Thursday, March 13, 2014

And ... the Druid's Turn - Minotaur, Round 10

The minotaur swings his axe at Andrej, rolling a 15.  This would normally hit Andrej, but the protection malevolence takes effect and the axe ceases its descent a foot above Andrej's head and bounces back. The minotaur screams in rage, drops its head and attempts to strike Andrej with the horn; it hits with a nineteen, and Andrej takes 6 damage.  That still isn't enough to stun the cleric.

The bull attempts to gore Maximillian ... the first roll is a 7, which clearly misses; but the second horn is another 20 rolled by the DM.  (2nd d20 roll = 14).  A d6, doubled, does 8 damage to the druid, stunning and throwing him back into the corner at 0302.  Whereupon the bull turns to face Bert in 0604

Ahmet still says "Ah-"  Won't next time around.

Ahmet, you bleed one point of damage.  That doesn't stun you.  Ahmet, Andrej and Lukas can take action.

After the party's move:


Lukas said...

I wont lie, I don't know if lukas is still engaged, if not, he...

moves to 0507 (2)
Draws a dart (1)
Chucks the dart at the minotaur (2)

I'll wait on a reply before I roll anything.

Furthermore I'm curious if 0608 is a viable hex on this side of the door?

Andrej said...

Andrej takes another swing.

to hit: 14
dmg: 7

Alexis Smolensk said...

Yes, because the door separates sweeping blows, I'm counting Lukas as unengaged. I'm good with the movement you've described, Lukas. Go ahead and roll.

The roll hits, Andrej. Still does not stun.

Alexis Smolensk said...

All the Berts stab the bull in the shin with their knives, and the beast moos.

Lukas said...

Targeting the minotaur

D20: 20, 20, 19 (all natural)

D3: 2x3 (a whopping 6)

Sorry, double crits just aren't impressive with hand thrown arrows. Here's hoping it's enough for a stun.

(OOC: I wont lie, I rolled before but didn't want the roll thrown out immediately for whatever reason)

2 darts thrown.

Alexis Smolensk said...

I'm fine with the roll.

It does partly stun the minotaur; because the creature gets two attacks, you have to do a 3rd of its total hit points to completely stun it, but you reduce the number of attacks from 2 to 1. Rolling randomly, it can still attack with the weapon.

Waiting on Ahmet.

Ahmet said...

I'm not sure of the AP involved here. Ahmet digs into his belt pouch for the Potion of Healing liberated from Papa Untern (1 AP? although he does have a 0 AP charge of items weighing less than 5 pounds), and quaffs it (1 AP?), which would leave him with 1 AP?

Ahmet said...

Ah, I just found ye olde movement points chart, and drink an item is a full movement. Scratch that, I'll just bleed for awhile.

I'm concerned that if I move into 0604 I'll dispell all those helpful little Berts. So instead I'll move to 0805. Andrej, make room for me!

Andrej said...

Come on over, pal. The wizard just stunned my guy, so you know he must be on his last leg. ;)

Alexis Smolensk said...

Yep, I was finding that list myself.

It says to 'retrieve an item' is your full move -10 ... that means, in modern description, retrieving an item leaves you with 2 AP. I'm going to say that in NEW parlance, it takes 2 AP to retrieve the item, that leaves you with 3 AP if you still want to keep the potion in your hand. In new parlance, the FULL potion will take 5 AP to quaff, but you don't have to quaff ALL the potion for it to have an effect. So if you want 3/5th of the potion to take effect now, you can quaff that much instead of moving.

Thought Ahmet might like to consider that.

Ahmet said...

Thanks, but I'll move now and quaff later. I think we better put those guy down quickly -- plus we still have a bull to deal with.

Alexis Smolensk said...


The map post party's move is up.

Alexis Smolensk said...

The next post is up.