Thursday, December 1, 2016

Nine-toes Character

This post is for the character Nine-toes alone.

We have a lot to catch up here.  Please tell me what level Nine-toes is.

At the moment, I have no set up for sage abilities for assassins, monks and bards.  I promise I will work on these things as a priority in the next few weeks.  For the time being, I need to be reacquainted with your character.

Please post whatever information you can.  Send your character to my email address:, or create a file on line under a blog for your character, whichever is easiest for you right now.  Eventually we will need an online version of some kind that can be looked at and accessed.

I don't know if you're able, but could you also please post the original background rolls we made for your character a long time ago? If you're not able, don't worry about it. Just as much information on that as you have, please.

Great, I've heard from you on email and Nine-toes is level 2.  And I've got the character sheet.  That seems very complete.  You may be my easiest character to start.

Ask any questions; I'll check back around as I get others set up.


Nine-toes said...

Nine-toes has two objectives (but it's fine if neither are realizable). One, he wishes to marry Ahmet's sister, even if it means converting to Islam. Two, he wishes to know the truth about God. Is there one power granting spells to all worshipers, or many powers, or none at all in this world? He is perfectly willing to work towards the goals of the group, and doesn't realistically expect to achieve either of his own goals. But were he to gain his heart's desire, these two would be it. If the later would destroy the former, he would abandon the latter in favor of the former.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Ahmet's sister is, for the moment, a long way away.

As far as knowing the truth about God, that is a raison d'etre for a monk.

I think both are relatively attainable, but you'll have to figure out a strategy.