing the lending of carrying space on Enrico's horse. That said if we need to (want to) share I think I can cover all of us (- the horse) for another 10 day trip and 3 day wait.

Also, we haven't sunk yet, so I'm feeling like we're doing alright. Aside from the terrible weather.

If indeed Yalta is a market town, I am all for disembarking and at least looking around for supplies. (I am not sure if we NEED to wait on travelling for purchasing if Alexis wants to keep moving forwards without interactions in the market.)

Alexis Smolensk said...

Yalta is not a market town.

Sofia, the Captain does not know how long. With a good wind, he can make the trip in about 36 hours, but the wind has been bad for the most part, so he feels that it is a good time to make some minor repairs to the shrouds, which are suffering from the tacking (not being in good shape to start).

Enrico on Coraggio can reach Kefe in three days, if he pushes. But as he is the only one with a horse, and as the coast is mountainous/hilly prairie for the first forty miles, it will take you about 8 days on foot. Soldaia is a little closer, 7 days away. Both Soldaia and Kefe are trade ports.

Yalta is a royal palace of the Ottomans, amidst palatial homes and military posts at Alupka, Livadaya and Balaklava. The modern name for Balaklava is Sebastopol.

But, you're safe. Yalta is also a major international center, a place where the Ottomans regularly allow Russians, Poles, Hungarians, and even pure Orcs from the Jagatai Empire to reside, as a sort of Embassy town. Alushta, two days walk along the coast, is famous for its black mud and is travelled to by all sorts for the "cure."

Aqmescit is a Moslem/Tatar holy city, closed to non-moslems, but is also a trading center. I take it everyone is looking at the Danube Mouth sheet map on the wiki.

Enrico Guerriero said...

That said, I think we're better off staying on the ship for another couple days.

Kismet said...

Yup. We can stick with the captain. I think it will be fastest and easiest. Regarding going to shore. Touring the area would leave indication we were here to the thorough or well informed.

Though it all depends on the degree of evasiveness we wish to have.

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

(OOC: Sorry for the long delay in posting, everybody. Yesterday was an incredibly busy day)

I have enough food to last for a short to moderately long trip, assuming the repairs that the captain is stopping for don't take more than a couple of days. I appreciate the offer ti supplement my stores, Kismet.

For how long are we in port in Yalta, Alexis?

Do you guys have any interest in exploring the area a but if we're pier-side for a few days?

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

Blogger ate or I didn't post the follow-on to the above... basically last week's clearing of the air made me reevaluate the mad rush to reunite the party and look more favorably upon opportunities to adventure. Sophia is at 16 of 24 hit points, and that's enough for me to take some measured risks if you guys are willing and we have some downtime from the ship.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Every day aboard ship was a rest day, just for the record. Sofia would have gained 2 hp per day, so that would have been +20 hit points for her. She'd be at full.

The party seems to have decided to skip touring Yalta, but you should know that the Captain intends to charge you for every day that he waits. You'll be here until you get a west wind. Is that good for you?

If it is, I'll calculate the day of departure from Yalta and arrival at Kefe when I come home from work today.

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

It's good for me until after the 3rd day. I'd like for the party to revisit things then. I know you're not inclined to keep is in port forever to capriciously drain us of gold, Alexis, but I'm also certain that you'll abide by what your weather generator tells you. I'm just looking for a stop and check somewhere in the system, hopefully everyone agrees.

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

(OOC: Great news on the hp's... I was operating under the misconception that days aboard ship still counted as travel days. Thanks!)

Kismet said...

Yeah we need to assess how much gold we want to spend on this.

I'm thinking it will be 3 days travel.

So we're looking at what, 42 gold if we wait 3 days?

Alexis Smolensk said...

Very well. Three days later, the ship has remained in the harbour because the wind has not changed.

Alexis Smolensk said...

If you wish to leave the ship at this time, the Captain will charge you a half-rate housing fee for remaining on the ship for those three days.

Enrico Guerriero said...

Good lord. Let's just go, this is ridiculous. At least along the road we might find a dragon to rescue or a maiden to slay.

Kismet said...

Yeah I'm about ready to think this captain chose the wrong way to be going this... month.

Enrico Guerriero said...

Or just bad luck... but I'd rather go off and make our own luck.


Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

Let us depart. Sofia pays the half rate, thanks the captain and bids goodbye to our traveling companions the brothers.

Kismet said...

Yes let's go on foot. We Probably should detail our route though.

Looks like, Yalta, to Alushta, to Aqmescit in the short term.

Does that seem reasonable?

We can ask about this fabled mud.

Then in the town after do some stocking up.

Then from there I wonder if there are people that use the river for faster travel...

Alexis Smolensk said...

I'll start working up a new post.

Alexis Smolensk said...

How very, very frustrating. Just as you are getting ready to disembark, given that at 6am the wind was blowing steady from the east, there is a dramatic shift in the wind's direction. I advanced the calculator just 3 hours forward and the wind changed ~ it has formed a gentle cyclone over Crimea and is now swinging around to the west . . . perfect conditions for reaching Kefe.

I would presume you'd rather not disembark just now. May we continue to Kefe by ship?

Enrico Guerriero said...

"There's a mighty wind that's blowin', it's blowin' you and me..."

Let's continue our cruise.

Kismet said...

Ok. I'll take our chances with the wind holding.

Alexis Smolensk said...

That's two out of three. I will create a post for the arrival in Kefe in the morning: and I will put up a map in the afternoon. I have it down to a science, now.

Alexis Smolensk said...

I know, I know, I'm late. Working on the problem, I swear. You should hear something from me very soon.

Alexis Smolensk said...

The next post is up.