Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dimitrios Bay

Date: 9am Wednesday, April 12, 1651
Location: Dimitrios, Bay, Island of Syros
Weather: a gentle breeze from the north (stronger than a light breeze), with pleasant weather and (still) beautiful clear skies. Feels like 16.6 C.

It is a beautiful day in the Greek Islands as a soldier, Polythemos, comes to take you to the wreck as requested.  He is alone, without the support of others, and quite gregarious in his attitude.  This tends to put the party at ease, as he seems to be a person without any special agenda, without intending to rush the party or in anyway act in a threatening manner.

He takes the party about one and a half miles north of the town of Syros to the bay at Dimitrios, a very small bay below a tiny village, most noted for a small Greek church:

Please ignore the small modern feature.
There is no grand operation that is presently salvaging anything ~ but there is a contingent of guards that are posted in tents at the edge of the brush that dominates the point, as shown in the picture.  A palisade has been built from the Church down to the water, on either side of the point.

You're led out to the end of the point, where a small boat will help you skip from the shore out to one of the rocks, a mere ten-foot distance.  There, the water is about 20 feet deep and crystal clear all the way down to the bottom, which you can see.  There is a ship right there, completely submerged, the top of the forecastle a mere four feet below the surface.

It does appear, as far as your memory serves, to be the Petrel.


Enrico Guerriero said...

OOC - Can Enrico swim? Or anyone who doesn't specifically have it as a background ability? I think Yuliya might be our only swimmer...

Do we have Carlito with us? Tazio we left behind in Koufonisia I believe, but Carlito was with us battling the snake-men. He has a sailor background so he could prove useful here (though it does not specifically give him the ability to swim).

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

I also have a sailing background, but I don't know if that makes me a swimmer or not.

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

For clarity's sake, the small boat "will" help us skip from shore to rocks, but it hasn't already, yes? Those of the party wishing to go out must state so, right?

I'll await word on swimming rules from Alexis. Whoever goes out, if they decide to dive they should strip naked so they have dry clothes upon their return. It is cool enough to die from exposure.

Nine-toes said...

I can't hold my breath very long, so swimming is probably not a good idea for me. I'd like to go to the boat if we have the means and there is room.

Yuliya Romanyuk said...

"N-naked? Well, um, heh, well..."

Yuliya casts a glance at Polythemos and then looks at Sofia pitifully.

"Um, I guess we're all getting to know each other! Haha, ha, oh..."

Yuliya looks down at her shoes and plays with her dress. She groans nearly inaudibly.

Nine-toes said...

Nine-toes reddens considerably.

Kismet said...

Kismet is like two points from swimming I think. Shame about that.

Kismet said...

Kismet asks the guard who has done the salvaging so far.

Yuliya Romanyuk said...

(OOC: Based on the wiki, my normal swimming speed is 7/5/1.66 hexes per round for sprinting/sustained/exhausted, and I can dive 3.33 hexes down, holding my breath for 3 rounds. Should be plenty to get down but not much to actually mount a deep investigation.)

"I suppose I can trust the gentlemen to respectfully avert their gaze if I am the one to search the wreck."

Nine-toes said...

Nine-toes sits, pulls out his rosary beads, and prays silently with his eyes closed. He does not peek.

Enrico Guerriero said...

Enrico asks Polythemos if the soldiers will provide some firewood from their camp.

If not, or in addition to, he will endeavor to gather some driftwood, brush, etc., in the hope of making a fire to warm up the swimmers.

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

To Yuliya, and the group more broadly

"I will hit anyone who fails to avert their gaze in the face with my glaive. The sharp end."

Nine-toes said...

Nine-toes continues fumbling with his rosary beads, eyes closed, but adds, "Threats do not become us if we are to engage in this mutual endeavor, mighty Sofia. Let us initially embark in mutual trust and respect, and should the need arise for future reparations, rest assured I shall aid you in meting them out."

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

Sofia recommends to Yulia she keep clothed until the boat is above the wreck. Sofia will row it and the others can stay ashore. Yuliya can dive from the side of the boat facing the sea, if she is modest.

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

Sofia gives Nine-Toes a smile.

Kismet said...

Or you know, we could just not all go out on the boat since it probably isn't going to help any to have us all out there.

Enrico Guerriero said...

I think it is very unwise for just one person to swim into the wreck.

It is possible Carlito can swim (as the son of a sailor) but as an NPC, we couldn't force him to do it. If he's able, we'll have to roll to see if he is willing.

If all else fails, Enrico is somewhat skilled in Underwater Mounts, so perhaps that conveys some swimming ability. According to wiki it helps with being able to hold your breath.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Ah, it appears that the sailing background does give me swimming. So I too can go for a look at the wreck.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Indeed, it appears that Yuliya and I have very similar capacities for swimming and diving, so we should probably go together.

Enrico Guerriero said...

Oh sure, Yuliya says she's going skinny dipping and now everybody wants to go!

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Ibrahim sighs, but keeps from rolling his eyes, remembering what it was like to be that young.

"By the grace of the All-Merciful, I am certain that we can search for evidence of our absent friends without being distracted by temptation. There will be quite enough to occupy my eyes between searching the wreck and watching for any dangerous fish that may have been attracted to it."

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

With both sharp-toothed fish and the possibility that they might need to cut something loose in mind, Ibrahim takes a moment to extract his knife from his backpack and loosen the thong his recorder usually hangs from. He then repurposes the thing so that he can strap the knife to his arm while swimming and keep his hands free.

Kismet said...

People with swimming ability and one person at least with boating ability should probably visit the wreck, the rest of us should probably interview the people who did the salvaging and the locals.

Nine-toes said...

Nine-toes will help interview locals.

Yuliya Romanyuk said...

"I don't wish to discourage any of you from searching the wreck, friends. Please, let us have anyone who can swim conduct the search. I just have never..." Yuliya pauses nervously, "exposed myself to anyone outside of my family."

Yuliya undoes her apron to psych herself up, then raises it close to herself against the cool sea breeze.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Ibrahim drop all his equipment except the knife, strips down to his loin cloth, and gets in the boat, waiting for whoever else is going. While he is waiting, he ties the knife to his arm with the thong.

Alexis Smolensk said...

(OOC: the good news is that I'm not working tonight. The bad news is that it came at the cost of a ten hour shift today. I'm beat. I'm just going to catch up the game and then get some rest).

Enrico cannot swim. The sailors can.

I should rule that you do not have Carlito with you, since he was never mentioned, but I didn't ask either, so this one is on me. I'll count Tazio as left behind and Carlito as with you. As he has a sailor background, yes, he can swim.

Sofia, you don't have to cross to the rocks on the small boat if you don't want to. I am making the assumption that someone will, no specific person, ultimately a person able to confirm the Petrel. That is where we'd have to get to eventually ~ but I won't make you cross. I also won't have you fall off a rock and drown.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Regarding salvaging, the guard that brought you here will ask the others. They will tell you that the wreck was examined but that nothing was brought up, as they will have to build a windlass to lift the gold out of the ship.

They also suggest not going down into the ship. Hermos, a soldier, went down yesterday and hasn't come back yet. They don't know why.

There is plenty of wood about if anyone needs to make a fire.

Carlito would have to make a morale check to swim down to the boat.

Enrico, I did forget about the underwater mounts ~ yes, I'll have to open the wiki and clarify that amateur ability in that study awards the ability to swim. Hadn't considered that, but it makes sense. I will fix the wiki for that tonight.

Enrico Guerriero said...

OOC - Thanks Alexis.

Despite the soldiers' recommendation, Enrico will insist on going down to the boat. He must know for certain Ahmet and the others aren't on board. But for the benefit of Polythemos he will say it is because he just can't be sure it's the same Petrel they know from Koufonisia. "I've never seen it from above, of course."

So we have three PC swimmers, Ibrahim, Yuliya, and Enrico, plus Carlito. As a concession to Yuliya's modesty we could leave her on shore with Sofia. So Enrico and Ibrahim swim down and Carlito mans the boat. Thoughts?

Just somebody make that fire, please. :)

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

"Am I the only one who believes that 'a trained warrior swam down to the boat yesterday and never returned' should have been information we were given right away?" Ibrahim asks with a wry twist to his lips.

Nevertheless, if Enrico feels strongly about this he is willing to go along. However, with this new information he recommends that they first attempt a dive a fair distance away from the wreck to see if anything emerges in response while they are still far enough to escape back to the boat.

Enrico Guerriero said...

Enrico nods. "And they do seem rather unconcerned about the man's fate."

Ibrahim's plan seems wise.

Yuliya Romanyuk said...

Yuliya quietly replaces her apron upon hearing Polythemos' comment.

"Perhaps we could see if something else has made its home in the wreck?" She looks around for a large rock to propose as a knocker.

Kismet said...

Kismet nods and goes to aid in the interviewing of townsfolk. Odds are if he got into anything resembling a fight near the water on a small boat he'd just drown.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Ibrahim gratefully accepts the large rock from Yulilya, then heads out in the boat with Enrico and Carlito.

"Shall we dive from a distance first, or drop the rock on the ship to see what it stirs up?"

Alexis Smolensk said...

Please read this comment regarding my recent days.

It isn't that the are unconcerned about the man's fate, Enrico ~ they are simply warning you. This is dangerous work they do, these salvage fellows. They tend to treat life and death as a modern fireman might, by minimizing it and its consequences, given how often they have seen men die. You would sense that in their tone, nature, appearance and so on.

I await an action beyond the party getting into the boat, which I will presume means they find a place to stand on the rock overlooking the boat. Said rock is about 20 feet in diameter, about two feet above the surface of the water.

Enrico Guerriero said...

Can we stand from the boat if there isn't a rock in the right location to drop a rock onto the Petrel?

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Since the rock overlooks the boat, I'm presuming we can drop our 'is anyone home' stone on it from there? If so: once the boat has deposited us on the rock, Ibrahim will hold the stone we brought from shore out at arm's length, make sure it's going to fall onto the ship, and let it drop.

(I'm glad to hear that work is going well, and absolutely understand that with the situation there you'll need to be getting more rest when you can.)

Yuliya Romanyuk said...

I support Ibrahim's plan. I would also propose we might row around the wreck if at all possible beforehand, looking for any immediate signs of danger, the missing salvager or sunken goods, before going to stand on the rock.

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

I'm having trouble keeping up with everybody's plan. Can everybody re-estate where they are? Options being:

in boat:
on rock: Sofia
on shore:
somewhere else:

In Alexis's last post he presumed that those that got into the boat could find a spot on the rock overlooking the wreck, that's where Sofia is at. I suggest one of the sailors stay in the boat, since we probably don't have a place to tie it off and I think it wise to keep somebody at the oars.

Nine-toes said...

Nine-toes is neither a sailor nor a swimmer. He will stay on shore.

Enrico Guerriero said...

Ibrahim, Enrico, Carlito (he's an NPC, so we have to see if he's willing), Sofia, and Yuliya (maybe?) will take the boat out to the rocks.

We'll row around the wreck looking for signs of trouble before Sofia (and Yuliya?) leave the boat to get on the rock.

We'll then row over the wreck and drop a rock to see if that awakens any critters inside.

Then Yuliya and Carlito stay in the boat while Ibrahim and Enrico dive over the side and swim down.

Carlito will stay in the boat to man the oars, Yuliya is being lifeguard as it were.


Enrico Guerriero said...

Oh, I have Yuliya on the rock and in the boat. I think she's probably better on the rock, as it's a stable platform.

Kismet said...

Kismet remains on the shore.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

The plan as described by Enrico seems correct to me; I believe from the description that we could drop a stone on the boat directly from the rock if we desire but it looks solid either way.

Enrico Guerriero said...

OOC - And which one of you shore-stayers is going to make the fire I keep asking for? :)

Nine-toes said...

Nine-toes is happy to build a fire and sets to collecting dry driftwood. He hopes he doesn't set himself afire in the process, and hopes Enrico will feel properly abashed if he does wind up ablaze.

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...


Yuliya Romanyuk said...

I agree with what Enrico suggests.

Alexis Smolensk said...

I believe I'm well enough to get some running done.

I'm sorry, there's one thing I should have nipped in the bud earlier. The sailors have all thrown anchors hundreds of times off the backs and fronts of dozens of boats, and not one time have they ever caused any reaction except to make the surface of the water go bloop!

Drop a rock on this occasion, and all it will do is go bloop!

Now, I want to make sure that I get this. I'm only interested in who will be accessing the Petrel.

Ibrahim, Yuliya, Enrico and Carlito can swim.

Enrico and Ibrahim are in the boat.

Kismet and Nine-toes are on the shore.

Sofia and Yuliya are on the rock overlooking the Petrel.

I roll an '8' for Carlito's morale. If his morale is 8 or lower, he is willing to be on the boat and even dive under the water. Otherwise, Carlito is standing next to Kismet.

You drop the rock and nothing happens. You don't drop the rock and nothing happens. I think your characters should be well aware that the rock has no logical purpose here.

Good enough.

If you are planning on diving below the surface of the water, please tell me A) what are you wearing; B) what are you carrying; C) in what order are you diving.

If you're not diving, please wait to see what others say before making another plan.

For the present, please keep any random unnecessary role-playing comments to a minimum; the confusion is getting thick as it is.

Actions only, please.

(I'll be here all evening, so we can make some progress, I hope)

Ibrahim and Enrico can swim.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

I will be diving.

A) I am wearing nothing - I stripped down before we came out and will leave my loin cloth in the boat.

B) I am carrying nothing in my hands, but have strapped my copper knife to my let forearm with a cowhide thong.

C) I will follow Enrico into the water.

Yuliya Romanyuk said...

My initial goal with the rock was to see if we could "knock" on the wreck with it and potentially disturb anything that might be lurking inside. Sounds like that's not going to accomplish much though, so it looks like it's time to take the plunge.

A) Yuliya strips down as Ibrahim did, leaving her clothes on the rock.

B) Yuliya's hands are free.

C) I will enter after Ibrahim and Enrico.

Enrico Guerriero said...

Enrico follows suit, stripping off everything. He doesn't bring anything. He jumps in first.

Enrico Guerriero said...

Carlito's morale is 7, not sure if you needed to roll above or below that number. If an 8 failed -- do Ibrahim or Yuliya have a bonus affecting NPC morale if they're present?

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

Sofia gives a +2 to hireling morale within 20'

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Ibrahim gives a +3 within 40', so between us we should be pretty inspiring!

Alexis Smolensk said...

Wasn't able to do that much yesterday, as everyone expressed their desire to wait until Enrico dived ~ but I can deal with this now.

First, with morale checks, a roll on 2d6 must equal or exceed the morale to obtain success. Therefore, an 8 was a successful roll, without or without Sofia's help.

Second, updating my Diving rules, all four of you ~ Enrico, then Ibrahim, Yuliya and finally Carlito, immediately descend up to 15 feet, as desired.

Do you need me to repost the plan for the Petrel? Here is the top deck. Tell me please what part of it you want to examine first.

Remember, you have a very limited time ~ all four of you have just three rounds before you have to return to the surface.

Alexis Smolensk said...

I'll try to explain the swimming rules, which are confusing me, being such a long time since I wrote them. Often, I find, I am not as clear after the fact as I think I'm being when writing these rules out ~ which is something I struggle against, like any writer.

Take Enrico. He has a 17 constitution; he can sprint on the surface a distance of 7 hexes per round, UNTIL he reaches a distance of 51 hexes (3 times his constitution). Then he has to reduce his speed to "sustained", equalling 5 hexes per round, up to a maximum of 340 hexes (20 times his constitution). After that, he can still make headway as an "exhausted" swimmer, with a maximum speed of 1 and 2/3rds hexes per round.

Every 10 hexes he swims as an exhausted swimmer (whatever the speed), he has to make a constitution check. If he fails this check, he will drown.

I have no rules for UNDERWATER swimming, however. I'm going to rate it as HALF the speed of sustained swimming ~ for all of the four going under water, this would be 2.5 hexes per round OR ~ more usefully ~ 0.5 hexes per action point.

Swimming upwards, you can travel 2 hexes per action point, to get back to the surface.

You're all naked, so you all have 5 action points. You spend your first one diving off the rock to any point in the ship you want (I'm going to be generous that way). The first round you have 4 AP to spend; the second round, 5 AP; the 3rd round, 3 or 4 AP (presuming you want to swim back to the surface). That adds up to about 6 to 6.5 hexes you can cover (both above and below the decks of the ship.

Regarding BLACKING OUT and drowning: I'll argue that for every full ROUND (five action points) that you don't breathe (past your 3 round limit), you have to make a constitution check or DIE.

Each round after the first check, your constitution will drop by 50%. So the second constitution check for Enrico would 17/2=8.5, which will be counted as 8. The third round, his constitution will be 4.

Please tell me what part of the ship you're aiming for and remember, you can only explore so much before returning to the surface and taking a breath.

Alexis Smolensk said...

This is an incredible thing to run in text. I hope you're all feeling patient. I was trying to work out most of this last night.

Shall I start a new post for this part of the adventure? Would that be easiest for people?

Kismet said...

I think it wouldn't hurt to treat it like a sudden but simple combat... I'd were going by rounds

Alexis Smolensk said...

I would agree with Kismet.

Enrico Guerriero said...

My original plan was for Carlito to remain in the boat, acting as a lifeguard (or the getaway driver). So the idea is Carlito, in the boat, tries to stay above those under the water, and if someone appears to be drowning, that Carlito dives in and rescues him/her.

If this is too important a task to leave to an NPC and the whims of the dice on a morale check, we could have Yuliya as the lifeguard and bring Carlito down with us.


Yuliya Romanyuk said...

I'd be willing to lifeguard, seeing as I am also unarmed and first level. However, it sounds like Alexis' understanding was that all four of us dive in, so I figure we follow that assumption, allowing everyone to cover more of the ship and then we can swim up.

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

I agree on handling the dive like a combat, a seperate post per round.

As for a lifeguard, it seems a sensible precaution that I endorse. I'll leave it to those diving and the DM to decide whether we enact it before the first round.

Sofia will focus on keeping an eye out for the divers. She is focusing on the waters around the ship vs. the ship itself, assuming the divers will be focused on the wreck. She wishes there were some way to communicate back and forth.

Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

I think that the idea of a lifeguard is a good one, if it's not to late to allow for it. I'd also recommend we leave ourselves a little extra time on each dive when possible rather than pushing to the edge of our endurance, just in case something unexpected happens. I think that handling this like a mini-combat will both be helpful in by itself in this situation and give us who are new a chance to get a feel for how that will run.

As for where we initially dive, since Ibrahim doesn't know as much about the people who should have been on board his first priority is determining how safely the wreck can be explored. As such, he hopes to accomplish two tasks with his first couple of dives: see if we can determine from the outside the cause of the ship's sinking, and see if there are alternative entrances/exits to the interior (for us or for anything else.)

Consequently, my first dive is to the vicinity of 0501 on the map to scan that side of the ship for damage or holes.

Enrico Guerriero said...

I think it's wise we stay together; we're not in a particular rush. So Enrico will dive with Ibrahim to 0501.

Yuliya stays up top as lifeguard.

Carlito keeps the boat above the divers.

Sofia is the lookout.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Enrico, I have no problem with Carlito remaining behind; it is only that your plan got lost in the babble. Carlito, then, remains in the boat as lifeguard.

Let's treat this as a combat, then ~ I'll put up a new post. Enrico and Yuliya, please tell me (as Ibrahim did), what part of the boat you're diving to.

Please suspend comments on this thread.