Friday, December 21, 2012

Isarco Road, Round 6

Hichem draws a club and rushes towards the melee.

#2 takes a long swing at Ahmet but manages to miss.  His blow bounces off Ahmet's thigh, where the armor protects him.

#4 loads his bow.

#3 takes a quick shot, again at Lukas, suffering the -4 penalty.  It hits, causing but 1 damage.  Still, Lukas gets a good scare from it I think.

#7 experiences a mis-shot that fires off into the valley.  An arrow flashes past Sofia and two go by Hichem to no effect.

#1, at last, takes note of the situation.  He shouts, "You're letting your temper have the best of you, father!"  Then retreats back two hexes to 0612.

Andrej's spell is cast.  In the pocket he's in, he has line of sight on 0704, 1303 and 1404.  Trying to climb out without casting the spell will break his concentration (he can move 1 hex normally, but this assumes careful walking, not vigorous climbing.  In any case, Andrej isn't stunned.

Ahmet and Sofia can move.  1 damage shouldn't have stunned Lukas, so he's free to act as well.


Ahmet said...

Ahmet swings at #2 again, and hits AC 4 for 10 damage.

Lukas said...

Lukas will start to cast Acid Arrow.

Why the hell not eh?

James C. said...

Andrej releases the spell, attempting to hold all three beings in his LOS.

Sofia draws two daggers and moves to hex 0714.

James C. said...

Andrej begins climbing up after the spell is cast with the remiander of his movement, moving to hex 1014.

James C. said...

Merry Christmas and a Festive Fesitus.

Lukas said...

As a note, at this point I am somewhat interested in the slope above the archers. Mainly from the point of view of whether or not a well placed acid arrow could cause a rockslide.

Would my mining knowledge help with that?

Alexis said...

Well, what a week. Let me catch up.

Ahmet's hit does the 10 damage ... but no, the fellow #2 is NOT stunned.

Andrej successfully holds the two bowmen at 1303 and 1404 ... but the third bowman makes his saving throw.

It will take THREE movement for Andrej to make it to hex 1014 (2 point movement penalty for climbing up the slope); since his entire movement is three, and since he used one to discharge the spell, he's still in 1013 ... but we'll bank those two moves he uses this round towards his position next round.

Lastly, the mountain above you is dolomite limestone; no scree, no loose rock, at least that Lukas can see.

Oddbit said...

Shame.thank you.

Alexis said...

The next round is up.