Thursday, December 1, 2016

Lukas & Kismet Characters

This post is for the characters Lukas and Kismet alone.

Please correct me in this: as far as I remember, Lukas is 5th level and Kismet is what?  Damned if I can remember what class Kismet is.

We need to set up Lukas' knowledge points for sage abilities?  Have a look at this page: Mage Sage Abilities.  You need to pick a field of knowledge and then a study in that field.  I know that you had done this with the old system before (architecture, I believe) ~ but it is a clean slate from here so you can pick whatever you'd like.  Rule changes like this require people having a free hand.

I know that the specific abilities of each specialty isn't listed; I didn't have the time for that.  However, the general description is there and we can start working out abilities once you've picked your particular knowledge field/specialty.

Once we get Lukas set up, we'll work on Kismet.

I don't know if you're able, but could you also please post the original background rolls we made for your character a long time ago?  If you're not able, don't worry about it.  Just as much information on that as you have, please.


Oddbit said...

Lukas is 4th almost 5th.
Kismet is a Fighter Dwarf with about 1k xp to his name. If he leveled past first I do not believe I updated that.

For sage abilities, I will probably try and keep a similar focus, but will definitely take a minute to look and make sure I have not changed my mind.

For original background rolls, I do have the original spreadsheet/mage text doc for Lukas (haven't opened it but saw the attachment while reviewing old material)

Kismet's original email account is inaccessible, I think that's where his sheet is.

Furthermore, the only information I have besides anything shared in email directly to my personal account is the two blog pages.

I will get you the creation sheet and review the sage abilities shortly.

Oddbit said...

I will maintain my focus on...
- Architecture

Background Sheet:

If you have further questions I can pick through the email chain, or forwards the email to an account of your choice if you'd like.

If you'd rather not share your email publicly, do you still have access to your social media account we communicated on previously?\

For Kismet that blog page will eventually be out of date. I need to create a new blogger account because I was too creative.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Ah, I see. Kismet is a follower, not a henchman.

I've posted your sage abilities on the google drive:

You just missed becoming an authority in Architecture (you need 30 points). You're an amateur in architecture, engineering, mercantilism and artifacts. There's a long list for these, but I will try to create greater details for these as we go along.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Write me at email: . . . though the inbox is getting pretty full right now!

Oddbit said...

Well I'm also very close to level 5 so it's another good reason to level up!

I've got my personal character sheets in docs, so for reference if you're at all interested its...

That said, right now there's almost nothing there that isn't already on the blog.

Oddbit said...

I believe my text doc for the Mage is probably greatly out of date (5ish years) It contains things like the Change spell.

If you have a newer could I bother you to send it my way?
The wiki does not have many spells of the 1st and 2nd variety, and of course I will be very interested in the 3rd level spells.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Yes, this is going to be a headache for both of us.

Do you, at the moment, have any anachronistic spells?

If you do, I'll fix them today. Otherwise, please give me time for this. There are a HUGE number of spells for each level of the mage and it is going to take a lot of time to fill that ditch. Brick by brick, though.

Oddbit said...

I assume the spell names on the wiki are the entirety of the list.
However the content (sublinks with range and effect) of course doesn't exist for most 1st/2nd level spells.

I think I did remove change, but if the list is it's entirety I'll see if any are not listed. I cannot speak to if they are out of date.

I do not see on the wiki...
2nd level:
Melf's Acid Arrow

Shine (though this might be polish now)

Things with no content on the wiki (details of the spell):
Charm Person

Oddbit said...

Oh and I have the sheet from which spells I can learn too.
Guaranteed to be out of date for at least those cantrips.

Alexis Smolensk said...

I presume the spells you're listing are ones you are using as Lukas and not just spells that aren't there.

If so, I'll concentrate on those.

The shine cantrip is completely gone. Choose any cantrip from the useful cantrip list to replace it.

Alexis Smolensk said...

I'm getting confused. That looks like the whole list of mage spells, not the ones you can "learn" ~ you can only learn from your spell book, which won't be every spell in the lexicon.

I haven't had any time to look at ANY of the files you've sent me. I will get there, eventually, but it is definitely going to take some time to sort all this out.

Let's agree on these priorities:

1) writing the spells you already have on the wiki.

2) getting your sage abilities in order.

3) writing the spells up to 3rd level on the wiki.

4) putting your background information into the same format as the background info for other characters on the Senex folder/drive (you can do that, if you feel up to it).

Anything else can certainly wait, unless it is specifically going to keep you from playing your character properly.


Oddbit said...

I can confirm that these are only the spells Lukas is using right now.

Oddbit said...

"I'm getting confused. That looks like the whole list of mage spells, not the ones you can "learn" ~ you can only learn from your spell book, which won't be every spell in the lexicon."
These are the ones Lukas made the intelligence check for. So when he levels up he can pick from those to add to the spellbook. At least that's my interpretation. (Note the lack of Armor from level 1)

Let's agree on these priorities:

1) writing the spells you already have on the wiki.

Yes. The ones lacking I called out by name in a previous comment.

2) getting your sage abilities in order.

Higher priority than 3 or 4, lower priority for me than getting the campaign started. You did send me the correct scores and I added them to my character page.

3) writing the spells up to 3rd level on the wiki.

If you want I can help you prioritize by listing the ones I'm interested in when we get to this. I assume now would be excessive information dump.

4) putting your background information into the same format as the background info for other characters on the Senex folder/drive (you can do that, if you feel up to it).

I'll take a look at this, in theory it should be easy enough.

Alexis Smolensk said...

No worries. The campaign has already "started." Did you see the market post for Syros?

Oddbit said...

I did, I will be taking time to inspect it today.
I'm anticipating it has grown since I last saw the document.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Some. I seriously cleaned it up this past Summer.

Oddbit said...

I'm not noticing a purchase limit. Presumably I cannot purchase an unlimited amount of some of these items.

Do we want to make a call on the maximum?
This would be less problematic with folks with new characters, but I have a stash.

Oddbit said...


keg of ale vs barrel of ale has same description of contents.
silk turban vs cotton turban seems to be at a different ratio of price compared to every other silk and cotton clothing option.
There are a couple other that have strange ratios in the tailor section like that.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Noted. I'll look into it.

Please put your comments about the prices list on the prices list post. Saves me jumping around.

Oddbit said...

I'm having trouble finding baseline Action Points on the wiki.
I could interpret mine from previous combats, but it might be good if it were clear on the wiki.

I saw the article, but it gives two examples, one at 5AP and one at 6AP with no accounting to source.

Checking Mage I saw no direct reference.

Human also didn't seem to bring up any relevant result.

Kismet said...

Aside from the standing AP question above I still need to set some sage knowledge for Kismet.

If Martial Discipline provides benefits when nobody else has the skill, I will go with Mastery of Arms, Martial Discipline.

If not, then Training, Athletics.

Also I posted a question about becoming a home owner in the shopping thread.

Kismet said...

Will work off Action Points from this post until notified otherwise.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Kismet's standing AP is 5, which is lowered depending on his encumbrance. How much weight is he actually carrying?

You will find Kismet's sage abilities now on the Drive. I do plan to write martial discipline so that others can be 'coached' without actually needing the skill.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Apparently my answer to you about action points got lost in the ether. I changed the description on the action points on the wiki, to help explain your question. The wiki now says on the Action Points page:

"The majority of Player Characters, with the exception of the monk, will have FIVE action points. Monks start with SIX action points, a number that will increase as monks gain levels. Creatures of all kinds will have differing numbers of action points."

Carrying a lot of weight will decrease your action points. You can calculate your encumbrance's effect using the download on this page:

Kismet said...


Are we using the Action Point penalty for armor still?

I have been adjusting my weight to always be at the lowest load, or with little effort at the lowest load. When wearing a backpack Kismet is at -1, when he drops it hes at 0. Splint and a variety of weapons do not make light travel.

Alexis Smolensk said...

The action point penalties for armor are removed. We'll be using encumbrance now.

Kismet said...

I for one welcome our new encumbrance overlords.

(goes to scratch out his overly complicated AC/AP grid)

Kismet said...

As an FYI mobile posts will be made on a google phone, so I'll probably be going with the enter-a-name as it's harder to just stay logged in to a specific account.

Alexis Smolensk said...


Kismet said...

Should I be assigning where the Athletics points go now or later?
Having read the wiki it seems that it doesn't matter till it adds up to 5 points. But the assignment of those points matters.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Regarding assigning athletics: it is really up to you. I'm not concerned about them until they actually designate something you can do or know.

Kismet said...

Was very tempted by flying mounts, but decided it wasn't REALLY worth it.

Logistics and teaching both sounded fun. But logistics was the only skill that didn't seem henchman related in the category, and Kismet sucks at getting henchmen.

I guess it could have offset that penalty, but I think it's better to let someone else handle it instead.

Lots of interesting stuff in there, so it sounds like you got a lot of good material. I like it.

Alexis Smolensk said...

You'll remember that you guys busted my balls a couple of years back to make sage tables for every class. You really created a lot of work for me in those times ~ but it has all been for the best.

Kismet said...

Are you still doing wilderness damage?
Does this apply to temperatures in the wilderness and so on?

"Character possessed of a strong resistance against fatigue and the trials of wilderness travel - reduce wilderness damage by 2 hp per week."

Alexis Smolensk said...

Not "still" doing wilderness damage, but definitely working up to it. The CLO is the first step. It will do damage to you if you're not properly suited up for weather, according to what I wrote on the blog.

Next I will be making additional rules for wetness and for the varied ability of the actual terrain to kill you. So hang onto that +2 hp per week.

Kismet said...

If you have a list of what's in it I can go back to the store and just fill out the rest, Kismet is NOT poor.

I just needed to know what was in that kit. I thought I asked in this thread, but apparently it got lost in all the to dos.

I was a bit hasty in throwing him together since I had to make a hench when everyone else had one already. So I took expensive shortcuts like the adventurer's wear.

Kismet said...

I could have sworn I looked up and down for it.
There it is.

cloak, doublet, breeches, shirt, loin cloth

Ok, then I would definitely grab a coat and some boots.

Kismet said...

Sorry I'm dropping the ball here.

Kismet said...

Aaaaand he did have boots.
Well I guess I can pick up a coat.
Maybe I just need to update the visibility of my character details

Kismet said...

Oh, and there's the coat too.

I swear, I know that lukas has exactly one embroidered glove, like 4 types of alchohol, a whole box full of sweets, and tons of spare clothes, but I can't remember Kismet has boots.

Shoot me now.

Ignore me I'm spazzing from nerves. CLO intimidated me to be honest and since I'm working on like 4 gaming projects I haven't sat down and simplified it for myself yet. Your spreadsheet should be super helpful.

Kismet said...

Ok so some questions, in case I don't understand it perfectly...

Going through all the clothing kismet owns and the categories in the clo sheet...

Neck & Shoulders
These are all optional presumably

If I have gauntlets do I need gloves?
He has both.

Lower Body
Do chausses require breeches?
presuming loin cloth necessary


Upper Body
does hauberk need a shirt?

No question, have high boots.

I'm also presuming that my non-leather armor needs the hauberk and chausses, but it doesn't literally say that anywhere I can see.

Kismet said...

Oh and armor doesn't seem to play into any of the CLO.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Lothar on the other campaign has an amazing character sheet layout. If you're able to copy him.

Given that I've been dropping the ball too, it's cool. There's a huge amount of detail. The world is definitely thicker than it was two years ago.

If you have gauntlets you don't NEED gloves; but you can have them if you want. Soft silk would go nicely under leather gauntlets.

Chausses require breeches. Chausses are like heavy hockey pads/cricket pads, or if you prefer, what a catcher wears in baseball. Not quite as thick but certainly as chafing, particularly as made in the 17th century.

A helmet is optional. If I roll a natural 20, a second 20 after that is triple damage. If you're wearing a helmet and I roll less than a 20 with the second roll, it is double damage; but if you're NOT wearing a helmet and I roll a 19 with the second roll, it is triple damage (though I don't roll a third time to see if it is quadruple). I've had it happen quite a few times now in the campaign since inventing that rule.

A hauberk needs a shirt. Again, chafing.

Your non-leather armor absolutely needs a hauberk and chausses, otherwise the metal bits will chew into your soft, spongy flesh when hit from the outside.

Yes, brought this up with the other group. The armor doesn't add extra CLO, but the chausses and hauberk that you have to wear under the armor does. We'll just say the armor breathes through the gaps. There's nothing anywhere about how much CLO armor added in the middle ages (a doctoral thesis, anyone?), so I'm going to skip it rather than try to measure it.

Oddbit said...

Ok, I also just wanted to be sure helmet doesn't require padding or anything.

I'll check out that sheet when I get a minute.

Priority 2 right now is being prepared for combat/figuring out where I lost my bow and arrows in transferring from web page to private google sheet.

And someday I need to put that background info down.

Kismet said...

If you don't mind please imagine this as an aside, outside the game, during a break or whatever. I don't want to disrupt the game, or your ruling. But if you're open to it, I would like to make a case regarding the properties of the sword. For any standard magic item I would not attempt to make this case.

For a standard item, if Enrico handed me his flail and said, "This is a +1 flail" I would understand the properties of it. Identify would only be to confirm the known.

In this case we have a sentient sword.
We know that the sword has existed for around 1279 years assuming no falsehoods, with memories in some cases somewhat specific.
We know it is capable of observing, or observing through the wielder. Including understanding speech that is occurring.
We also know that it has been passed to at least one Jesuit for a quest.

My case is that, in the amount of times it has changed hands or has been used, that it is likely it would have witnessed it's own abilities or have witnessed someone explaining what the sword does. Asking it assuming it doesn't have any reason to conceal it's abilities seems reasonable. I'm sure some abilities might not seem evident and an identify would help, but it might be apparent to the sword that it can light on fire or shoot laser beams and MAYBE that it is sharper and more accurate/threatening/fast such as a boost to attack rolls might give.

If you'd rather keep some degree of mystery and the desire to seek out an identify spell (no huge task I think, but perhaps requiring a bit of a detour on our route) I'm fine with rolling with it, I just thought I might drop that logic train I'm seeing. It's also fair that it could result in misinformation that isn't even a lie as it were and you don't want it to appear malicious.

I just feel I would have a slight nagging feeling if I didn't mention this point. I also have no problem leaving it at this with no explanation on your part and I shall assume you have your reasons which may or may not include me looking a gift horse in the mouth as it were.

Alexis Smolensk said...

The fact that the sword is in excellent condition though it is 1200 years old should tell you something.

I understand your concern ~ but let's face it, if it has a bonus, then you're fine. If it doesn't have a bonus, then it doesn't. And if it is cursed, it's too late anyway. So just enjoy the ride.