Friday, February 22, 2013

Calm Seas Near Cephalonia

Jan 28, 1651, Wednesday dusk
Weather:  with cool temperatures and overcast conditions, with calm weather.

On the 27th, it is discovered that the Captain has guessed wrong - the breeze is not blowing towards the SE, as she expected ... instead, it is blowing FROM the southeast.  These are the Khamsin winds, from Egypt.

Now, as the Petrel makes for Cephalonia, the ship finds itself making its way close-hauled to the wind.  Worse, the best breeze the sails can find is one that's gentle, and the day's going is very slow.

The 28th is worse.  The SE breeze that lasts through the morning dies utterly, so that the ship ceases virtually all forward movement.  The sea is like glass, the sky is overcast and oppressive and the temperature cool in the afternoon.  The captain has every available crewmember scrubbing down the entire ship, repairing sails, making a better job of the repair below decks from more than a week ago and generally keeping busy.  She's in a better mood than she was when the ship was outside Rijeka, but she's got four men in the shrouds keeping an eye on the horizon.  She even climbs to the topsail and has a look about herself.  Not until the sun goes down does she cease her vigilance.

Next post coming, but thought you guys might like to see some life from the campaign.


Ahmet said...

(OOC: Very nice. Even with the occasional windless day, I'm sure we're still moving a lot faster than going by road!)

Alexis Smolensk said...

Next post is up, with a map.