Friday, December 2, 2016

Syros Market

We're still cleaning up some other details, but let's move forward.  I have the market table ready for Syros.  You can find it in the Senex folder on the google drive:

I strongly recommend that you make a bookmark for the drive.  I'm going to be using it a lot and this is the last time I'm going to post the link.  In future, when I say "the Drive" as a place to go, please assume I mean the Senex folder.

I also recommend subscribing to the comments sections of the posts, particularly your original character post.  When we're fixing something with the character or updating something, we should go back to that one again and again (and possibly replacing it when the comments field gets past 200).

Please ask questions about the market on this post.  Please ask questions about your specific character on your appropriate character post.


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Yuliya Romanyuk said...

Just to review, what is the conversion rate of copper to silver to gold pieces?

And to the group as a whole, anything I should be picking up? I don't have much cash to my name (30 g.p.) so I figured I'd just look at getting a bow, some decent clothes and hanging at the back if a fight should break out.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Yes, I should have said. Thank you.

12 Copper Pieces = 1 Silver Piece
16 Silver Pieces = 1 Gold Piece
192 Copper Pieces = 1 Gold Piece

And yes, it is deliberately miserable and awful. Welcome to medieval thinking. I tell people, keep a pile of copper, silver and gold in your pocket and then subtract from each type of coin. This will help you NOT have to constantly be making change.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Ooh, thanks for the conversion; I'll take your advice on keeping track of the various coin types.

Just to confirm, our initial wealth is all we've got, is that correct? There's no assumed clothing, food, or other possessions other than what we purchase?

Alexis Smolensk said...

Yes, Ibrahim, that is correct. Don't forget to buy boots.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Also, keep an eye on the other blog, buying in Stavanger. They will have questions you may also want to ask.

Butch said...

Has there been some time between when the established characters left off, and when the new campaign is beginning?

In other words, should we assume we've eaten through some or all of our stores and need new rations?

Alexis Smolensk said...

The Psammodron fight was March 4th, 1651.

I'll say you're buying things in Syros on March 7th. So call it three days.

I'm not sure if the online party suffered through the time when I was not including rations on the equipment list. You will notice that rations have been returned to the list.

Yuliya Romanyuk said...

Silly question but is there any makeup or viable substitute available?

(Just a bit for my days in town, of course)

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Yuliya - it looks like there's a fair number of cosmetics available at the Apothecary.

Yuliya Romanyuk said...

Sweet Saint Sebastian, those are expensive. Good eye, Ibrahim!
Perhaps we should go into the cosmetics business? Looks pretty lucrative.

Alexis Smolensk said...

You see why very few women in Renaissance pictures are using the sort of cosmetics we associate with China and India. Healthy, robust cheeks and clear skin, a far cry from the far east.

Yuliya Romanyuk said...

Also, in search of cheaper food options than the daily rations I did some math and noticed that, beyond subsisting on a new sack of raw beets every 3 days or so, the next cheapest thing in Syros (in terms of copper-per-lb) looks to be taffy and biscuits.

Then again, I figure my physical health would deteriorate if I ate nothing but taffy and biscuits for a week.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Lukus has asked about a purchasing limit. Thank you! I forgot to mention. Please keep everything above 100 g.p. to 5 items. Everything between 10-100 g.p. to 10 items and everything less than 10 g.p. to 25 items.

The old system wasn't working and I don't have a new system to replace it (I have no idea how).

Alexis Smolensk said...

Town Market, Yuliya.

Onions, peas, peppers, pimentoes. If you don't work or travel, and you go on half rations, you can eat one pound of food per day.

I've added a line on the wiki under Food:

"Characters who choose to live on half rations may accept a penalty of -2 to hit and -1 damage when attacking."

So you see . . . not so bad. For about 44 silver you can live a month, no problem, even defend yourself.

I'm encouraging players to find a food supply outside of towns!

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Assuming that beans are measured in dry weight, those'll stretch pretty far for your silver as well. 6.75 pounds of dry beans will cook up to about 20.25 pounds; at 23 sp for the bag you're talking, oh, 1 silver 2 copper per pound.

Let's not plan on half rations, though.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Warning: I'm going to be gone to work in about 52 minutes for the evening.

Alexis Smolensk said...

See? Ibrahim has your back.

Oddbit said...

I'm carefully recrafting my sheet that evenly consumes the food I bought by autocalculating consumed lbs....

So I'll be slow on this stage, building my framework will take a little bit for two characters.

That said Lukas is functional right now as a warm body with food before he reached this table.

Yuliya Romanyuk said...

Excellent, I will be buying some beans.

Aside from that, I'm also out for the remainder of the evening. I'll have some time tomorrow to finish this up and then on Monday.

Thanks for a great start, y'all!

Oddbit said...

Was looking for portable horse feed.
Looks like there are no weights to measure off of.
Should I just grab one of the various grains like foods?

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

I mentioned this in my own post, but realized it would be better suited here: I have food but nothing to cook it in. A ceramic cooking pot is 5 gp, a cast iron one 150 - should we pool our funds to purchase one perhaps?

Alexis Smolensk said...


There are MANY changes regarding horses. I suggest you go look at this page as a start:

You'll note that you can no longer ride horses in the old way. You can find notes on feeding horses, answering your question, under the link Feeding & Diet.

Oddbit said...

How does this effect the Mystery Vardo?
Can Hichem handle that at least?

Also, what about the Mount spell? Is that exempt from untrained riding?

Oddbit said...

I'll just pick up a cooking pot.
also a serving spoon and some bowls.

Though at this point I think I'm about capped off on purchases.
Buying the last scroll book wiped out 1/3 of my cash and misc other purchases another 1/3.

We'll need to hunt for treasure when we get to our destination area, cause I'm going to need funds to build my tower. Also to ensure that Andrej is not the ONLY person the settlers like.

And since kismet isn't my henchman yet we're not sharing loot.

Oddbit said...

Oh and looking through on the feeding a horse, I dunno if you are only going to tell people with riding skill how to feed a horse or what, but I still want to grab some horse feed for the 1/2% daily allotment for travel and combat, but there's no weight in the market. So I'm presuming it's a service provided in town and not a purchasable item to bring with us.

It says assorted grains and oats, so my presumption is I cannot just grab random grains and oats to accommodate.

If so, wheat and oatmeal appear to be the only available options.

Oddbit said...

I have bought two mules.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Hichem will be judged to have teamster skill, so he can handle the vardo; but unless one of you is also a teamster, you won't be able to.

The mount spell will work as before, as the mount is automatically "controlled" by the caster, not like a real horse or other mount that would naturally resist the rider.

It is starting to sound like you are assuming that Lukas is in Syros. You do know that we did not take the handwaving option of putting the whole party back together. Lukas is still in the Donbass; only Kismet is in Koufonisia.

It is difficult to see who you are acting the part of, since you are still using your Oddbit nick and not your Kismet nick. Tell me: are you also having problems switching nicks?

Regarding horses: I've fixed the Syros market on the drive. Should have the info you need now.

Regarding action points: All characters, except for monks have FIVE action points. If you click the link on the post for calculating your encumbrance, it will show how much you can carry before losing action points of movement. I've rewritten the Action Points page on the wiki to make this clearer.

Alexis Smolensk said...

I haven't heard from Sofiya at all and very little from Enrico. Is everyone done with the market table? Ready to move on?

Butch said...

I assumed that the entire Senex party was in Greece, PCs and henchmen; that Madame Salvador had sailed to Greece and we are all reunited.

Alexis Smolensk said...

That was not one of the options I posted. I was prepared to unite the whole party in Donbass, but not in Koufonisia.


Option A: The Koufonisia party leaves their lands there in the hands of Carlito and Tazio, Ahmet's men-at-arms, and comes and joins the main party (hand wave it, just say they're in the Donbass).

Option B: We start with the Koufonisia henchmen and the new people, in Greece.

Option C: We leave the Koufonisia henchmen and the new players start with Lukas, Ahmet and Andrej.

Butch said, "I think Option B works"

Lukas said, "If I had to vote for one a reunion hand wave seems easiest. However, I WOULD BE EQUALLY INTERESTED in Lukas or Kismet."

I read that as Butch would accept B and Lukas would accept B. So I went with B. Option B did not indicate the whole party.

Alexis Smolensk said...

I must point out, as kindly and politely as possible, this is what comes of giving non-specific answers regarding questions. If, instead of trying to placate everyone by suggesting, as you both did, that you'd be happy with whatever the other person chose, you simply stated your answer in two or three words, giving your exact desires, it wouldn't be up to me to make a decision.

You both indicated all three options as more or less equal. Very considerate and all but entirely unhelpful. So I made a unilateral decision [because sometimes a DM has to be an asshole].

The upper party is near the town of Rosk, in Donbass. The henchmen are here, in Syros, with Ibrahim and Yuliya. If you want to reunite the henchmen with the main party now, you'll have to go there the hard way].

Kismet said...

No that's fine. I can work with that. I for some reason assumed(bad idea) since we had been prioritizing Lukas's stats that we would be playing him.

Yes the kismet account is locked out. Due to the priorities in the character page I had been delaying addressing that till I had fully addressed Lukas.

Alexis Smolensk said...

I do want to fix Lukas so we can get that straightened out. I'm just blessed none of these new players wanted a mage!

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Barring someone needing to pool funds for a purchase, I am done with the market table.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Okay, I'm going to step off now. I've got work again in the morning.

Haven't heard from Andrej in a long, long time. Haven't heard from Butch since explaining about the campaign. Hope you guys are okay. Please, Butch, let me know about any change in your sage abilities, otherwise I'll just add ten points to your horseback riding.

I'll be off sometime in the mid afternoon tomorrow, real time. I trust you'll be ready for an actual adventure/scene post by then. It feels like we're spinning our wheels now ~ I'm sure people would like to get going.

Butch said...

I get it now. I still opt for "Option B" as a starting point. (Although I would like to hear a vote from James.) When we last left the junior party as it were, Enrico was unconscious but will be Level 2 if and when he wakes up.

Kismet said...

Since Kismet will likely get the first playtime, I am prioritizing him.

To the party
Do we intend to leave the area or explore/secure around the town?

To Alexis
1. What are the important responsibilities of note if Kismet buys a house in Kofunisia? I assume taxes, but I want to avoid unexpected ones.

2. Can I? I see a house listed as an option in the market.

3. I'm assuming if we stay in the region there will be plenty of adventure. But if we leave unexpectedly is it possible to leave the house in the care of locals?

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Whether we want to leave the area depends on two things, as I see it:
A) How much of a priority is it for us to reconnect with the senior members of the party?

B) Do we actually have the capacity to leave?

Regarding that second point: we're on an island, and most of us are relatively low on funds. With a sailing background, I might be able to offer to work in exchange for a berth, but with mules and people and everything else do we have to resources to go anywhere?

Kismet said...

A. I go where we need to go. If rejoining them were a high priority we probably already would be there.

B. Lukas isn't there and therefore has no mules.
Wasn't going to buy mules on an island.

Was thinking earlier this was for a combined group.
If someone else bought mules, well that could be an issue.

Alexis Smolensk said...


Regarding a house. You can buy one, right off the Syros market. There will be no taxes, except those paid to the party, who "own" Koufonisia taxes.

Regarding leaving the house behind: this is why I include followers with the party. Are Tazio and Carlito really that important to adventuring? Wouldn't they do better to manage your property when you leave it behind?


Regarding capacity to leave: there are ships regularly leaving Syros for Constantinople. From there you could get a ship for Kerch, which is within riding distance of the main party.

You would be unlikely to be able to work in exchange for a berth; most captains prefer a year long contract for anyone working aboard ship, as they have trouble with saboteurs hired by other traders.

I'm going to be putting up a post within the hour that will be starting the adventure. Please keep an eye out for it.

Alexis Smolensk said...

My answer about the Vardo got lost as well. Hichem CAN drive the Vardo. That will be a teamster skill. It will not fall under animal training, however ~ it is a skill to be found in the Logistics study.

As far as mount is concerned, that won't be a problem, as the animal that is created by the spell won't resist the spellcaster and therefore doesn't need to be managed; it will do as the spellcaster wants, as though the caster is a rider.

Kismet said...

Thanks Alexis,
I did catch that about the Vardo/Mount spell.

I just got volunteered into hauling some things, but I will be sure to respond as able.

Nine-toes said...

Sorry to intrude, but am I included in this, Alexis? You haven't addressed me, so I've been silent. Hopefully I haven't missed something vital along the way.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Nine-toes, please forgive me. I have simply forgotten you were there. The other party has five people and I pasted over in my mind that this party has six, not five. Yes, you're definitely there with the others . . . I did not mean to leave you out.

I do apologize. Please jump in.

Nine-toes said...

No worries! You're keeping a lot of plates spinning right now, I know.