Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It Might Be Hurting, A Little

The hydra slithers around to its right, to allow it to attack with the right most heads while the two on the left pull away to protect themselves from be struck again.  Both of these heads lash out at Andrej, again.

This time, the right-most head (3014) hits with a 17, causing 9 damage.  Andrej's site says that he is down to 37 ... and so the hydra fails to stun him by virtue of 1 hit point.  A little bit of luck.

Here is the hydra's position:

Please act as you will.


Andrej said...

Lucky indeed! Andrej is not one to deny the gifts of divine providence, so...

to hit: 10
dmg: 9

: (

Sofia will hopefully fare better, drawing a dagger this time she flings it at the body:

to hit: 6
dmg: 4

: (

Andrej said...

I should have specified, Andrej's likely miss was against the head in hex 3015.

Ahmet said...

Ahmet advances to 2913 (2 MP) and attacks the head in 3014 (2 MP).

To hit: 17
Damage: 6

Enrico fires at the same head, 3014 (2 MP), and begins patiently loading (2 MP).

To hit: 8
Damage: 3

Ahmet said...

Oh wait... that should actually be, Enrico finishes patiently loading (2 MP) and fires at the head (2 MP).

Maximillian said...

Help me out with my calculations please. If I make a 30° turn, and move double speed this round, it still costs me one mp per hex for the water in addition to the one for every two hexes?

If I'm wrong and it only takes 2 mp to move to 2913, I'll stop there and attack. Otherwise, I'll continue to 3013.

Andrej said...

Ahmet, the good news is that when you and Lukas put down the first head, Andrej had taken a small chunk out of the head you just hit... maybe that puts you into stun range.

Ahmet said...

Max, Ahmet is currently occupying 2913, so don't stop there. ;)

Alexis Smolensk said...

Maximillian, you can run to 2913, and it will take you two moves. It also takes two moves for Ahmet to slog to the same hex.

My rule in such cases is that dexterity decides; Ahmet's is 14 ... Maximillian's is 13. Therefore, Ahmet gets there first. He manages to get his blow off before Maximillian enters the same hex.

Maximillian can continue into hex 3013 ... but as that's more than a 30 degree left turn, it takes him two moves to reach that last hex. I'm calling that this is what Maximillian does.

Maximillian said...

Sorry Alexis, you explained all this in the earlier post. I'm going back to reread it.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Ahmet does hit. Unfortunately, this does not stun.

Maximillian said...

OK thanks.

How do you normally handle it when your move puts you between two hexes like that? (because of the angle)

Lukas said...

I'm torn, I'm 90% certain that if I start casting again I'm going to get rushed by the hydra, especially at this range, but I can't attack and get out of range at the same time...

I'm going to hope that it wont press forwards and make it's body vulnerable with the new placement of max at 3013 and Ahmet at 2913 and start casting magic missile.

Worst case scenario I get bit real hard and die. Less than that I get bit and get some extra XP.

Alexis Smolensk said...



I think this has a lot to do with your previously expressed difficulty with the word "move" to describe character motion and "movement points" which means to describe ALL actions a player might take ... as in, to grab a torch or load a bow or swing a weapon are all "movements" in addition to actually walking or running forward. And this gets more complicated when there are penalties to the movement points.

Before I go crazy, let's begin, first, with changing "movement points" to "action points" or AP. In future, I will try to always use AP to describe the Total Motion Capability of the players.

"Move" will now mean only actual changing of hexes.

Enrico has 4 AP.

Enrico requires 2 AP to load his bow.

Enrico requires 2 AP to fire his bow.

Last round, Enrico used 2 AP to load his bow.

Enrico used 2 AP to move to 2712.

This round, Enrico uses 2 AP to fire his bow at the hydra, missing.

Enrico CANNOT fire, then load a bow in the same round.

He can load, then fire a bow in the same round. This is a rule simply to keep the standard D&D policy that a bow can only be fired every other round.

Therefore, Enrico can move 1 hex and then fire, or Enrico can fire and then move 1 hex. Or Enrico can use his remaining 2 AP for some other purpose.

Are we clear now?

Maximillian said...

(ooc, sorry, I'm dense, that was also explained in the prev. post. Ignore the question, I'm good.)

Alexis Smolensk said...

If it makes you feel better, Lukas, Maximillian and Ahmet moving in front of you have created a buffer between you and the hydra. Also, you have 3 AP remaining to you after throwing your dart.

Lukas said...

Judging by your description in the initial encounter with the hydra, we can push up next to the body but are well within range of the heads.

I am extrapolating that the body can press forwards and the heads can strike into the second ranks.

Also, the 3 AP wouldn't be able to get me out of range of the possible 2 move (as witnessed last turn).

I'm more counting on that they hydra wont risk taking 4ish hits to the body by moving forwards to strike at me as I begin casting.

Of coarse, I figure all the hydra remembers is last time I acid blasted the now dead head and am definitely taking a risk in this assessment.

Alexis Smolensk said...

You are correct Lukas ... except that the heads keep you from approaching the actual body in melee.

And yes, you could only move 1 hex ... this round. The round after you could move more, farther away, since you'd be running through the water, as Maximillian did.

From this distance, it wouldn't need to expose its body.
See how the neck behind the head in 3014 is bent? That head could move next round into Maximillian's new hex (3013) and strike into 2912 without the body needing to move from where it is.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Can you confirm that you're not moving, Lukas? I can move forward.

Andrej said...

Lukas, perhaps a step backwards and a dart this round, magic missile next?

Lukas said...

I see what you did there. That is a good point.

I throw a dart at the body and retreat one square. In that order.

D20+3: 16

D3: 2

16 darts remain

Lukas said...

I retreat to 2911.

Lukas said...

(OOC: Apologies for the stereotypical indecisive wizard.)

Andrej said...

(OOC: no worries, Lukas)

Alexis Smolensk said...

The next post is up.