Thursday, December 1, 2016

Andrej & Sophia Characters

This post is for the characters Andrej and Sophia alone.

Please correct me in this: as far as I remember, Andrej is 5th level and Sophia is 2nd?  Damned if I can remember what class Sophia is.

Had we ever set up Andrej's knowledge points for sage abilities?  Please tell me if we have or haven't, and we'll go from there.  Then we'll set up Sophia.

I have to admit, I've forgotten great swaths of things about the party.

I don't know if you're able, but could you also please post the original background rolls we made for your character a long time ago?  If you're not able, don't worry about it.  Just as much information on that as you have, please.


James Clark said...

Andrej is 5th and Sophia a 1st level monk, but just 385 XP away from 2nd.

Andrej's sage abilities as I have them:

Field of Study: Theology
*philosophy & ethics: 37 (1d12/ level)
*law & customs: 18 (1d12/ level)
art & music: 19 (1d8-1/ level)
astronomy & astrology: 20 (1d8-1/ level)
* = denotes specialty

Non-Field Studies: (1d4-1/level)

The Church
heraldry, signs & signals: 4
history: 11 (1d4-1/level)
politics & genealogy: 10
religious architecture: 1

Legends and Folklore
artifacts: 4
beasts: 12
demi-gods: 5
gods: 8
heroes: 8

divination: 11
dweomercraft: 8
medicine: 10
the outer planes: 2

I don't have Andrej's roles, per se, but I havr this:

started out illiterate, becoming literate under Lukas's tutleage
Mountain Climber (-3 dmg from falls)
Handle Domestic Animals: +2 morale
Use 2 horseman's weapons each round, no STR bonus for dmg
Low fertility: -2 on pregnancy rolls
Reflexes: misfire cannot result in "friendly fire" if within 20'
Agility: +1 hit grenade like weapons;
+3 bonus to break thrown objects


Racial & Background Notes
Father & Mother's Professions: lawyer (father) & laborer (mother)
Legacy: read & write, +1 reaction; knowledge of Ottoman law; +1 save disease
Family: Father and mother; paternal grandfather & grandmother; 3 sisters
Physical: Poor conditioning, unable to use weapons heavier than 5 lbs. until 2nd level
Choices: Wise effort and savings have increased coin
Talent: benefits of mother's profession
Personal Relationships: Banned from the inns and taverns of Sofia
Tendencies & Interests: make wisdom check or become regular user of addictive substances
Health: Save vs. poison and paralyzation as 2 levels higher
Composition: Natural armor class of 7
Agility: need a movement point to draw weapons weighing 2 lbs. or less
Gymnastics: handwalking, round offs, side aerials & splits
Reflexes & Coordination: unable to use two weapons in melee
Beauty: High, strong Forehead and unnaturally smooth skin
Personal Magnetism: all party hirelings within 20' are +2 morale

Alexis Smolensk said...


There are a number of adjustments that have come into being since we rolled up your sage numbers.

Philosophy & Ethics is now "Ritual."

Law & Customs is now "Law & Policy."

Art & Music got moved over to The Church and is called "Religious Art & Music" Your number for that was adjusted down, as it is now out of your field.

Politics & Genology is now just "Politics"

Religious Architecture is "Religious Design"

Gods got moved over to "Theology & Customs"; your points that were under art and music were assigned to Gods.

Go look at the History description: I need you to assign those 11 points you have.

Likewise, I need you to assign your Politics to a specific region or entity:

I've listed all these changes under Character Sage Abilities on the google drive:

Alexis Smolensk said...

The three character classes for which I have no sage abilities outlined are the assassin, monk and bard. So Sophia's abilities in this regard will have to wait for awhile. I'm making the sage abilities my priority; I'll try to sort everyone out.

There are some other things above that will need changes for the future: mountaineering will be a sage ability (but right now, I have no rules for that, either), granting 5 points of knowledge. It will come under the heading "Athletics" under the fighter: Under the rules for these things, you would be a "talented" mountain climber.

So much to do!

In the meantime, I'll go address others for the time being. Slowly, we'll get these details cleaned up, particularly when they become relevant to the campaign. Sorry that this thing is eternally like a half-finished kitchen.

James Clark said...

Don't apologize, it's great.

Andrej of Cumana said...

Alexis, I hope you are still monitoring this post. Some questions regarding Andrej's adjusted sage abilities:

1. Can my politics be assigned to "Roman Catholic Church" it's not a geographic entity, but it is a political one, yes?

2. For history, I'd like to assign points to cover the geographic region that includes Cumana. Would this be European or Oriental?

Andrej of Cumana said...

new character blog:

Alexis Smolensk said...

Absolutely monitoring this post. I have all my blogs set up so any comment on any post on any blog from anywhere back to the beginning shows up on my email.

For "Roman Catholic Church" put the Papal States. The political background of the Church as an entity (diets, treaties, disputes, counter-reformation and so on all included.

Cumana would be European.

Andrej of Cumana said...

Got it, thanks.

Can I safely delete the Conflict! cards for each of Sofia and Andrej?

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

Alexis, is it possible that Sofia only has 14 hit points as a 1st level monk if she rolled 2d6 instead of 2d4 for hit points with the extra hit points you give for body composition? I was reviewing the monk class on the Wiki and noted your rule for hit points and it surprised me... was Sofia created under this rule?

Alexis Smolensk said...

That seems likely. What is Sofia's constitution and what is her weight?

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

CON is 16. Weight I don't have and I recall you having to re-generate it for Andrej before. I've done a poor job of keeping that stat for some reason and will do a better job. If you can re-generate weight and height for me I'll update my character sheet.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Okay, I have Sophia at 5'5" and 156 lbs.

She should definitely have more hit points. 16 would be minimum with dice and constitution; she adds a d8 on top of that. I rolled a 1 on a d8. Total, then, is 17 hit points.

Just for reference, the +35 lbs on your character's sheet beside strength no longer applies. I'm using the encumbrance generator from the wiki now for that calculation, which is based both on your strength and your weight.

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

Noted on all counts. Thank you.

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

More questions:

1) I noticed the market lists are usually missing several of the pole arms, have these not been calculated/ created yet, just not available where I've looked or should they be considered similar to something else? Examples of what was missing from Meltinene market: guisarme and it's derivatives (ranseur, bardiche, etc...)

2) I notice on th ewiki there are special rules for spears, but not for pole arms. Are these forthcoming or are they as-is? some questions...

can a pole arm be set against a charge?
can I stand behind an ally and effectively use a pole arm "through" the hex he occupies?
can I use the pole arm against adjacent hexes?
many pole arms were designed for very special uses such as pulling a rider from a horse or catching and pinning an opponent or one of their limbs... will any such rules eventually be introduced?

Alexis Smolensk said...

The absence of polearms at the market are just an oversight. I can fix if you want a specific one. I'll have to put them all in there at some point.

If something isn't on the list at all, I haven't created the object; if it is listed by the price is blank, it isn't available.

I do want to make special rules for pole arms. I just got wrapped up with other things.

Pole arms cannot be set vs. charge.

You can stand behind an ally and pole arm through the gap.

You can attack adjacent hexes with a pole arm. The attack is normal.

Pulling a rider from a horse or catching opponents may someday be added to the puissance skill (and possibly claw for the monk) but they can't be used at this time.

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

Noted on all counts. Thank you.

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

I'd like to see prices for the guisarme, bardiche and ranseur. One of these will most likely be my next weapon proficiency. Since that won't be until 3rd level there's no rush, just put it on your back-burner. Thank you!

Alexis Smolensk said...

The pole arms that I mean to include on the price table should be the corseque, glaive, guisarme, halberd and pike. Note how on this wiki table that the bardiche and ranseur are types of guisarme, all doing 2-8 damage. I don't wish to make a different set of rules for 40 different types of pole arm, especially if they all do the same basic damage and adhere to the same basic rules.

You can call your pole arm a ranseur, but it will still hit like a guisarme.

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

I did note how they were all considered guisarmes for damage purposes, but wasn't sure how you were going to treat them on the market list. They all three look very different from one another in most depictions, but I know there's a lot of cross-over and similarity between pole arms. In truth I just want a long stick with a pointy end that does good damage and doesn't weigh a ton. ;-)

Sofia Viktorova Koleva said...

Tying up a loose end.

In the monk discussion I noted that I had Sofia's AC as 7 due to a background roll for body composition. We never resolved how I got to that.