Friday, October 4, 2013

Psammodrons Round 10 - Enrico Goes Down

(F) turns and attacks Sofia, rolling a 16 and hitting AC 3. He causes 6 damage to the monk, which stuns Sofia. (F) will expend two movement (penalty due to Arkemis) and move into the hex Sofia has been knocked back from.

(H), who considers Arkemis as much as a threat as Kismet, turns and attacks the Greek, rolling a 3. (H) holds his ground.

(B), seeing that Kismet has been ignored by (H), advances forward and engages the dwarf in combat ... though (B) does not have enough move to attack this round).

(E) smashes Enrico again, rolling a 16. It does 7 damage, dropping Enrico to -4 hit points. (E) does not follow, but retains his position beside (C).

(A) has been driven temporarily off and (C) was stunned, so it is the party's turn.

It is the party's turn.

First off, I will need Enrico to roll to see if he remains conscious. I must also mention that he loses one more hit point due to bleeding, putting him (by my calculations) at -5. He is stunned this round, and can't fight ... but if he remains conscious he still can swing a sword even at -5 hit points. His wisdom is down 50%, which makes it 4.5 (down from 9). He must make a wisdom check against that number, so he must roll a 4 or less on a d20 to remain conscious.

Secondly, I'd like to mention to Neklan that as a thief he can use a scimitar, like the one on Enrico's body. He may not be proficient in it, and therefore suffers a -4 penalty to hit, but it would mean he could at least defend Enrico long enough for the fighter to crawl away - if he's conscious. If (E) is fighting Neklan, and keeps him from 0829, then Enrico might be able to leave. He's -1 AP at the moment due to his -50% status. Obviously, if Neklan has a cantrip that can perform the same task, that's an option too.

Enrico stops bleeding as soon as binding his wounds begins ... but he must be out of a combat hex and he needs fully three rounds to bind, or else the bleeding will restart. If Enrico remains conscious, he has the strength to bind his own wounds.

Arkemis attacks (H), rolling a 3 and missing.

Sofia is stunned. Kismet and Carlito can attack. Carlito will move to 0829, and get there before Neklan would be able to. I'll let Enrico roll to see if Carlito hits.


Enrico Guerriero said...

Enrico D20: 18

Oh sure, now he's rolling high.

Carlito swings at D:

To hit: 8

Not good.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Enrico will bleed out if someone doesn't start binding his wound in the next four rounds.

Neklan Krasna said...

I cast Close Wound on Enricoand move to take his scimitar. I can stand in his hex to protect him, right? (I think his roll indicated unconscious.)

(Ooc: I understand that it's frustrating to have me forget rules and play poorly Alexis. I must humbly ask, however, that you please let me play my character, mistakes and all. I will happily accept clarification, if you believe I've missed or otherwise misunderstood some bit of info. I also deserve to be shut down if I attempt to do something that is not allowed. Please bear with me. I'll remind you that, although I've been playing in this campaign for over a year now, depending on accounting, this is still only my second combat, and your corpus of rules is large and complex. Thanks.)

Kismet Korkmaz said...

Kismet attacks B then moves down to 0927 to try and help cover their downed companion.

If Neklan has no more hostile actions to take, he might be able to be the one to do the binding... I don't know about dragging him out of combat though...

Kismet Korkmaz said...

Sorry, Got too excited... Here's the dice.

D20: 19 (17 +2)
2d4: 11 (7 +4)

Kismet Korkmaz said...

In light of those dice, if I have felled that fellow can I move to 0928 instead? But only if that opponent went down.

Alexis Smolensk said...

(OOC: Neklan, I have got myself under control.

As far as playing your character goes, you have the last word; but I feel I'm entitled to present reasonable options to players when I am emotionally driven to do so; I'm not a robot. Suggesting you take Enrico's scimitar is not an imperative, and does not restrain you in any fashion from telling me to fuck off - nor would I take that personally. I often should)

Enrico is unconscious; yes, you can stand in his hex and protect him. As he's prone, he can't foil your attempts to attack. And yes, he stops bleeding.

Neklan Krasna said...

OK, I ready myself for the retaliation to come (from E)

(ooc: Understood and accepted Alexis.

As an explanation:

When I created this character, I honestly did not think I would be seeing combat, except for rarely. This was because of the posts about the settler campaign, but also because I expected that any real combat would take place with the primary characters. I created a "minor official" character, and expected to spend all my time managing resources and employees. When I selected my spells, I was really thinking about their non-combat uses as well (for example, I thought my phantasmal figure would be my butler.) I just completely misunderstood how the "Settler" game was going to play out.

So, to the rest of the party, I'm trying to carry my fair share, but I started off on the wrong foot, so I'm sorry.)

Alexis Smolensk said...

Kismet kills (B), and experiences no penalty from exiting 0926. You do make it to 0928.

The red X marks the killing point.

Alexis Smolensk said...

(OOC: Aha. Well, I play by Starship Troopers philosophy: "Everybody fights. Nobody quits.")

The update for the party's move has been posted. Working on the next round.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Oh, and Neklan ... you just saved Enrico's life.

You're carrying your fair share.

Enrico Guerriero said...

Yeah, I'm definitely not complaining about how you've handled yourself. :)

Alexis Smolensk said...

The next post is up.