Monday, December 3, 2012

Regarding the Campaign's Suspension

For those of you out there who are wondering and waiting to see if the campaign gets started again today, let me say that I know you're there.

I had not definitely planned to start again with December ... with one thing or another I'm having trouble getting time to post on the blog, much less work all day at keeping the campaign alive here.  That said, there are signs of things opening up, and I may be able to get something started by the end of this week, or the middle of next.

With things having changed, Mondays are suddenly my absolute worst day.  I won't have any time to do anything until late this afternoon ... except to check in and see if there are any answers to this.

I sent James a copy of the updated spell descriptions for cleric.  I won't have updated spell descriptions for magic user until probably the summer ... so the ones that exist are fine until then.

Thank you all for your patience.



Lukas said...

How's the writing going?

Alexis said...


I'm taking two weeks off for Christmas starting on the 21st. Should free up some of the mental processes.

Ahmet said...

Canadian Christmas is the same day as American Christmas? Weird... ;)

Alexis said...

No,American Christmas is the same day as Canadian Christmas.

Accuracy is important.

Seriously; how up are you guys for playing this week? A little here or there?

I think that Janos has gone. It's been two months since hearing from him and I'm not that anxious to beat the bushes looking. Nice enough fellow, but he was never johnny on the spot with the play from the beginning.

Sometimes I think I'd be better playing this on twitter; though I'm not quite sure I'd have access to that where I am during the day.

Lukas said...

At first I assumed that was sarcasm, but just in case...

Doesn't the character limit cause some issues?

I am up for whatever. I always make room for 'Pen and Paper'.

James C. said...

I'm up for playing whenever you can, Alexis. End of the year things slow down for me work-wise, but of course pick up with holiday-related activity. I'm definitely up for playing whenever and will make it work.

Twitter is blocked here, so I'd have to invest in a better phone if you went that route. :)

Ahmet said...

I'm good to go today, next week, next month. Whenever you're ready.

Alexis said...

As of this moment, I have all of 13 minutes to myself.

As I remember, you are in Innsbruck. My intention back in October was to have you stumble across the dead girl's body again and again until you all went crazy, building up a concept for Halloween ... and then my free time went straight to the crapper. I'll have to use those ideas another day. So the dead girl behind us, the party has tables already for anything they'd want to buy in Innsbruck.

So you just need me to start you on the road south, right? Over the alps and all that? For that, I just need to calculate the weather and read a bit on how to describe the journey. Give me a day or so, and I'll throw it out there.

Did you see the spells, James?

James C. said...

I saw that you sent the spells but have not yet had the time to peruse them. I can't get to them here at work, but will look them over and give you some feedback tonight and will be up to speed for tomorrow.

As for the girl, yikes!

As for the next step, yes. Starting out on the road south works for me and I don't believe I need anything from the market.

James C. said...

Alexis, I've read through the descriptions of those spells Andrej possesses. I think that I like the changes made for the sake of specificity to Know Intent and Detect Malevolence, but have a few questions to be sure.

For the party's benefit, basically Detect Malevolence detects as it did before, essentially, but Know Intent now specifically informs me of the target's next five rounds of intended actions.

This should be of particular use against spell casters in or just before combat if Andrej is able to shout warnings while concentrating. Alexis?

Regarding Know Intent, it has a clearer application in combat but what about in social interaction? If Andrej casts and concentrates while another party member questions or interacts with an NPC, what kind of information would be gleaned? Just that they intended to answer? Whether they intended to lie or be truthful? What if the question regarded a future action, say what the person intended to do tomorrow... is the spell still only concerned with the next five rounds or could that intent be known? Had Andrej cast Know Intent upon Hornung on the eve of his wedding when the latter was asked "What will you be doing tomorrow, Hornung?" Would Andrej receive "attend my wedding and fuck my new wife" or just Hornung's intent to answer?

Regarding Create Food & Water, it appears to state that the spell creates 10 lbs of food per level or, put another way "...enough daily rations for ten resting persons, five persons traveling or three and a third persons who have participated in combat that day..." per level, correct? Andrej can create food enough for 25 travelers at 5th level. If so, that seems consistent with the power one should expect from a 3rd level spell.

Alexis said...

Well, I've launched this thing again, so let's go ahead and see how it goes. The new post is up.

Alexis said...

The question about interrupting Know Intent is a good one. Generally all the detection spells, once cast, don't require "spell" concentration. It takes time to examine, but this is more like examining the pages - yes, you're concentrating, but not as in casting a spell. So you could warn someone right away - and perhaps miss one round of examination in the process.

In social interaction, it would indicate things like, plans to remain here and keep talking, plans to keep drinking or eating, plans to use the privy outside, plans to hit up the barmaid next time she comes around, plans not to talk to you, etc.

Yes, it would give that they intended to talk, but not what they intended to say. So the verb is implied here, but not the specifics of that verb - run, but not whether they'd run fast or slow; sing, but not which song.

Regarding long range intentions, I think I'd have to argue, such as Hornung on his wedding day, it important to note what he is doing in the next five rounds, not what he is using the next five rounds to intend to do later; of course, if you actually asked, he might say what he was doing tomorrow, but if you used the spell, it would be "stay here and talk to andrej or get another drink while waiting for the next thing to happen."

Yes, the descriptions for the amount of people it would feed does mean PER LEVEL ... and arguably, at 3rd level, you could feed 10 people and not 9.

Anything else?

Andrej said...

Nope. Thanks for the clarifications.