Wednesday, December 7, 2016


A short note.  I have created a clothing chart for determining your clothing comfort level in various weather.  You can find a copy of the chart on the Drive.

Also, could you please email me directly at, so I can have your email address, to give you access to the drive so that you can add files there yourself?  Please address any questions about the chart to this post.  I now return you to your campaign.


Ibrahim Bin Yusuf said...

Oh, this is neat. So, with my current outfit, on a pleasant day (60s per the chart, call it 18 C?) I am comfortable resting or standing about, a little too cool if I'm sleeping, a little too hot if I'm shopping/dungeoneering, assuming I've put everything together correctly. Shedding the robe, or just the shirt under it, would make me comfortable in more active conditions.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Exactly. As you're attacked, you shuck off not only your backpack but also your coat; as it goes on, at some point, you think about ripping off your shirt to keep from taking damage. All of which takes action points, of course, but that's another decision you have to make as a character in a fight ~ do I run over to kill that guy or do I strip off my shirt first? Do I have time to do that?

That's the player aspect I'm going for.

Yuliya Romanyuk said...

Seeing that I'm a bit lightly dressed for standing around, is it all right if I pass back through the market now and scoop up an apron and a chemise?