Thursday, December 1, 2016

Ibrahim bin Yusuf Character

This post is for Jonathon's male half-elf bard

Please look at the creation I made for Rowan.  This will follow the same general pattern.  Adjusting for age and race, Ibrahim is +1 strength and +1 constitution for being mature and +1 dexterity and -1 constitution for being a half-elf.  This gives you:

Strength: 15
Intelligence: 11
Wisdom: 14
Constitution: 15 +1 hp/die
Dexterity: 16 -2 to armor class, +/- 0 initiative bonus [due to background]
Charisma: 17

As a bard, you start with 1d6 for hit points.  At first level, this is always maximum, so you start with 6 hit points.  Your constitution makes this 7.  You weigh 154 lbs., so that gives you a d8 for mass hit points.  I rolled a 5, so adding all together, your bard starts with 12 hit points.

Your maximum encumbrance is 150 lbs.  You do not suffer any movement penalty if you carry 60 lb. or less.

Natural armor class is 7 [corrected].  Your THAC0 is 20.

Your next step is to look over the Bard character.  There is a change in the bard spell acquisition table: your character should start with TWO first level spells, not one (I will eventually get around to fixing that table).  You can pick your two spells from the list on this page from the wiki.  We'll then move on from there.


You'll need to choose two weapon proficiencies.  You can find the list on the wiki.

Obviously, I don't think you'll be exchanging your intelligence for any other stat in doing ability checks, since your intelligence is your lowest stat.  Too bad about that.

The irrational hatred of gnomes is just a hold-over from your family background/early experience. Feel free to embrace it or choose to get over it; in game, the only effect is that you won't let yourself be healed, supported, lodged, fed or otherwise helped by a gnome, nor do the same in return. Even if that makes it really hard on you, even if it means dying.  By second level, however, you may begin to see the light, either as quickly or as slowly as you like.

Don't forget to cut the town market prices by 10%.  If it is going to drive you crazy, I can do it for you, making a special version of the market table for you.  It applies only in Stavanger.

You have to act alone to surprise 3 in 6.

I see I have a correction to make.  It says in your background that your natural armor class is 9.  With dexterity, this makes your natural armor class 7, not 8.  You have a naturally tough composition ~ you don't feel pain or suffering as easily as other people, resulting in less opportunity for damage.

The ability to climb walls is an anachronism.  When I get my thief sage abilities in order, be sure and remind me and we'll sort this detail out.

The personal magnetism that you have will affect any hirelings in the party that anyone possesses.

And yes, the physical prowess + your dexterity produce a zero sum.  But as you get older, your dexterity will decline and you'll suffer the penalty.


Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

I will take Invisibility to Animals and Audible Glamer.

Quick question about how the background stuff interacts with stat adjustments: am I correct in assuming that the penalty from Physical Prowess wipes out the bonus from high Dexterity?

Alexis Smolensk said...

Let me go through your character's background. We haven't got sage abilities to choose from, not yet, but we'll get to those. Look to the original post for more content (easier to link there, so I like to update there).

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

I will take Sling and Scimitar as my two weapons proficiencies.

I have taken note that gnomes are accursed creatures in my eyes.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Hrm. Should I round up or down where necessary with the 10% discount? Just bought an 8 cp item and realized I wasn't sure what to do, but a rule of thumb will probably need to apply with higher-priced items too.

(For now I will arrange my inventory at full price; I'll adjust when you let me know.)

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Purchases (before discount):

loin cloth, cotton (8 cp, 0.53 weight)
robe, silk cloth (7 gp, 1.12 weight)
turban, cotton (22 cp, 1.4 weight)
shirt (men's), cotton (17 cp, 1.05 weight)
belt pouch (small), cowhide (5 sp, 0.58 weight)
sash (linen) (11 cp, 0.15 weight)
boots (high hard), cowhide (25 sp, 2.28 weight)
backpack, cowhide (24 sp, 3.1 weight)
recorder (8 sp, 0.42 weight)
sling, cowhide (19 sp, 1.55 weight)
knife, copper (3 gp, 0.34 weight)
quarterstaff (16 sp, 2.78 weight)
winesack, pigskin (22 cp, 0.7 weight)
beans (23 sp, 6.75 weight)
onions (11 sp, 6.75 weight)

TOTAL WEIGHT: 29.5 lbs
TOTAL COST (before discount): 10 gp, 131 sp, 80 cp
COIN REMAINING: 1 gp, 7 sp, 9 cp

If I just apply a straight 10% discount to the totals rather than item-by-item, the cost becomes 9 gp, 119 sp, 72 cp which would leave me with 3 gp, 1 sp, 0 cp.

How much does coin weigh in this system, by the by?

Here's a potential problem: I have food but nothing to cook it in. A pottery cooking pot costs 5 gp, a cast iron one 150 gp. Perhaps we can pool funds to buy something; otherwise we are looking at eating out which gets pretty expensive pretty quickly.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

One more item, and a correction: before this, that would have been 3 gp *0* sp 0 cp after 10% blanket discount. But now I've bought a thong to hang my recorder on!

thong, cowhide (4 cp, 0.04 weight)

Which makes my total coin remaining:
Before discount 1 gp, 7 sp, 5 cp
Possibly after blanket discount: 2 gp, 15 sp, 8 cp

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

For reference, my character is now up at

Alexis Smolensk said...

Please round up, Ibrahim, in all cases. I suggest adding the whole cost and then making the adjustment - this seems to be what you've done.

There are 64 g.p. per pound; 32 s.p. per pound; and 25 c.p. per pound.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Thank you, Alexis!

In that case my final encumbrance with coins is 30.36 lbs.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Is it too late to make a change? Having had some time to consider it, I'm thinking that I might rather have Mending rather than Invisibility to Animals at level 1.

Alexis Smolensk said...

The change is fine. Go ahead and choose Mending at this time.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Thank you!

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Reading the Juvenis campaign, I realized that I never explicitly stated my religious affiliation. Ibrahim is a Sunni Muslim (one who is fully aware that he is not always as observant or as virtuous as he might be, but no man is perfect.)

Alexis Smolensk said...

As a bard, you are under no obligation to choose a religion. Therefore, though you describe yourself as a Sunni (and no one can take that away), you have not been officially invested as one.

Take note that it can have important benefits if you are immersed, particularly at the right time.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

So noted! Should I choose to pursue a deeper religious bent in the future I now know where to start. :)

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

If you have a moment, I had a question - I was always planning on choosing Poetry as my primary art, but earlier you said I might want to plan out three secondaries. It looks like you've decided to spread those out over level gain, like every other sage ability, but I wasn't able to find it - what level will I need to plan ahead for the next pick?

(Also, while we're going into a combat - I can't find the non-proficiency penalty for bards, and since we haven't hit the market to pick up a scimitar yet I'm still using a quarterstaff... what is the penalty I'm swinging with?)

Alexis Smolensk said...

The bard proficiency penalty will be the same as that for druids: -4 to hit, no effect on damage. The addition of bard proficiencies will be the same as that for thieves, a new one for every four levels after first.

As I have found other things to count as "fields" for bards, I am now thinking there won't be another art form you can pursue . . . at least, not for some time. Everyone gets a new field at 7th level; perhaps I might see my way clear to another art form at 8th level. I'm not sure at the moment, however, that it is needed.

Hm; I wonder if this means a bard could be multiclassed . . . with itself. Twice as much x.p. in order to have two art forms?

Alexis Smolensk said...

Wait . . . you had the opportunity to buy in Syros before any of this began.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Thanks for the clarification! Heh, I might even have chosen self-multiclassing if offered. 'I'm a poet/chef.' In that case, especially with the phasing-out of martial music, I might have preferred to swap out the recorder I purchased for writing supplies - I'll do so at the next opportunity.

RE: Syros market - Yes, but I couldn't afford even the cheapest scimitar-classed weapon adn didn't realize that the rest of the party had more resources than I until we were departing for the wreck. If we had the opportunity to hit the market in the morning we departed, by all means I would have grabbed a scimitar on Enrico's tab when he offered, but I don't *think* that offer hit until we were at the wreck already - I'll go back and double-check.

If not, I certainly plan to take him up on it before we hit a lethal combat, but I think it took this party too a little sorting-out before we got ourselves into 'combine resources as a whole party' mode. Similarly, I would have / should have offered to do the shopping for everyone while we can take advantage of my 'in' with the local merchants!

Alexis Smolensk said...

Just keeping you updated: I did some work on "Creativity" this evening. My goal is to give just enough information to enable you to make a decision as to what you want as a knowledge field and study.

This is proving to be a long, long task. Thank you for your patience.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

There's no rush! For my money, this is some of the most interesting work you've done.

If I want to pursue art - and I do - it looks like Creativity will almost certainly be my first field, and Inspiration likely my first study, but I'm eager to see what other fields come along as you go.

Noesis seems like an awfully good tool both for DM and for the party, provided the bard remembers to question assumptions on a somewhat regular basis.

I see on the wiki that the die roll for knowledge varies from class to class. Am I recalling correctly that you roll one (higher) die for the chosen study within the field, and a lower one for the others in that same field? Or is it just the chosen study that gets points?

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

I think I've been misreading the fields/studies all along - if Artistry is the field and Creativity is the study, that's almost definitely what I'm targeting for level 1, and I just misunderstood what the skills/abilities within Creativity are. Am I now reading that correctly, or was I right before?

Alexis Smolensk said...

There was something odd about your comment on the 8th; now I get it. Yes, Artistry is the FIELD. Creativity is the STUDY. The abilities under Creativity are all abilities you get if you choose that study.

I just want you to realize that taking creativity as your study will mean you cannot create any actual work or actually perform UNTIL you get 10 points of knowledge in studies that allow that. Creativity is purely theoretical ~ helpful when associated with other skills, but not overly practical as a stand-alone knowledge.

That said, of course you can take it. You will get d8-1 knowledge points in other studies in the Artistry field per level, so you will accumulate 10 points, or amateur status, in other things, perhaps by second level, perhaps not for a longer time.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Ah, ok, that makes a great deal more sense. Thank you for clarifying. Let me take another look at all my options, then, and I will get back to you.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

I've uploaded a fresh version of Ibrahim's character sheet to the Google drive; I didn't remove your original.