Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Psammodrons Round 12 - They Break

All four of the remaining snake-men break and run. (F), (C) and (E) expend a penalty AP to break from combat, while (H), who was not in combat, moves 4.

Neklan has indicated that he is loading. You will need to move 1 hex in any direction, as Arkemis (below) is entering 0728 to look at Enrico.

Kismet suggested he would be up to throwing an axe. He can do so at this time if he wishes.

Sofia moves to find his daggers, which will be scattered around and may be lost. At the moment, he has not had time to find one dagger. He cannot move to 1322, as that would put him across the path of the fleeing creature, and must therefore risk a re-encounter. Please look at the map Sofia and redirect your character; entering 0922, 0923, 1024 or 1123 would risk re-engagement. In short, it would be 1 AP to enter those hexes, but 2 AP to leave any of those hexes, and I would get the chance to swing at Sofia.

Carlito loads his bow.

Arkemis moves towards Enrico to see how he is, entering the hex with Neklan. He bends down expecting to lift Enrico in his arms.

The map as it stands is below. Has everyone caught up?

Following the Party's move:


Kismet Korkmaz said...

Kismet drops his pike, draws a throwing axe and chucks it at C.

(Exactly 5 lbs, so it requires 2AP to draw a hand axe or I would not drop a weapon...)

D20: 19
D6: 5

Kismet Korkmaz said...

I wonder if I can get axes that are 1 ounce lighter.

Alexis Smolensk said...

That does hit and kill.

Alexis Smolensk said...

LOL. Then I'd just have to make a rule exempting axes from the less than five pounds category.

Kismet Korkmaz said...

Ah come on, I cant invest in some mithril axes to get one more AP?

Kismet Korkmaz said...

That's alright, there's that whole mass X acceleration and whatnot, they'd probably do less damage anyhow.

Neklan Krasna said...

I move to 828 and finish my sling windup.

Neklan Krasna said...

I don't think you need to create a map for the next round, you can just tell me if H or F are within short range (13 hexes.) If they are both in the same range class, I will target F, otherwise I'll target the closer one.

To hit: 4.

I guess it doesn't matter anyway, that +2 for close range isn't going to get me where I need to be. I blame Arkemis ;)

Neklan Krasna said...

(OOC: I realize my action takes place in the round 13.

Anything broken?)

Neklan Krasna said...

We've got miscommunications piled high on many fronts.

We've also got issues that I thought were past us that haven't been fully put down. I guess let's talk about the damage so far, and then we'll talk about what I can do to avoid the situations in the future.

I'm trying to finish up at work, so I can't address this with the care it needs now. I will pick this up later.

Alexis Smolensk said...

I'll keep facebook open a couple of hours.

Sofia Koleva said...

Alexis, I'd like some more information on what a failed morale check means before clarifying Sofia's action. In the past it seemed to mean that the subject character's will to fight was essentially broken and it would take an intervening action of some significance to change that. We lost a hireling for an entire assault on a castle once due to a failed roll as I recall. But previous comments either indicated or implied that our next actions would likely cause the snake-men to turn back around and fight us. Have these guys been routed from the field or something less than that? What is reasonable for us to expect?

Alexis Smolensk said...

Back when I used to play System 7: Napoleonics, there were two types of morale failure. Units were either disordered, which meant they fell apart, retreated to the rear, reordered and could then return to combat. Units could also be routed, in which case they would flee helplessly or surrender.

Typically, I play the disordered rule.

Usually, when one side gives up the field, the other side - who would be exhausted - just lets them go. Chivalry and all that. But if the party wants to just stab them in the back or shoot them as they run, then they're going to realize there's no point in running, aren't they? If they're going to die anyway, they might as well turn and fight to the death. There's always a chance, anyway.

I don't mean to make your lives harder that they already are, but ... this seems reasonable to me. If there's a consensus that it is isn't reasonable, I'll drop the idea until I can fix it fast in the rules.

I'll leave it to the party to call.

Sofia Koleva said...

Either way seems reasonable to me, I'm just I'm having trouble reconciling the disordered rule above with what happened to Klaas in the Otyugh battle ( and need to understand things better. I'm not trying to be a dick, just need to know what a failed morale means, and was operating it meant a whole lot more than disorder as evidenced below (quotes are all yours and I did my best to not take them out of context):

During the otyugh battle ater a failed morale:

"...Either way, yes, Klaas is sure to become useless baggage at this point - at least until he realizes there's no way to improve his situation besides fighting."

after that battle, when the Otygh was slain:

"... Klaas failed his morale check, and at the moment seems completely rattled and terrified; bringing him along would not cause him to suddenly be battle-ready; he's had a scare and until he gets a taste of something good and successful, he's not much use anyway."

During a later encounter, after the otyguh:

"... Klaas is NOT taking part in this combat. He's rattled, he's wondering what the hell he's doing here - he never wanted to die and he just wants to get out alive at this point. Frith has had him carry extra equipment, lightening the loads on the other dwarves..."

During the kobold attack:

"... Klaas does not come further into the room (and we'll forget about him for awhile)."

At which point he was forgotten, relegated to porter duty for the whole of the assault on the castle.

Alexis Smolensk said...

On that score I have to ask for some indulgence. Klaas failed every morale check. Every one. I interpreted that as evidence of 'being rattled.' Moreover, Klaas had no real training; he wasn't military, had no level status. All in all, that seemed the way to go.

Keep in mind I'm not guaranteeing these snake-men would turn back and fight ... only that there's a chance.

But I haven't written out rules, have I? So I accept the thing to do here is be open about it. I will point out that the situation has not come up before - there's no reason to believe your characters would be genre savvy about the 'rulebook' response of a group of unknown humanoids with unknown cultural moraes ... so there's no justification to argue that "if there had been rules about creatures turning back if attacked after routing, we wouldn't have done it." Possibly you wouldn't have. I'm willing to let it go at that if the party wants. You want to back off and let them go, I won't roll the die; tell me you feel its unfair to roll the die without having specified rules and I'll let you get those last shots in and won't roll the die, and get onto writing those rules for the future.

Let's just get it going forward.

Lukas said...

Honestly, I was thinking about the extra XP from a parting shot... But I guess there has to be some balancing force (risk to reward.)

Sofia Koleva said...

I see. The piece I was apparently missing before was that Klass was failing multiple checks and not just one. In that light, your approach seems fair to me.

If these guys are merely retreating and not being routed as a result of having their will broken, then Sofia only moves to retrieve her daggers. I have no interest in attacking or attempting a rescue if there's a chance of either action rekindling a combat encounter.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Yes, Klaas failed a check for each of those examples you posted. I would check him every time you changed locations or initiated a new encounter. He was hopeless.

If you accept my conditions - and Lukas (Kismet) seems to also - then it may already be too late. The party has already killed one of them in retreat; at this point it may be necessary to kill them all.

The party will get one more round to do so (if they roll to return to melee) - Sofia should be ready to fight in case that happens.

Sofia Koleva said...

Ah, in all of the hub-bub yesterday I overlooked or fogot that Kismet had scored a lethal hit on one of those retreating... well, at least if they come back there's less of them to come.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Action? I presume with that reminder you're not looking for your daggers.

Sofia Koleva said...

Without looking at back posts I'm not sure where my two dropped/ missed daggers are, but there should be two daggers sticking out of what was once snake-man A. I'd like Sofia to retrieve those.

Enrico Guerriero said...

I'm not sure where we are now -- if we are still in the previous round, Carlito sticks with his action (loads his bow); if we're now in the new round, Carlito fires at E.

If someone is looking for daggers/axes, please pick up Carlito's as well should you find it.

Alexis Smolensk said...

We're still in Round 12.

Sofia's hits were when (A) had still been far from Neklan, so I'll rule that Sofia has gone off in that direction to look for her daggers (even if they did 'stick in' the creature would have pulled them out and probably thrown them aside ... and there's plenty of low grass and sparse brush for the daggers to lose themselves in. Sofia heads for 0520 at 2/3rds speed, looking for daggers.

Alexis Smolensk said...

This post has been updated with the party's move.

Sofia Koleva said...

I'm good to go. Let the die fall where it may.

Alexis Smolensk said...

The next post is up.