Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Enrico Alone Again ~ Round 5

I posted a map earlier, then realized Ibrahim must have been stunned by the 2 hit points Sofia had caused.  You must have had 8 hit points or less at that point, yes?  Please confirm your hit point total at this time.

I think this leaves only Enrico to act for that side.


Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

I had 4 hit points before that hit, so I am most definitely stunned. 2 hit points remaining.

Enrico Guerriero said...

Enrico moves to 0813 and try to keep Kismet out of the fight by whacking him again.

1d20 = 11 + 2 = 13
1d4+1 = 4 + 2 = 6

Alexis Smolensk said...

Enrico's THAC0 at 2nd level is 19, so the 13 hits AC 6 ~ but I'm pretty sure that doesn't hit Kismet.

Kismet, if you're good at seeing Enrico in 0813, you and Sofia can take your turns.

Kismet said...

2AP: Kismet swings back with his broadsword.

d20+2: 19
2d4+4: 9

2AP: if that stuns, Kismet moves to 0912

Kismet said...

Also I believe my AC is 3.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Oh, that stuns. Sofia?

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

Out of daggers but Sofia still has her throwing knives.

Moves 0809-0909-1010-1110, drawing a knife

throws at Ibrahim

to hit: 10
dmg: 1

assuming a miss, but does the flanking help?

Alexis Smolensk said...

Ibrahim, I keep forgetting your armor class.

Because he is facing 1107, you get the +1 to hit; so you hit AC 9. If it hits, 1 damage will stun him.

How many throwing knives does Sofia have?

Kismet said...

Ibrahim has no armor listed at this time.

I believe we were going to buy him some after the fight.

Sofia said...

Sofia carries 3 throwing knives, she currently has 2.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Ibrahim is stunned again, then.

Alexis Smolensk said...

With both of them stunned, it is Kismet and Sofia's turn again.

Have you done enough of this? Want me to set up another round?

I'm going out for awhile, I won't be back until 9 EST.

Kismet said...

So I think the only things left to shake out might involve Ibrahim unless Sofia had anything else? I found my boots, attacked a few times, so did Enrico...

I think it would be good to have Ibrahim make an attack >.>

Maybe some Ibrahim target practice?

Enrico, stand next to me, you can be the bulls eye. (You're harder to hit)

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

I have no armor, but my Dex adjustment and body makeup put me at AC 7. If I keep the Dex adjustment when stunned, that was a miss.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

[OOC: Sorry for the delay in response time there; we are vacationing and I was at the Met most of the day.]

Alexis Smolensk said...

Ah. That was a miss, then.

Once again: being "stunned" doesn't mean you're reduced to a punching bag. It merely means you're "knocked back on your heels," as it were. You're still swinging madly, still defending yourself, still locked in combat, still forcing your enemy to engage with you (the hexes around you remain 'combat hexes') . . . it only means that you don't have the wherewithal to press an attack, to cause damage. You retain your armor class, you retain your dexterity bonuses and you retain your sensibilities.

After thirty years of using the word, perhaps "stun" was an unfortunate choice back in '86: but one use of the word stun means, "astonish or shock, so that they are temporarily unable to react." It doesn't always mean dazed and semi-conscious. This particular meaning of stun, at the time, seemed terrifically appropriate . . . but perhaps we should have gone with shock, stagger, wobbled, etc.

It isn't too late to change, obviously ~ but it would mean making a lot of adjustment to the wiki . . . and a lot of time spent telling people, "No, we call it 'stagger' now." I don't think the change at this point would actually save me any effort or time.

Perhaps, when I'm incredibly wealthy, I can create an NGO that will teach English-speaking peoples how to understand English. No offense meant.

[The Met is a fine place to be ~ I'm jealous]

Enrico Guerriero said...

I think a better term might be harried, pressed, engaged... giving the idea that you can do nothing but defend yourself against a relentless assault.

Enrico Guerriero said...

On the other hand Ibrahim has been "harried" in response to getting hit by daggers flung from across the battlefield for three rounds now, so maybe that's not quite the right impression.

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

The rust has been shaken out for me, so I'm good with sitting back and letting Ibrahim flex a bit. Otherwise, I'm ready to move on.

Enrico Guerriero said...

Yeah, any lessons learned people want to share?

Mine: Enrico's role is pretty much a target dummy -- high AC and HP, but he's slow and the +1 horseman's flail really doesn't pack much punch (4-7 damage). But if he can soak up some attacks, that frees up the faster combatants to stick and move and deliver damage. One of the nice things about Alexis's system is Enrico gets credit for inflicting or taking damage.

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

- Agreed, Enrico. If/ when the full party is together we'll have a nice shield-wall with Ahmet, Enrico & Kismet. It is indeed good to be a fighter in Alexis's game.

- I think all melee fighters should carry a throwing weapon or two to use in those rounds where we're still closing to range.

- Definitely need to get Ibrahim better equipped.

- Sofia's high movement is nice, especially when angling for flank and rear attacks, but she doesn't yet pack a punch. Looking forward to getting her next proficiency slot and putting that glaive to use.

- Sofia's throwing knives can actually come in handy to stun low hit point opponents and keep them on ice. Had she hit Ibrahim last round she'd have stunned him with 1 hp of damage.

- I need to replace the 4th dagger I gave away.

Alexis Smolensk said...


Do remember there is a limit as to how many weapons one can carry on one's body. Two weapons per belt and up to three belts per body. It isn't a question of more weapons fitting on the belt, but in being able to be flexible enough.

Each dagger is about 14-18 inches in length. The throwing knives are 7-8 inches. It gets harder and harder to move around comfortably with all these points sticking out in every direction.

Kismet said...

In a one on one fight, if you can predict the opponents AP you can ensure you get the first swing.

You should probably always have a buddy if possible to help prevent stun locking.

One level and a +1 weapon make a HUGE difference in hit chance for a fighter. Armor included, between me and Enrico our hit chances were like 15% difference.

Light weapons make a huge difference in agility (The under 5lb draw as part of movement).

Pole-arms can basically make it as though you had one more AP for the first strike, but obviously are better used in organized group combat.

AP in heavier armor's may be adjusted in the near future.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

- if you start in close combat and prefer a ranged weapon, spend the first round opening up the range (assuming you have melee warriors to hold the line)

- wear armor.

- if you're more vulnerable than your teammates and the enemy is numerous or mobile enough to get around them, stay close to them!

(I'm fine with heading back to Syros at this point to re-equip and make our next move.)

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

Regarding knives...

Here it was determined that the throwing knives (1d2 dmg) were small enough to fit into a boot or pocket and didn't need to be on a belt. Really, they're close to darts or other ammunition than daggers:

Here you relented and allowed me to "bristle with knives" when I described my current 4 dagger, 3 throwing knife configuration :-) :

If you're having 2nd thoughts on this previous ruling, I understand and will comply without hard feelings. To be clear, though, are throwing knives now required to be on one of the three allowed belts or can I still keep one hidden in the small of my back or in a boot?

Alexis Smolensk said...

Oh no, the boot is fine. Not trying to limit you from buying the 4th dagger, just reminding that there is a limit, mostly for Ibrahim's benefit. You can still keep a throwing knife hidden in the small of your back and in your boot.

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

Cool. Thanks.

I think we're agreed the party leaves the sparring field for Syros.

From there I suspect we'll need to:

1) shop
2) arrange for passage to Constantinople
3) Consider returning to Kofunisia in the meantime to retrieve treasure and equipment stored at the house.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Good enough. No one will bar your passage.

[I had given some thoughts to having a bunch of toughs seeing you spar, then coming up and harassing you, taking advantage of you overheating yourselves, but I have no good reason to do it and I can't make it fit into the narrative thus far, so not going to do that. Classic D&D rhythm though]\

You still have access to the market prices in Syros?

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

I believe so, from home though. The shared location you posted it to is blocked from my work. I'm going to buy a dagger tonight and pay for Ibrahim's armor when he picks it out. That accomplished, the next order of business will be booking passage to Constantinople.

Kismet said...

Yeah I think I need a belt or two myself.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

I still have the market as well; I'm going to pick up a scimitar (thank you Enrico!) and some armor (thank you Sofia!) and take a look at whatever else we need.

I can use my 10% pricing advantage to pick up anything else we need, as well - for example, that dagger Sofia wants. It's only good here, so we might as well use it!

Alexis Smolensk said...

May I make some suggestions?

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

I am absolutely open to suggestions.

Alexis Smolensk said...

In that case, may I suggest a whistle, some spikes, an iron cooking pan, fish hooks, an ordinary hatchet, a climbing axe, sandles for ship travel/in town (warm weather approaching), a bucket, a weapon for your other proficiency, whatever it is, aloe, a pair of gloves, a backpack if you don't have one, one or two empty vials, some cheese, a small iron or copper knife, some kind of drinking vessel, a compass, a little candy, some candles, soap, a needle, raw cloth for mending and tearing up, a comb, a walking stick, dice, a block and tackle, wire, rope, twine, a flint and tinderbox, a crowbar for annoying doors, peat or coal for burning and possibly a locking trunk.

Things to think about.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Oh, Ibrahim, you might also want to buy half a dozen sling bullets. +1 damage over stones.

[I wanted to add that I'm going to be working on adding rules about weapons and armor to the wiki for a bit, taking a break from the bard, which I have to come back to sometime soon]

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

Sofia made her purchases.

iron dagger 10 gp
cow hide sandals 10 sp
5 days rations (heavy) - 20 gp
5 days rations (travel) - 15 gp

Alexis, are there any larger ships in port in Syros? If so, Sofia makes inquiries as to which ones might be headed to or toward Constantinople who take passengers and have departure dates that will allow us time to go to Kofunisia and back.

How did we get to Syros from Kofunisia?

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

Question, from the psammodron adventure we have a 7 lb. unworked silver nugget. A .26 lb ingot could be bought for 11 gp. Can we sell the nugget for 296 gold pieces?

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Working on my purchases now, will update when I've sorted them out.

Sofia, did you want me to do the buying for you on those or no? If so, the total for those gets cut by 10% which works out to 41 gp, 1 sp (down from 45 gp, 10 sp).

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Hmm, two more questions as I buy things:

I assume that if something is blacked out in the price section, it's not available at Syros? (comb, goose quills). I can probably fashion the quills, at least, given a goose and a knife.

Second, more of a party-confirmation than a question to the DM, in making purchases out of my own pocket I'm assuming that we split the advance that the Harbourmaster gave us equally (and that the portions due to the folks who left went with them.)

I should be wrapped up shortly.

Kismet said...

I will likely only be doing purchasing on Saturday (Realtime).

Till then I would like to remind folks to keep in mind travel expenses while planning their purchases. Stowage for supplies as well as passage fees.

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

Ibrahim, yes please. I'll take the 10% discount off of what I bought. I had forgotten about the harbormaster's advance, but yes... our custom is to split cash evenly unless there are items to choose from as well. How much was the advance?

Kismet, noted. One of the reasons I want/ need to return to our island is the 500 gold pieces stuffed in a chest there. ;-)

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

I believe the advance was 10% of the reward for finding the owners, which would be 5% of the total haul. 5% of salvage was 1000, so I believe he advanced us 100 gp.

There were six of us before Nine-Toes and Yuliya left, so that's 16 gp, 5 sp, 4 cp each if we divided it evenly.

[OOC: A little surprised to find that the wonky medieval non-decimal breakdown of coinage made it possible for us to split 100 gp 6 ways exactly evenly. :D]

Sofia, armor is pretty expensive, and I know that a fair bit of your wealth is tied up in a chest that's not here; would you rather I buy leather armor and a helmet (cost to you: a little under 20 gp) or studded leather and a helmet (cost to you: a little under 63 gp.)

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Is it possible to buy less than a full bolt of cloth from the weaver? I don't necessarily need 39 yards of it.

Enrico Guerriero said...

Heeding Alexis's advice, and having a fair amount of coin on hand, and being the type of guy who loves to buy presents for other people, Enrico purchases the following. Unless otherwise noted, all of these items he will freely share with his comrades -- treat it as communal property. I can load it all on Enrico's horse until we board a ship.

o Six pairs of cowhide sandals (60 s.p.) -- one pair for himself, a pair each for Carlito and Tazio (who isn't with us right now), and the others he presents as gifts to Ibrahim, Sofia, and Kismet -- 1.16 pounds each
o A bucket (4 s.p.) -- 3.10 pounds
o Two glass vials of aloe (8 g.p.) -- 0.5 lbs.
o A boatswain's pipe (5 g.p.), which he is already in the annoying habit of merrily tooting -- 0.04 lb.
o 10 fishhooks (90 c.p.) -- 0.10 lb.
o Two pairs of sheepskin gloves (40 s.p.) -- one a gift for Ibrahim, the other for whoever needs them, or just a spare set -- 2.0 pounds each
o Three empty glass vials (9 s.p.) -- 0.24 pounds
o 7.5 pounds of cheese (15 s.p.) -- 1.5 pounds for each of us (including Carlito)
o A small copper knife (3 g.p.) so we can... cut the cheese -- 0.34 pounds
o Three wooden mugs (12 c.p.), one each for Ibrahim, Sofia, and Kismet. (Enrico and Carlito already have mugs) -- 0.44 lbs each
o Two brass hand compasses (6 g.p.), he keeps one and gives the other to Sofia -- 0.18 pounds each
o Five pounds of rock candy (15 s.p.), one pound for each of us (including Carlito)
o Five bars of soap (10 g.p.), one for each of us (including Carlito) -- 0.87 pounds each
o Two brass needles (30 c.p.) -- 0.02 lbs.
o A bolt of cotton fabric (8 s.p.) -- 9.11 lbs.
o 240 yards of thread (4 s.p.) -- 0.10 lb.
o A 4' birch bo stick to use as a walking stick (18 c.p.) -- 1.58 lbs.
o Two pairs of bone dice (4 c.p.) -- 0.04 lbs.
o Two pairs of ivory dice (6 g.p.), which he will give as gifts to Carlito and, when we meet again, Tazio -- 0.02 lbs. each
o A block and tackle (21 s.p.) -- 9.5 lbs.
o Ten feet of iron wire (110 s.p.) -- 0.06 lbs.
o 50 feet of hemp rope (3 s.p.) -- 12.00 lbs.
o 100 feet of twine (8 c.p.) - 12.00 lbs.

I couldn't find any ordinary everyday candles for sale. The cheapest candles available are beeswax votive candles selling for 19 s.p. each... would regular candles be similarly priced?

It appears combs are not available here.

Do I need to purchase fishing line? I couldn't find it listed. Can I use thread?

Metal items are quite expensive here compared to Europe, so I didn't buy the iron spikes (5 g.p. each!), the hatchet (though I already have hand axes), or the crowbar. I couldn't find a climbing axe -- there is a climbing hammer, but at 19 g.p. I'll skip that too. I also couldn't bring myself to spend 9 g.p. on a large chest and another 15 g.p. on a lock for it... they're always just lying around in dungeons, I'm sure we can find one eventually!

For weight concerns we'll skip the peat, and for cost the coal... we'll huddle for warmth.

Thankfully I already have an iron cooking pot -- in Melitene they were selling for just 10 g.p.! -- and a tinderbox with flint and firesteel.

TOTAL: 38 g.p., 289 s.p., 144 c.p.

Enrico will certainly take advantage of Ibrahim's offer to do the buying so he gets a 10% discount on all this stuff. That reduces the cost to 35 g.p., 261 s.p., and 129 c.p. (I rounded in the merchant's favor).

Enrico gives Ibrahim 50 g.p. so he can buy the scimitar and whatever else he might need. Enrico insists the 50 g.p. is a gift in gratitude for your service thus far in his attempt to find his master, and refuses to agree to any loan repayment terms. Maybe you can buy him a gift later when we're all rich.

Assuming all the above is correct, that leaves Enrico with 29 g.p., 73 s.p., and 126 c.p. (I also have a note that he has 640 s.p. in Sofia's chest but I'm not sure if that's with us or back home.) This doesn't include the 100 g.p. promised by the Harbourmaster, which will presumably work out to 25 g.p. for each of us.

Enrico Guerriero said...

OOC -- Oh, sorry, my post was a long time in writing and I didn't see the note about splitting the 100 g.p. six ways.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Ibrahim thanks Enrico for the gift, and will make good use of it!

OOC - I had already made a whole array of purchases and was formatting my post to list them, but I see they overlap with Enrico's list and since I was doing the shopping I'm going to assume I wouldn't have bought a mug for me and another mug for me. I'll need a few minutes to eliminate duplicates and recalculate. :D

Enrico Guerriero said...

Never hurts to have an extra mug along but as Kismet wisely advised we may want to be more frugal.

Before buying all this stuff Enrico checks to see how much passage for the group, including his horse and Carlito, will cost.

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

Enrico, you are a generous soul. Thank you.

Sofia has a bonded lock and chest and a bunch of cooking stuff as well as the pot Enrico has, so we are well-prepared there.

Ibrahim, as far as armor goes feel free to spend as much 250 gp to equip yourself.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

So, outstanding questions aside (blacked-out prices, cloth purchase), here's what I've got - all price totals are post-discount. Thank you so much to both Enrico and Sofia!

SOFIA pays 62 gp, 1 sp, 8 cp
IBRAHIM pays 46 gp, 12 sp, 0 cp for the following:

1 iron scimitar (4 lbs)
1 pair sandals, cowhide (1.16 lbs) (Enrico purchase)
3 iron fishhooks (0.03 lbs)
1 glass vial (0.08 lbs)
2 bone needles (0.02 lbs)
1 vial of ordinary ink (0.17 lbs)
1 bone scrollcase (0.48 lbs)
1 parchment scroll (0.62 lbs)
1 carobwood mug (0.44 lbs) (Enrico purchase)
240 yds. wool thread (0.1 lbs)
1 iron pan (0.6 lbs)
1 pouch lye soap (0.87 lbs) (Enrico purchase)
6 lead sling bullets (0.36 lbs)
1 large cowhide belt pouch (0.58 lbs)
1 sheepskin sword scabbard (1.58 lbs)
1 package local cheese (1.5 lbs)
4 cowhide thongs (0.16 lbs)
1 pair silk gloves (0.09 lbs)
3 cotton bandages (0.63 lbs)
1 cotton shirt (men's) (1.05 lbs)
1 cotton loincloth (0.53 lbs)
1 studded leather armor (20.0 lbs)
1 helmet (3.0 lbs)

Your recommendations were extremely helpful, Alexis, and pointed out some things I'd overlooked the first time. Some things I had, some I couldn't afford before, but this feels much more like I'm actually prepared to be on the road.

This leaves Ibrahim with 22 gp, 8 sp, 12 cp and increases his load to 69.86 lbs (28.54 lbs of that is his backpack and the various things in or on it.) With the backpack, this definitely puts me into reduced-AP territory, but dropping it brings me back up to 5 AP.

Enrico Guerriero said...

I bought (well, intend to buy) a bolt of cloth so don't worry about the fabric.

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

You're welcome Ibrahim. If I wasn't clear before, like Enrico Sofia considers this a gift so no need to keep track of it. Pay if forward somehow, perhaps to the next new party member once you get a few levels under your belt.

Alexis Smolensk said...

[I said I was going to take Fridays off, but I'll try to catch up a bit here]

Regarding blacked out things on the price table. Yes, if it's blacked out it's not available. It may be available next week, however; it is simply that the product is rare enough in this part of the world that it can drop off the list.

Regarding journeys to Koufonisia and Constantinople. This being the 17th century, there are no "scheduled" boats anywhere. Scheduled departures was an invention of the 19th century. However, Syros is a fairly central, important crossroads port and boats from big ports like Aslan Liman, Izmir, Benghazi or Constantinople often stop here on their way to someone else.

As far as Koufonisia goes, the town of Hora on Naxos is a collection point for Syros goods, so there are boats that travel the 40 miles between the two ports every day; they'll take a passenger for 6 s.p. It is always easy to find a fisherman from Koufonisia in Hora, and they are always ready to take on a passenger for two silver pieces. Koufonisia is about 25 miles from Hora.

So it is typically a two day trip - Syros to Hora on one boat, typically a sizeable Ketch or Schooner, then a six-hour day on a fishing sloop. No scheduling, but you can pretty much leave any time, as long as you make plans with the desired crew the evening before the boat departs.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Maybe the medieval non-decimal breakdown was designed for that purpose?

There are 192 copper pieces in a gold piece. Note the factors for the number 192:

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, 32, 48, 64, 96, 192. It is a very useful number! Sometimes, we over-prize base ten calculations.

To buy cloth by the yard, divide the total price by 39, then give a mark-up of 50% on the cost. Then reduce it by the 10% your character gets.

Alexis Smolensk said...


Now that you've bought all that, don't forget to use it! Cheese is useful because it doesn't go bad, it just hardens and the outside gets moldy (which can be cut off), so it survives for weeks, even months, making a good feed when you can't get other food.

The pedestal candle and the pillar candle are made of tallow ~ but yes, I see they are expensive ~ and they shouldn't be. I've looked into the pricing table and I see that I was pricing both tallow and beeswax on the same measure; I've changed tallow so that it now reflects the cost of rendered pig's fat, which it should. That will bring the price down to 2 g.p. for the pedestal candle and 4 s.p. for the pillar candle.

See? Helps to ask questions.

I've calculated a copper comb at 9 oz., for 5 g.p., if you're interested in that.

Use twine for fishing line. Thread will break when a fish pulls.

Your hand axes will break if you try to chop wood with them. Climbing axe, climbing hammer, com si, com sa. Dungeon chests will be generally rotten, but I understand the resistance.

Mostly, I made the suggestions as things to think about.

Alexis Smolensk said...

That's a wrought iron scimitar, forged. heh, heh.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

See, the laughter worries me. :D

I'll be a little disappointed if I've bought a weapon that's prone to breakage at the drop of a hat!

On the other hand, I did pick Mending as a spell and it apparently can 'reforge' broken objects, so perhaps I haven't thrown my money away completely. ;)

Alexis Smolensk said...

Don't get paranoid. I was only laughing at my own silly need to be pedantic.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

But paranoia is what keeps me alive!



I was just giving you a hard time.

Kismet said...

Well in the vein of questions...
They don't by chance make silk versions of Chausses and Hauberk's eh?
Just noting I could have much lighter clothing if I switch to the silk alternates for adventurer's wear items.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Wow, massive expense.

The only way I know to do it would be to figure out the same weight in silk that the chausses requires in linen. But that's not what you want ~ so, some documentation on the strength of fabrics would be needed, to figure out the weight.

That suggests it would be available ONLY in the Orient; why would a European think to make such a thing, or know how?

Oddbit said...

The thought mainly came up after noticing the price of wool vs silk here. Then noticing weight. I'll shelve that thought. Mithril might just be the next investment perhaps.

Alexis Smolensk said...

[Please forgive the delay. I'm dealing with some issues at home and with the Juvenis blog. I can continue with the next post, but I will need to have a consensus on what the party intends to do next ~ would you prefer a new post, putting you in Syros again, to let you discuss it there?]

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

[Unless something notable is going to happen to us, I'd say we can use this thread to discuss and start a new post once we've settled for sure on what we're doing.]

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

I need to get to Kofunisia, so if there's no benefit or opportunity in arranging passage to Constantinople before we make that trip I'd like the next post to be moving that direction (on the docks, in a boat, in Kofunisia).

Unless... we just want to pay the silver for a round trip, put us 4 days hence and with our stuff and start for Constantinople.

The only unfinished business there might be is the improvement project we began on the island. As I recall we were having irrigation ditches dug to provide more farm-able land on the island. How did that turn out?

Enrico Guerriero said...

In addition to the purchases above, Enrico buys 10 pillar candles (6.0 lbs.), which costs 40 s.p., or 36 s.p. with Ibrahim's discount, bringing his total purchases to 35 g.p., 297 s.p., and 129 c.p., leaving Enrico with 29 g.p., 37 s.p., and 126 c.p.

I am ready to pick up the story in Syros.

Enrico Guerriero said...

(Or I suppose we can skip heading back to town and just pick up en route to Kofunisia as it seems arranging passage would be easy.)

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

I agree we should purchase passage to Kofunisia.

Oh, one last possible purchase question for Alexis: it's possible to buy a goose from the butcher. Would doing so net me some quills I can turn into pens? We could kill two birds with one stone, so to speak: a feast to thank my friends and celebrate our partnership and writing supplies.

Kismet said...

Yes we begin booking passage to Kofunisia.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Indeed, affirmative posting is good.

I buy a goose for us to enjoy as a farewell-to-Syros feast.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Let's pick up the next post as you arrive in Koufonisia again. Please everyone pay the passage price; there won't be any hang-up on the isle of Naxos, but it will cost you a night's stay (at the same prices as Syros, the market there setting prices for everywhere in the market zone it dominates). So pay for your overnight in Hora.

[OOC: I'm sorry to hold up the campaign for one more day. I'm having some personal issues in the real world, having mostly to do with my father. It is crazy stuff; I'm thinking I may write a post tonight about it, get it out of my system. I was just at the hospital this afternoon and my world view is, well, fucked right now. If you could give me a little time to get my equilibrium together, I'll have something in mind for Koufonisia when you get there]

I can say right off that the irrigation wasn't supposed to be done until mid to late May; it is too early to plant, at any rate; you are just on the tail end of the wet season.

Enrico Guerriero said...

Presumably before we left we got the 100 g.p. from the Harbourmaster?

Just a reminder to all, Alexis had said it's 6 s.p. each to go to Hora, and then 2 s.p. from Hora to Koufonisia.

The one night's stay is 11 s.p. for a private room in a public house. (I think we should spring for the private room just so we have a safe place to put all this gear we just bought.)

Presumably the five of us (don't forget Carlito!) could share a room -- each of you paying 2 s.p. each, Enrico paying 5 s.p. to cover himself and Carlito. So all told lodging is roughly 10 s.p. each from the three of you and 13 s.p. for Enrico.

Assume we each spend another 10 s.p. so each of us can have a roasted chicken, and a few more silvers for ale... I think about 16 s.p. would do it.

So all-in, transportation and lodging and food, about 2 g.p. per person. 4 g.p. for Enrico as he's paying for Carlito.

Enrico also has his horse... I'm guessing the horse would be charged as two men, so 16 s.p. for the whole journey, plus 6 s.p. for a night's stabling, and 2 c.p. for feed.

So Enrico's total costs are 5 g.p., 6 s.p., and 2 c.p.

We'll round it up to an even 6 g.p. saying that he spent 8 s.p. to have the private room cleaned and a couple extra silvers to ensure great care is taken with his beloved horse.

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

Sounds like a plan Enrico, thanks for figuring things out.

I'm sorry to hear it Alexis, but of course take whatever time you need as far as I'm concerned. My thoughts and best wishes are with you.

Alexis Smolensk said...

All right, I've had some time to get myself together. The next post is up.