Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Psammodrons Round 8 - Ouch

(A) is going to charge at Neklan ... but because the actual contact with Neklan will require 3 of the creature's action points, it won't have enough to actually attack. As I am STILL unhappy with my charge rules (those listed on the blog nonwithstanding, we can agree for the moment I have tested them and don't like them), I will have him stop in hex 0528 and not attack. (Clearly, I need to write some new charge rules and post them on the wiki)

(E) attacks Enrico, rolling a 20, followed by a 12. It then does maximum damage, which is 14. That will crack Enrico's shoulder, causing a break of the skin and setting Enrico bleeding.

(C) will step up to Enrico and attack also, rolling an 8 and missing.

(B) that was hit by Kismet, stumbles back three hexes ... it seems to be hurt.

(D) will attack Arkemis with a clawed hand, rolling a 6 and missing.

(H) steps up to Kismet, rolls an 18, and hits for 7 damage. That also stuns Kismet this round.

(F) was stunned and takes no action.

This would make it the party's turn.

Carlito, I'm sure, will seek to throw something at (C) and rush to Enrico's aid. I'm sure you can tell me how, exactly, that's done Enrico (go on and pick a weapon to throw and roll an attack). If he has nothing to throw, he'll be sure to at least force (C) to attack him next round instead of Enrico.

Arkemis rolls a natural 20 on D, followed by a 1 (not a drop) ... and will cut down his creature with 12 damage. That will seem to kill it.

Neklan can take an action, and Sofia.

After the party's move:


Kismet Korkmaz said...

Not to be a bother or look a gift horse in the mouth, but I thought my action was lost last turn to orienting myself.

Enrico Guerriero said...

Enrico is down to 3 HP, so yeah... ouch.

Carlito has a hand axe which he throws at C as he rushes to Enrico's aid and/or draw C's attention.

To hit: 10
Damage: 3

Neklan Krasna said...

To clarify, if I do nothing this round, the creature will get their charge bonus next round, right?

Enrico Guerriero said...

(OOC: I keep hoping these post titles -- FUBAR, Ouch -- refer to them, and not to us!)

Alexis Smolensk said...

Your action was, Kismet. In round Six, you moved, you blew checks and slipped into the sinkhole.

You lost round 7, even though the sinkhole was dispelled.

You would have attacked in round 8, but just at that moment, (H) came and thumped you for 7 damage. So now you're out for round 8, too.

Alexis Smolensk said...

No, I'm skipping the charge entirely until I write some rules for it. May do that tonight, in fact, so that Sofia can charge if she so wishes.

In the meantime, if Neklan does nothing, I'll try to thump you as hard as Enrico.

No, FUBAR was because I could see the party was scattered, and that bad times were coming. Ouch was due to the 14 point hit.

Neklan Krasna said...

I cast cough(2ap), I assume that does not include the discharge time(2ap)?
target is a, obviously. I then use all my remaining ap (2, unless assumptions are wrong) to move "north"/"up"

Neklan Krasna said...

Actually cough has a 10 foot range, so does that mean no ap cost to discharge?

Alexis Smolensk said...

As you open your mouth to cast the cantrip, your body goes absolutely still and you drop your guard completely. In effect, you close your eyes, put your hands over your ears and start to go, "Nya Nya Nya" as calmly as you can, to draw together the power necessary to cast the cantrip.

And then your opponent kills you where you stand.

Or, we could just assume you took the time to read my blog occasionally, particularly the link above, and try again.

Neklan Krasna said...

I do understand that, but I thought it was different given the shorter casting times for cantrips. Evidently that was wrong.

So, taking 2 ap to withdraw to 0328 (correct?) I then cast cough on A (2ap) and then continue in the same direction. (to 0127 unless my calculations are wrong.)

Sofia Koleva said...

(OOC: Where are the combat rules on the wiki? All I see under Combat are links to Spells and Steel blog articles)

Based on the old movement rules I have on my hard drive Sofia couldn't charge this round as she didn't move a full six hexes last round. So, she moves instead to 0623 and flings her throwing knife @ A:

d20: 15
d3: 3

Neklan Krasna said...

I've been using the "movement" post on the main blog as my reference.

Alexis Smolensk said...

(OOC: We both know the online party found those combat rules I put up on the main blog to be inadequate to explain the combat system. I have started to write a more precise version of the rules - I should have something on movement at least available soon.

I have so many projects going, and three campaigns, everything seems to take a long time to complete. I hope you all can continue to have patience with me.

I did not get to write any rules last night as I planned; real life intervened)

Accepting old rules, Sofia. (A) is at 6 hexes, and according to this page of the wiki (near the bottom), that's medium range for a dagger. I failed to include 'throwing knife' in the list, so let's say the throwing knife has +1 range to a dagger ... so it would be short (3-6), medium (7-10), long (11-13). That would mean Sofia hit AC 5, which hits.

Monks are able to deflect weapons even if in combat, so ... I get to roll. He fails, however, and takes 3 damage.

Alexis Smolensk said...

A 10 misses for Carlito, who can reach 0827.

Yes, Neklan, I thought you would alter your intention to that action.

For the moment, I will let it slide, and let you cast the cantrip in that way, but I want to make a point.

The reason I invented the cast/discharge design to spellcasting was to FORCE mages to recognize that magic, while powerful, had it's drawbacks, and that occasionally they would have to get into it and FIGHT. I despise this 3.0/4.0 ideal that somehow only fighters in a combat fight, while everyone else sits on their duff. You should be able to tell by the nature of my combat system that its not possible to create a little vacuum where mages, thieves and clerics can cheerfully hide out on the battlefield behind a convenient blocking line of fighters. Combat is dangerous, and I've specifically designed my system so that EVERYONE feels that danger, not just the fighters. This, I find, gets rid of a lot of the dead combat malaise that infects later versions of D&D, particularly the malaise that makes clerics into medics instead of combatants, and I intend to continue to design my rules to ensure that there isn't a protective bubble around mages who can skip away and then without hesitation turn and cast a spell, thereby avoiding having to get their hands dirty.

In the past, cantrips have always taken a FULL ROUND to cast, just like spells; they're not supposed to be as powerful as spells, but obviously if you can fire them off like a shotgun during combat, that's a gaming problem. Therefore, rather than return the length of the cantrip back to a full round, I'll be making a rule in the future that if you cast the cantrip at the BEGINNING of the round, yes, you can take other actions, but once you've taken another action, you can't throw a cantrip that same round.

Remember, the purpose here is to limit spells, and ultimately to make cantrips less powerful than other spells.

The creature fails his saving throw and begins to cough spasmodically.

Alexis Smolensk said...

To answer your other question, Neklan, cast & discharge are both meant to be included in the 2 AP cost of the cantrip.

Alexis Smolensk said...

The updated version showing the party's movement has been added to the main post description.

Neklan Krasna said...

I do see where you' re going with your combat design, and it has a logic. It takes some getting used to though.

I realize a big part of my confusion stemmed from our discussion of the legerdemain cantrips, which I somehow extended to the rest of them.

Alexis Smolensk said...

I said yesterday I've been trying to make myself clearer to the player. That has been difficult. The latest attempt to do this has somewhat overwhelmed me - last night I meant to work on the project that can now be viewed on my main blog. I've posted three pages that took me about nine hours to write ... and they still suck. Please have a look at them.

I have eyes looking over my shoulder today; I don't think I'll get another post up. Damn it.

Sofia Koleva said...

(OOC: Of course I'll be patient and I 'm sure the others agree. The effort you pour into this is praiseworthy and most importantly: totally worth it from my standpoint.)

Neklan Krasna said...

Yes, I'm always appreciative of all the time you are able to put in! Thank you.

Also, don't feel that it's all on you. I freely admit that much of my misunderstanding comes from preconceptions, and that's before everything's compounded by the medium.

Alexis Smolensk said...

YAY, the next post is up.