Friday, February 22, 2013

Around the Isle of Cephalonia

January 31, 1641, before sunrise
Weather:  with brisk temperatures and a brief drizzle, with a gentle breeze

Thursday morning begins with a promising light air,  which improves into a light breeze, then a gentle one, drawing the ship forward.  At noon a crewman cries "LAND ho!" ... but the mountainous west side of Cephalonia can't been seen from the deck for another hour.

With the 30th, a steady rain beats on the sea and the wind is changeable and useless for sailing ... the storm passes, and steadily a fresh breeze grows from the SW, allowing some real progress.  All day the ship turns around the massive island, until through the night the wind blows across the ship's reach - though it is no better than a gentle reach.

The party can't help but notice that there's quite a lot of isolated stones standing out of the sea, scattered everywhere, and as the ship makes its way through the night, the light in the Captain's cabin never goes out.  A runner comes to meet the captain every fifteen minutes to take orders to the deck, as she carefully navigates, hoping the maps are accurate ...

Journey for the last two posts, or four days

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Maximillian said...

(OOC: Hold On, I need to back us up a couple of days so that we can discuss the latest crisis)

One day, several days ago, Maximillian will come breathlessly up from the hold after his morning chores cleaning the horses, and hurriedly seek out Andrej, impatiently waiting as he finishes his business at the head.
"Father Andrej, can you control what your create food spell produces? I have done my best to ration their food for the last couple of days, but we are nearly out of hay and grain for the horses."

Alexis Smolensk said...

Be precise, Maximillian. What day will the food run out?

Maximillian said...

(ooc: in meetings for the next couple of hours...)

Maximillian said...

I was being vague so you could tell me how much I could ration, but we left on the 16th with food for 10 days

Alexis Smolensk said...

In the future, could you please indicate this sooner?

The post which has been up since Wednesday ended on the 26th ... the day your food ran out, and in two days no one mentioned this. I have no trouble making the hay last half rations, but could we please remember the DM is not keeping track of everything?

If I had known, the Captain could have made for a different port. As it was, we'll judge that the horses are on half rations, they're weak and that I'm going to penalize the party by requiring they spend a week in Zante to let the horses strengthen again.

You have to say, "I go to the Captain and ask what day we're going to put into port?" Cold-hearted of me, but there we are.

Alexis Smolensk said...

Nah, I'm not gonna do that. I did push the seven day rush to keep the campaign going. So mostly my fault, I guess. But I would have appreciated something said at the Captain's dinner.

Alexis Smolensk said...

(OOC: Is there anyone out there? Did anyone go onto the Zante market page?

Maximillian, I would like to know. How does the book LOOK?

James, are we good?)