Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Loading in Amisos

Saturday evening, May 15th, 1651
With clear skies and warm temperatures, with a moderate breeze and prevailing wind

Moon:  first quarter

To catch up, then.

Bert wishes the party fairwell, offering Hichem a felt cap, a fez of course, which the small man explains he made while everyone else partied, and Hichem thereafter is never seen without it.  Bert wanders off his merry way.

Over the seven days to Amisos, Ahmet overhears Hichem saying to Mist that Sevim should not worry about meeting the Captain of the ship, that although she is hard-willed and unforgiving, she is fair and Hichem thinks incapable of jealousy.  I'd like to forstall any long conversation Ahmet may wish to have with Sevim regarding this, but if the subject does come up, Sevim will claim she never asked anything about it, no matter what evidence may be brought before her.

The Captain seems in less than a positive mood when met Friday night, when she gives assent to the Petrel being loaded in preparation for leaving Amisos the morning of 16th.  She trusts that Andrej will have no trouble with departing on a Sunday.  Madam meets Sevim and the two are somewhat cold, but polite, and the Captain gives orders to prepare the Mates' quarters to make them serviceable for the two women.  The Captain will not discuss the need for this - the need simply exists, and it will be followed through with, whatever anyone might say about it, including Sevim.

To answer Andrej's questions, the Captain explains it will require five days to sail to Cherzeti, where there is considerable shipping and where it is possible to navigate through the strait there may take half a day, and from thence it will be four days to Azov, where she put Detweiller and his men off.  Azov is in a swamp, and she does not know where precisely he meant to go, except that he has selected one of his met to remain in Azov and look for the return of the ship.  This man would then, presumably, be in communication with Detweiller.  The Captain does not discuss how she has been in the interim, but rather passes over the question.  She is particularly unhappy with the Black Sea, as the wind that hit the ship on its way back from Cherzeti struck from a clear blue sky without warning, and threw the ship right over on its beam.  She had never experienced anything like that before, and does not wish for it to happen again.

Are there any other considerations to be made before weighing anchor?  The ship will be loaded throughout the Saturday, which is clear and beautiful all day, and warm.  Take note of the temperature as it appears on the scale in the sidebar, and consider the weather that has been.


Ahmet said...

Ahmet is ready to go. He introduces Sevim to the Captain more or less honestly although he does avoid the use of the term concubine.

"Captain, if the Black Sea isn't to your liking, can I ask where you will be sailing next?"

Andrej said...

I will take on all three adult male serfs and their families and buy 3 slave laborers to boot. While paying in full I will extend to these individuals, who I presume are muslim, the guarantee of their freedom in 10 years time should they choose to convert to Catholicism and be baptized. The countdown is to begin upon the date of their baptism, which I will perform personally. The offer shall stand for one year's time, at which point I will decide whether to retract it for those who have not accepted it.

There is much I want to consider and purchase. If the party and DM will allow me, I'd like until tomorrow 11 am ET to equip my settlers. :)

Andrej said...

More planning & purchasing:

1 plough
1 cart
2 oxen (how much do these weigh?)

In a locked large wooden chest: 5 machetes, 5 wood axes, 5 iron axe heads, 5 hatchets, 100 fish hooks, 5 fishing nets, 10 carpenters hammers, 20 gross of nails, 5 cutting saws, 10 spades & a block and tackle

4 scythes

three male serfs (aged 40, 23 & 20) and their families: how many total people is this?

3 male slave laborers

grand total: 1,486 gp

Andrej said...

Regarding the 6 tents (I bought another).
One will be set aside for Sevim's use (Ahmet, you must furnish this as you see fit).

The second will be set aside as a barracks for Detweiller's men.

The third shall be set aside for the female and children serfs.

The fourth will serve as both Detweiller's tent and a storage tent for our supplies.

The fifth will be for the male serfs and the slaves.

The sixth will be our chapel.

I assume the party will sleep as we always have, in our own tents or the vardo.

These will be our temporary accommodations.


Lukas said...

Other than that I really need to start sketching my plans for the future, nope.

Also, don't forget to feed those people. Your spell is going to be inadequate.

Andrej said...

Damn, you are correct Lukas. 50 lbs of food only goes so far. I'm hoping the fishing nets will help supplement once we get there but of course we're going to need some staple foods, I'll look into that next.

Alexis, how does one purchase seed for planting? Could Max advise best here?

Speaking of Max advising maybe this is a good time to adress openly the campaign's next phase. My feeling is that this is Andrej's mission in that he's ultimately responsible for it's success and to repay the debts he incurred for its sake, but other than insisting that Andrej has final word on spiritual matters our success is obviously going to depend on everybody's talent and enthusiasm. With that dependence comes a certain sense of ownership.

Put another way, I hope you all agree that this is very much our mission. There's much to do just to get fields ready and planted, a village and eventual town and port "planned", defenses considered, relations established, trade considerations made and a million other things let alone adventuring. This will consume much of our time together from now on and I just want to make sure everybody is on board with it and I hope agrees that this isn't just Andrej's thing... it's the party's thing.

Maximillian Boii said...

I posted my purchases on the previous thread, and paid freight. I've updated my sheet, but I do need to recalculate weights, as I've lost track. I also need to point out two specific purchases.

I purchased a laborer as well, who I intend to have look after the animals in the hold, so I seek someone who would be best with animals of the three available to me.

I also purchased a hippogriff egg, and many accessories to use while I coddle the egg full time.

I have also paid passage.

Andrej said...

Speaking of enthusiasm and ownership I hope Sevim is as effective in Cumana as she was in Yadine. There's 10K gp well-spent, my friends.

Andrej said...

Add to Andrej's list a bottle of beaujolais, 5 fishpots of caviar (cheap, it is the black sea indeed my friends!) and a copper bridcage with 2 canaries.

These will all be gifts for the captain to be presented simply but earnestly by Andrej on behalf of the party as time allows while the ship is being loaded and business conducted. Recalling her fondness for birds, Andrej hopes the canaries will be to the captain's liking and regrets Amisos lacks the means of a more extraordinary and befitting gift. We can roleplay this or simply handle it like so at your desire Alexis.

Andrej said...

Open items I'll close by tomorrow am:

1) need a headcount from Alexis on the families so I can pay passage and buy food

2) pay for freight and passage (I'm hauling nearly 3 tons!)

Lukas said...

I need to know the state of the Vardo puller.

I can move it by spell if necessary, but any delay due to loss of donkey will hold us up for sure, and I will be bound to the Vardo.

Maximillian Boii said...

Andrej, I have not figured out really what it is that I'll do when I get there, but I'm game for now.

For now, I'd also advise getting some pick axes.

That said, I wish to donate 1000 gold pieces towards the success of your mission. I'll do that now so that you can spend it here if you wish.

Andrej said...

Max, noted both the laborer and the hippogriff egg. Intriguing.

Lukas, why not buy a donkey now? The oxen I got will be for the plough and cart mostly, you should have a reliable means of hauling the vardo if not the spell.

Andrej said...

Max, very generous of you. In return I offer you the chance of hanging onto the 1000 instead and spending as you see fit on your own projects for the mission's sake. That hippogriff will need a stable, for instance.

If not, I'll gladly include with my own funds that are set aside for the mission with many thanks and blessings.

Lukas said...

Well, regardless I need the weight of said Mule.

Maximillian Boii said...

Also Andrej, the two bottles of brandywine I purchased were intended as gifts for the captain and an officer, on account of our being a bit more difficult this time around. I was angling for the cook, but she can choose. Let's combine the gifts.

Andrej said...

Max, noted and agreed. I didn't mean to overlook your gesture. If anybody else has gifts they'd like to include, we can combine as Max suggests.

Maximillian Boii said...

Lukas, I think we pay for animals by head instead of by weight, unless you've got something else in mind.

Also, don't neglect the bookseller!

Lukas said...

Ah, I have to go back and look at that then.

I went to Freight in the new wiki and only saw weight. That's how I did my Horse.

Ahmet said...

For Sevim and Mistassa's tent, Ahmet buys four woolen blankets (28 s.p.), two stools (26 c.p.) and a pedestal table (13 s.p.), and he searches high and low for pillows or cushions, in his mind the only way to properly furnish a tent.

Ahmet said...

Oh, and I'll ask an obvious question -- we are all healed, correct? It's been nine days...

Andrej said...

added: 5 footmen's picks.

Andrej said...

Finally done:

- 5 iron pans 3.0lbs
- large cauldron 70.0lbs
- 10 sacks of potatoes 267 lbs.
- 20 sacks wheat grain 456.0 lbs.
- 10 sacks of groundnuts 94.0 lbs.

As for healing, Andrej would have offered up all of his healing each day... if we need to roll, Alexis, let me know.

I'm ready.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Hm. I should have looked at this last night.

I will try to answer your questions today, but I've been looped into an event that is going to steal away three hours of my Wednesday, starting at 11 EST. Look for answers later than 2, if I ever get back to this puter.

The only thing really difficult is going to be the seeds. Talk about something overlooked!

Andrej said...

No worries Alexis, I'll check back in in the afternoon.

Re: seeds, note I purchased sacks of potatoes (a seed), wheat grain (a seed) and ground nuts (a seed)... so maybe not so tough short term but a longer-term fix?

Ahmet said...

Ahmet would like to buy cushions and/or pillows.

Also, he asks Madame Salvador where she will be sailing next, as presumably the Black Sea is not to her liking.

Maximillian Boii said...

So, in purchasing my hippogriff egg, I gather as much information as I can get about the peculiarities of raising a hippogriff.

I purchased a bunch of wool cloth to use to keep the egg warm, and a bunch of wineskins to use as hot water bottles when I am not available to warm the egg with my own body-heat.

I purchased the slave to take over my duties with the animals in the hold, so that I am free to obsess over the egg, and the slave will look after it when I need fresh air on deck.

I am going to need to impose myself on the cook for hot water at least once a day, but I also have purchased the supplies to heat seawater myself once per day by means of my heat metal spell.

If any of this is something I should know to be completely impractical, I'd ask around for good options.

I even go so far as to Speak with Animals on a hippogriff (after asking permission) for advice on egg and foal care.

(I almost purchased a griffon egg instead; It was the potential gestation time that stopped me...)

Alexis Smolensk said...

Okay. I am thrilled with the interest. This is exactly the sort of thing that terrifies the hell out of DMs, because this sort of sandbox query session feels impossible to properly answer. One thing at a time - and I'm afraid some things are going to have to be suspended until I'm in another place. I'll answer what I have time for right now. In the order the questions were posted in the comments above.

"... where will you be sailing next?"

The Captain is pointedly unwilling to tell you her plans.

"I will take on all three adult male serfs ..." et al

All are Islamic. None are invested as muslims. Conversion would be due to Andrej's sage knowledge, which I cannot calculate just now - we'll work it out on the ship voyage.

"How many total people is this?"

3 slave laborers (Aamil, Khulayd & Wisam), without family. Serf families, from eldest serf to youngest (only the father is named):

A) Sawlat, wife , three children, aged 5, 7 and 9, all boys
B) Faiz, wife, one boy aged 3, one baby girl, paternal grandmother
C) Munzir, wife, one baby boy, paternal grandmother and grandfather

(more to come)

Andrej said...

(OOC: rubbing hands in anticipation)

Alexis Smolensk said...

"The second will be set aside as a barracks for Detweiller's men."

Detwieller and men did come fully equipped.

"how does one purchase seed for planting?"

As already discussed, vis a vis potatoes and such. The rest is really a question of yield. I couldn't tell you without a lot of research how many carrot seeds to buy to make cabbages to get the yield they ought to get in 1650 ... I'm sure I could, if I had time to dig. Are you comfortable right now with making some sort of agreement that 1 lb. of vegetables or any reasonable growing source, apart from where potatoes and such are the actual seed, is equal to 1/6th the cost paid by the vendor buying the substance? Thus, the vendor will buy 22 lbs. of cabbages for 6 g.p. (96 s.p.), so the seeds for cabbages would be 1 g.p. in order to produce 22 lbs. of cabbages. Right now, this is a short cut, and we can figure actual yields later on (you might do better than a 6:1 yield)

Andrej said...

I'm good with your ruling on seeds and will reconsider the equipment list if I may since we're still in Amisos. Thank you.

Alexis Smolensk said...

"I purchased a laborer as well ..."

The list indicates that there are only three slave laborers available. Local labor will NOT travel with the party - free labor will have to be obtained at the site. If Maximillian wants a slave laborer, he'll need to work that out with Andrej. And please, Maximillian, be careful with designations - say 'slave' laborer when you mean that. Otherwise this gets hopelessly confusing.

"These will all be gifts for the captain..."

The captain will appreciate it, and will seem to be somewhat moved by the gesture. For a moment, it will seem to Andrej that she is about to apologize ... which comes across as quite strange, and without reason, but she pulls back and the expression on her face belies investigation. At the end, Andrej steps from the Captain's cabin feeling somehow that he's missed something.

"... pay for freight and passage"

Everyone has this sorted out? I'm not certain myself what the price for these are, I presume I've listed it somewhere, Andrej and Maximillian seem to know it, and I'm ready to trust you. If you need me to look something up, let me know.

"I need to know the state of the Vardo puller."

I hope you mean the mule, Lukas. The horses have been put on the ship. The mule weighs 1200 lbs. A donkey would weigh 400 lbs. I am unclear on any other questions that need answering.

Alexis Smolensk said...

"Let's combine the gifts ...

Only seeing this now, after already explaining about the Captain. Let's say that both Maximillian and Andrej saw the captain's strange response.

"Also, don't neglect the bookseller!"

I am beginning to hate books sincerely, because I have no rules for them. This is partly in answer to a question Lukas asked on facebook. I have tried in the past to make books = additional knowledge. There are problems. Books themselves need to be ordered and cataloged, so that only a set number of meaningful books exist with respect to actual knowledge - this is a HUGE task and way, way, way down on the list. So please, for now, buy books without the titles because they're pretty and ultimately have some value, but recognize I have no answers for anything regarding the content of books.

"... and searched high and low for pillows or cushions."

This will take a bit. The right way would be that they are either bought as bags to be stuffed as you like, made of various fabrics, or premade, with feather downing (I won't bother including any other kind of stuffing). That's tricky but doable, but I can't pull open the tables and do it now. I will allow the party to buy retroactively.

Lukas said...

Yes, I'm just buying a new one rather than keeping the 'borrowed one' and removing all concern on the topic. We can assume returned the borrowed one or something.

The Mule is purchased.

I have yet to look up the 'price per head' for animals, but I'm referencing the New Wiki's entry on Freight and the Market Price for passage on ship.

Admittedly I am rounding up to ensure I don't underpay, but it makes me less concerned about any minor inaccuracies that may arise.

Lukas said...

Oh and my super inventory spreadsheet is doing most of the math for me using those algorithms. I have excel tracking all of my weight everywhere so I don't have to.

Alexis Smolensk said...

"... properly furnish a tent."

Carpets too.

"... we are all healed, correct?"


"I gather as much information as I can get about the peculiarities of raising ..."

This will ultimately be covered by the druidic sage abilities. Please accept that the egg won't be hatching any time until the thing is done that makes the egg hatch. If you're serious about it, you'll have to take husbandry when the time comes ... right now, I'm not even sure that husbandry will be on the list, but it ought to be, so trust that in the end it will be there. Probably not until I have free time again, however. Believe that the hippogriff being somewhat magical, the egg won't hatch without magical aid, whether it is kept warm or not.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Next? Things I've forgotten or missed?

Andrej said...

Max, if you'd like to own the slave laborer you can pay and I'll deduct that much from my expenses. Otherwise, I'd be happy to assign one to learn your duties with the animals so you may be free to pursue whatever activity you'd like upon the ship. Your call, I'm OK either way.

Ahmet said...

Ready to move on!

Lukas said...

It's true, that's a lot of labor on the ship and not a lot of activities for it.

Are the pieces of the Vardo cohesive enough while disassembled I can make the improvements I wanted (or have them made) while on the ship?

Alexis Smolensk said...

Thank you Ahmet. We'll get there eventually.

I'm sorry, Lukas. I missed it. Please re-paste the improvements you're talking about.

Andrej said...

I'm going to skip buying more produce/ seed here and wait until we're settled to see what we think will do best in the climate/ soil and perhaps buy from a closer market. Therefore, I'm ready to get going.

Concerned somewhat by the captain's behavior. Anybody else?

Andrej said...

One last thing, need to pay for freight and passage. I have freight, I forget passage. Little help?

Alexis Smolensk said...

What did you pay, Maximillian?

Lukas said...

Passage was listed in the market spreadsheet. I used that for people.

Don't have the one for livestock yet.

Desired Improvements:
1. Built in Bookshelf. (think sailboat style so they don't fall out each bump)
2. Compartment built into floor or somewhere to "hide" from casual view. Big enough for my locked metal box.

Lukas said...

Should be good to go.
(Remember I can conjur lumber if needed for work.)

If I need to pick up hinges before we go I have no problem doing so.

Do you mind if I borrow some nails Andrej?

Andrej said...

Not at all. Borrow away.

Andrej said...

All paid up on passage and freight.

Alexis Smolensk said...

I vaguely remember adding the passenger thing to the sheet. Creepy.

Yes, Lukas, no problem.

Okay, except for the cushions/pillows, I think we're caught up. Tomorrow allowing, I'll begin with a new post in the morning.

Andrej said...

Sounds like a plan.

Max, if you still want that slave it's 83 gold total to buy him and pay his passage. Your call. :)

Maximillian Boii said...

Sorry, Just catching up.

I paid passage based on the old figures of 1 gp/animal per day, and 8 sp per person. I completely missed the dockside entry, so that blows my calculations completely out of the water. I also went by the old rule that there were 3 slaves available per purchaser. It wasn't that I was ignoring availability.

This is all a moot point though, because I'm unwilling to baby this egg indefinitely... If I can't ascertain the way to get the egg to hatch from the seller, I think I have to roll the whole thing back.

Unfortunately I update my live character sheet instead of making a copy before all my edits like I normally do, which turns out to have been incredibly stupid, as I don't have time to do the accounting today.

Anyway, Andrej keep the slave. without the egg I don't need him. What the hell, I'll keep the cow, and add it to my donation towards the mission.

So, no longer purchasing the iron bars, the 8 wineskins, the chicken, the mortar and pestle, and the slave laborer. I'll figure out what all that cost me and passage, and add the correct passage amount to my sheet sometime this evening.

You can be sure I'll come back to this at some point, lets just do it once you have time to consider the rules...

Andrej said...

During my past and recent research of the real world area we're headed to, I've come upon the port city of Tangarog, west of Azov upon the north shore of the sea of the same name. It appears to be at or around the border on Alexis's map between Azov and Donbass.

Historically there was a Greek port there in the 7th century and then, apparently, nothing until Peter the Great established the port and city after taking Azov from the Turks in 1795. I wonder if that's about where we're headed and if there's another Greek ruin in our future. Rubs hands in anticipation.

Andrej said...

1695, not 1795.

Andrej said...

P.S. also, apparently, the birthplace of Anton Chekhov. Maybe he's a half-orc in the future of Alexis's world. ;)

Alexis Smolensk said...

Yes, the original Greek colony at Taganrog was abandoned. Your facts match my own, Andrej.

Maximillian, its not that you have to hold the egg forever, it's that at the moment, knowing I'm going to be establishing rules for this sort of thing, but not having the time to do so because I have to go home and work on some frivolous silly writing I'm doing, I'd rather not make a wild call about it right now. I don't know if you're high enough in points to hatch it.

Maximillian Boii said...

Yeah, I understand that Alexis, That's precisely why I think it's better to just wait and do this when you're ready. I'm fine with that, and certain I'll get an opportunity in the future.

There was annoyance in my post, but truely that was at the realization that I was going to have to recreate my accounting and re-do it.

I do _not_ begrudge you how you spend your time!

Alexis Smolensk said...

I begrudge it quite a bit, Maximillian. I'm living the life of an ascetic!

Alexis Smolensk said...

I am working on a post now.

Alexis Smolensk said...

The next post is up.