Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Psammodrons Round 4

Still showing the party's last moves.

The snake-men begin their approach cautiously. While C, D, E, F & G continue to approach at one-and-a-half speed, until they are within four hexes of the party (for the most part), B slows and jogs to its left, to support C. H slows down to give orders, shouting, "Don't rush them, take them slow and easy!"

A slows and shadows Sofia, moving within 2 hexes, guard up, mouth open and tongue playing about its 'lips.'

The party can move; Neklan can discharge his cast spell. Before anyone can stop him, Arkemis will leap to 1125 and swing at F. He rolls a 2, and misses.


Sofia Koleva said...

Sofia flings her dagger:

d20: 5


then tries another feint into hex 0920.

She then moves back 3 hexes to 0916

Sofia Koleva said...

To clarify, Sofia flung her dagger @ A again.

Kismet Korkmaz said...

Kismet will pull back to 0927 and prepares to watch their boat pilot get beat senseless by about 4 lizard folk.

Neklan Krasna said...

I make quicksand in 1126, and then yell "arkemis, there's quicksand right in front of you."

Neklan Krasna said...

Oh, and I ready my sling

Kismet Korkmaz said...

Arkemis isn't there any more... he's up some square facing off with F, and about 4 or less squares from 4 different monk lizards with an estimated AP of 6.

Neklan Krasna said...

oh, damn, that's what I get for posting while walking the dog.

Neklan Krasna said...

well, I still do that, perhaps that's why he leaped.

Alexis Smolensk said...

The spell states that it cannot be placed where an individual is, so because Arkemis crosses that hex at the time that Neklan seeks to cast it, that hex is exempt.

I'm good with you picking another hex that might be more useful for you, Neklan.

Neklan Krasna said...

thanks, 1226 then.

"Behind Arkemis and to his right"

Enrico Guerriero said...

Seeing as he seems to be the snakeman in charge, Enrico looses at H and directs Carlito to do the same.

To hit: 17
Damage: 5

To hit: 5
Damage: 4

Alexis Smolensk said...

(OOC: My apologies; I haven't been able to get my publisher file open, which I must do to update it; I don't know if I'll be able to today.

I hate new computers)

Kismet Korkmaz said...

(OOC: Feed it ice cream, it makes computers work better. Just shovel it right into that disk drive.

I will be left in suspense when it comes to finding out how well our boat captain fares against the incoming savage beating.)

Sofia Koleva said...

(OOC: Does this mean we're on break until next week at this point? I will be on business travel much of the week, but should be able to check in so if all else is a go I vote we play.)

Alexis Smolensk said...

(OOC: Admittedly, I have gone AWOL the last two days; sorry, I've been paying attention to other things.

If you're messed for next week, James, then that's how it will go ... and we will find time somewhere. I have my publisher back, but somehow I feel ill-motivated to fix up the image. I will, with a new post ... please, everyone, feeling completely enervated at present)

Alexis Smolensk said...

Okay, picking up the slack.

H apparently fails to block Enrico's arrow and staggers back, stunned.

Neklan's sink-hole covers 1226, but because it was cast so close to Arkemis, it's only a hex wide (for future reference, Neklan, while the actual 'sink-hole' part would only be a hex wide, as an obstacle you could have blocked up to four hexes instead of just one).

I will be getting up the next post in a few minutes. I'll forego posting an interim post showing the party's movements for this round in the interest of saving time.

Also, Kismet isn't here anyway.

Point in fact, the creature's apparently move 4, not 6 ... the movement of 6 was only due to their running forward at half speed; when they slow down for combat, they are not as fast as Sofia.

Alexis Smolensk said...

The next post is up.