Monday, March 10, 2014

Bull! - Round 7

Charging Bull!

At this point, both minotaurs are helpless ... but, much to the surprise of the party, and particularly to Maximillian, is the appearance of a full-on natural bull that comes charging out of the room beyond.  It attempts to horn the druid, but misses with a 5.  The druid jumps back to 0502, suffers 1 damage from incidental damage as the bull skids to a stop in 0603, and then watches the bull slide through the hay until it's lowered head bangs into the minotaur in hex 0404.

The end image is:

The bull enters and attacks

The hold person spell is broken.  The party has full freedom of action.

As the larger minotaur falls to its death


Andrej said...


Andrej swings his mace @ the minotaur in 07013.

to hit: 13
dmg: 7

Andrej said...

0703 that is. Not sure why I keep wanting to add a one there.

Oddbit said...

Well... That's inconvenient if not unexpected.

If Charm Person would effect a minotaur, I begin casting that.

If not, I think a sleep spell would at least work on the bull and I start casting that.

If I am uncertain on what it would effect, I go with the sleep spell.

Ahmet said...


Hopefully the bull butting into the minotaur did a buttload of damage.

Andrej, as I understand it you have no benefit in terms of to hit or damage being directly behind him, right? If that's true maybe you want to start moving around him toward 0702 so you can close the darn door before something else comes barreling through?

Ahmet swings at the Minotaur in 0703 again.

To hit: 13
Damage: 9

Alexis Smolensk said...

Andrej is +2 to hit from behind.

Lukas clearly remember his master saying, "Young Lukas, remember that if you're ever in a field with a bull, don't cast the sleep spell, because it will have no effect."

Ahmet will have to advance to 0604 to swing at the minotaur in 0703.

Maximillian Boii said...

(ooc: yikes! Given the mass hp and incedental dmg, a bull is certainly as terrifying to me as a minotaur!)

Can I move back into my previous spot in 0603 for 2 ap?

Andrej said...

Since the minotaur is stunned I do believe I have the option of moving this round. However, until he's down I don't think I'll be moving all the way to 0703.

If I am correct and if I may ammend my action, Alexis, Andrej moves to 0803 after taking his swing.

Andrej said...

Taking the +2 into account, my to-hit roll was actually a 15. Sorry.

Alexis Smolensk said...

That's an acceptable move, Andrej, and you're right regarding the minotaur being stunned.

Yes, you can, Maximillian; you can even attack first before pulling back, if you're in the mood for it.

I didn't think you'd considered the +2 bonus from behind, Andrej; I adjusted it already. Waiting for Lukas to respond to his master's voice and for Maximillian to read this note.

Lukas said...

After remembering the time they saw a man get gored near a stockyard, Lukas instead decides he has no useful high level spells so he begins casting...

Yawn (or Cough if it is only a 1 target spell)

(OOC: Alexis, I noticed a discrepancy in the new wiki between data on yawn in the overview chart and yawn for the specific spell. Given the effects, I am uncertain which is correct. Currently the specific data for Yawn is 20' and 2 targets, in the general overview it is 10' and 1 target)

Alexis Smolensk said...

The correct should read:


Range: 20’. Duration: 2 rounds. Area of Effect: 2 creatures. Casting Time: 2 AP. Saving Throw: negates.

Causes the recipient to open its jaws and stretch its upper body involuntarily.

Creatures who fail saving throw will yawn, making no attacks that round, and none with their mouths the round after. Thus, a lion would not attack at all the first round, and would attack only with its claws the second.

There are no relationships between the yawn cantrip and the sleep spell, though this was previously understood to be the case.

The cantrip will also cause creatures with mouths who drain blood or otherwise burrow into the body, such as bloodworms, leeches and rot grub, to open their jaws and thus be more easily removed.

The cantrip is only effective against creatures with mouths.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Never trust the overview chart; but thanks for the heads up on that.

Maximillian Boii said...

I move up to 603 and attack the minotaur and attack him.


I think you meant the bull when you said attack and then withdraw...

Lukas said...

I am casting Yawn then.
No plans on movement. I figure I can wiggle a hex next turn before discharging the spell.

Maximillian Boii said...

(err, that's only one attack - typeo )

Ahmet said...

Ahmet indeed moves to 0604.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Yes, but one way or the other, Maximillian, I'm good. The bull hasn't engaged you, so you're free to move.

Andrej hits, Ahmet hits, Maximillian hits. I'm working on the effects as I'm able.

Maximillian Boii said...

With my last ap, I yell out "Lukas, mind the axe!"

Alexis Smolensk said...

(OOC: sometimes, these battles get complicated)

Let me get this straight.

Andrej attacks first, as Lukas begins casting yawn; Andrej hits, causing 7 damage. This hits and stuns. Ahmet moves towards 0604 as the larger minotaur stumbles into 0603, behind the bull. This prevents Maximillian moving into 0603. The druid yet prepares to attack.

Ahmet, however, is faster, and swings for the creature's side. He hits cleanly, his scimitar cutting open the beast's middle, spraying blood over the bull and across the floor, splattering Ahmet's chest. The minotaur staggers sideways into 0702, head lolling upwards, screaming its death cry.

Lukas finishes his yawn cantrip and (presumably) lets it go on the other minotaur and bull. Maximillian either 1) attacks the bull, meaning he doesn't move, or 2) moves to 0403, attacking the other minotaur (either way, I'm counting the die roll as a hit, so it is up to Maximillian); 3) move into 0603 now that the beast has fallen out of that hex; 4) another action.

Lukas's cantrip affects the bull but not the minotaur.

Alexis Smolensk said...

A third image has been added for the moment when Maximillian needs to make up his mind.

Ahmet said...

Dare I ask what Ahmet sees through the open doorway from his new position?

Maximillian Boii said...

I move to 403 and strike the minotaur.

Alexis Smolensk said...

A room very much like this, the right side of it yet hidden by the doorway. Ahmet doesn't see any other threats.

Maximillian, you cause three damage, which does not stun.

I had hoped Lukas might confirm the assumption I made, but I'm going to move forward as though he has.

Andrej said...

(OOC: It seems to me a reasonable assumption and I'd guess that Lukas will agree or has tacitly done so already)

Lukas said...

Yes that is accurate. Sorry, but I should not assume that the common sense action is confirmed. For all we know I had a devilish plan to make the doorway yawn.

Lukas said...

Does anyone else see the bull and think lunch?

Andrej said...

I do!

Maximillian Boii said...
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