Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Isarco Road, Round 1

I've recolored the map, so now it looks like a bridge.  I've also turned it 90 degrees from the previous map.  I hope that does not seriously confuse people, but I needed to do it so I could add numbers to the map.

The new white patches are SNOW.  Its just light, but if you're on it and you're hit, you have to make a save or slip.

If you slip on the slope, you go over the side.

You can move onto any hex with a number (any hex, really).  Remember that any except the light grey/purple hexes are sloped.

The party has initiative, and may take what action they will.

Lukas, you need to know that your dart's range is 2 for point blank (+1 to hit); 3 to 5 for short (no modifier); 6 to 10 for medium (-2 to hit); and 11-15 for long (-5 to hit).  It is better than a dagger, but still a close range weapon.

Sofia's dagger is 2 for point blank, 3 to 5 for short, 6 to 9 for medium and 10-12 for long.

Sofia moves 6 hexes as a monk.

Be careful.


Alexis said...

(OOC: Let's have some ooh aahs, huh? I think this looks awesome.

I wish you could see the bowmen clearly)

Andrej said...


Andrej said...


Andrej said...

repeat as desired.


Andrej said...

It does look very nice. I very much appreciate your efforts when it comes to mapping these combats out.

Andrej moves to hex 0914.

Sofia begins to gather her horses to bring them to hex 2218, where she will tie them to a tree branch. I hope that doesn't take too long.

Alexis said...

(OOC: Yes, but you realize that according to Zak over at D&D with Porn Stars - commenting on noism's site - the reason I probably wrote the post about wisecrackers is because my world isn't interesting enough to draw player's attentions.

But I wasn't wounded by that)

Sofia's movement so noted, Andrej.

Andrej said...

Should I also declare for Hichem? If so he will follow Sofia's lead by attempting to turn his horses around and lead them back the other way.

Andrej said...

(OOC: Just keep the hits coming, Alexis, your labors are valued by your players.)

Lukas said...

(OOC: Yeah cause the earth is SO BORING.)

I wonder if I can use horses for cover? That's a classic tactic right?

I'm tempted to say screw the horses, if we're dead it won't matter if we have a horse to ride on.

I will advance one square to 1514 and leave the horses behind if for some reason room clears up.

I will draw a dart and throw it at #2.

d20: 7 THAC0 19 (9-2 for range 8)
d3: 3 (not that that likely hit)

Ahmet said...

(OOC: The map is very nice!)

Ahmet uses all 3 MP to advance to 0915.

Andrej said...

I don't think living/ fighting and clearing the horses out are mutually exclusive, though I approve of you dropping the reigns and tossing a dart.

Hichem and Sofia will attemptt to clear them out to avoid their trampling us as much as anything else. I'm hoping Sofia's higher movement will allow her to accomplish this and rejoin relatively quickly.

Alexis said...

(OOC: Thank you for the support guys. You're all great!)

I'll get the next round up, attacks and all, sometime tomorrow. I'm done the campaign for the day.

Andrej said...

:: rubbing hands in anticipation ::

It's been a while since we've rolled some meaningful dice. Hopefully we can get this whole combat in before the holiday.

Lukas said...

Pneumonia is meaningful.

Andrej said...

Fair point.

Alexis said...

The next round is up.