Thursday, April 20, 2017


It is Monday, April 24, as you reach Komar Limani.  The brothers will see their cousin and be happy that Enrico, Sofia and Kismet are willing to wait.  The players can crash during the afternoon, eat six lbs. of food each throughout the day and get back to a rested schedule.  This doesn't heal any hit points, but it does at least bring your sleeping around.

The brothers have to reach Igneada by the 5th of May.  It is a distance of about a hundred miles.  The brothers are willing to wait an extra day in Komar Limani if the party feels a desire to rest a day and at least gain a few hit points.

I would like to simply move the party along to Igneada.  I have no plans to take any hit points away from you and my rolls for five days of journey turn up no random encounters [some potential obstacles must remain in place].

Giving time for the roughness of the terrain and the short inconveniences of the Adrianopolis road between that town and Kallipolis, where the party would not be seen, you will arrive in Igneada on the 30th of April.  It is a cool day, with a gentle breeze and a clear sky.  Igneada is a very small village of about 20 buildings, one of which is a run-down little coffee house where the tables are outside on a veranda under a sloping roof.  It overlooks the Black Sea.  There's no ship in the very little harbor, little more than an indent of the sea, but the brothers assure you that one will be there on the 5th.

You have gotten to know the brothers very well ~ and with time, they have come to know your story now.  Their story is simple; they were born from a father who went off to sea to fight the Venetians in the late 1630s, who drowned there.  They were raised by their mother, aunt and grandfather, and they have always wished that they could go to sea like their father.  They have journeyed twice as crew for short stints - once to Chios and once to Thessalonika.  Signing permanently on board with a ship is their biggest dream.

They are Greco-Ionian in descent, with a healthy regard for the power of the Ottoman aristocracy but without the willingness to join the army.  It killed their father and they don't wish to die likewise.  They'd much rather be in business, find some way to gain a little plunder and perhaps own their own ships someday ~ one for each of them.

You can rest in Igneada until the ship arrives.  That is supposed to be in three to five days.  Is there any other information I can give until that time?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Young Men

It becomes evident to Enrico very quickly that these two men were not a threat to his horse.  They found the animal on the beach and were interested, but presumed that whoever left the horse here was bound to come back quickly.  They have, in fact, been looking after the horse without being asked, as a matter of course.

Their names are Anticles and Pericles.  They're brothers.  They're on their way to a small town in Thrace, Igneada, where they are to become part of a ship's crew.  They were recruited in Canakkale a week ago and told to head to that point.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Climbing to the Top of the Chimney Passage

Kismet, naturally, begins to climb up the vertical passage, being cautious about the wooden rungs, as they clearly feel weakened with dampness and perhaps rot.  He grips and steps upon the corners of the rungs, warning the others as he goes, though of course they begin to sense this as well.

Yet the rungs hold as Kismet climbs through the twisting chimney, until above, some twenty feet or so above him, he can see something that looks like a rattan-work covering.  There is a dim light showing through the rattan branches.  He cannot hear any sound or sense any movement.  After some natural whispering with his friends, he will eventually move up until he can see that it is nothing more than a covering over the chimney, not hooked by hinges in anyway.  The light seems to correspond to daylight.

All continues to be quiet.  What do you do?