Thursday, December 20, 2012

Isarco Road, Round 3

Hichem continues to drive the horses back, leading the one.  As I commented before, the horse in 1215 backs into Lukas and displaces him to 1414.  The other horse passes Lukas by at the same time, reaching 1513 and following the horse Hichem is pulling.

The bowmen are loading.

#1 swings at Andrej, misses, and chuckles jovially.

#2 rolls a natural 20 against Ahmet.  He rolls again and it is merely double damage.  He rolls a d6 for the mace, adds one and his strength and doubles it.  He hits for 16 damage.   This knocks Ahmet back to 0914, and the Turk is stunned.  #2 does not chase him.

Sofia, Andrej and Lukas take actions.


Andrej said...

(OOC: He's smiling... is he not really left handed? Hah, neither am I!)
Andrej swings @ #1

hits AC 4 for 4 points of dmg

Andrej chuckles back, "It's not too late to save your hides!"

Ahmet said...


Ahmet said...

(Just as an FYI, I'm already down to half my HP. Now at 22.)

Andrej said...

Sofia attempts to move through the gaggle of horses like so:

2014, 1914, 1815, 1714, 1615, 1514

Lukas said...

The next volley's happening whether we like it or not. In an effort to not have my spell be disrupted by polymorphing into a porcupine, I shall move into place and throw a dart at 1.

In theory, next turn they will follow their current tactic and be reloading and either unable to shoot, or take a -4 penalty.

I just hope you folks can hold out for a few more swings.

Lukas draws a dart
moves to 1214 to avoid possible horse feet to the back of his head
and throws a dart at #1.

I hit ac 10 for 2 (aka miss)

I then hope my companions do not fare too poorly.

Alexis said...

Last post, I said "dagger" when I meant "dart."

AC 4 hits for Andrej.

Sofia's moves acceptable.

Yes, that misses.

(OOC: I'll try to get another round up today; sometime about 1:00 to 1:30 pm EST).

Lukas said...

For the record, since I keep forgetting...

3 thrown
17 in quiver

Alexis said...

The next post is up.