Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Isarco Road, Round 2

I keep trying to find ways to make these battles clearer.  In this case, the red symbol between 0815 and 0914 indicates that Maceman #2 attacked Andrej.  The orange arrow from the "invisible" Maceman #2 is meant to indicate that after attacking Andrej, he fell back to 0715.

I hope that's clear.

The attack was successful.  Andrej finds the fellow hits like the kick of a mule, causing 7 damage with his blow ... which was clearly not a solid hit.  There's every sign that he's going to hit very hard when he hits well.

#1 does not move forward at all, but stays where he is, to allow a wide open field of fire.  There are two bow shots against Andrej - and even though the chances favor Andrej over Ahmet, there are four bowshots against Ahmet.

Andrej's sheet says AC 1, and neither shot hits that.  Ahmet is in plate mail and shield, which is AC 2 ... I hit twice, AC 1 and AC 2 ... for a total of 2, then 4 damage.  So no one is stunned.

The party can take actions.


Andrej said...

Andrej steps into hex # 0814 and swingss @ #1.

to hit: 18
dmg: 3

Andrej said...

Sofia either finishes tying up the horses or if finished, returns to hex 1913.

Hichem appears to be managing one horse (hex 1513/1614) but I'm not certain.

Andrej said...

Should have said Andrej hits AC 0 for 3 points of damage.

Ahmet said...

Just confirming: Ahmet took a total of 6 damage from the two bow shots.

Ahmet moves into 0815 and also swings at #1.

To hit: 16
Damage: 9

Ahmet said...

Er... Ahmet hits AC 1 for 9 points of damage.

Lukas said...

Lukas draws a dart.
Moves to 1415
Throws at #1 for -2 due to range
Moves to 1314 if possible to try and get clear of the horses.

d20: 15 (17 - 2)
THAC0 19
d3: 3

Alexis said...

Damage recorded for both hits; neither opponent is stunned.

Sofia merely needs to loop the horse's lead around the tree; she's very fast and that leaves her with four moves this round.

Hichem is leading just the one horse, but he is driving off the other three; he's not as fast as Sofia, and he's waving his hands at the horses, to send them back the other way; the image doesn't let me indicate that they're in a state of backing off from him.

Confirmed, Ahmet, 6 damage.

(OOC: I want to get a post up on the blog; I'm getting a lot of attention there - 750 page views per day - and I don't want to lose that momentum. I'm going to keep playing this battle throughout my holidays, except Christmas, Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, so there won't be a two week hiatus)

Alexis said...

Lukas hits as well. Still not stunned.

Andrej said...

Given four moves Sofia moves to hex 2114.

(OOC: I'll do my best to check in at least daily during the break, but as I'm taking all of that time off from work I will be pleasantly occupied with family and friends.)

Lukas said...

(OOC: I SHOULD be able to check in fine. Except Eve and Morning of coarse. And I'm glad we're going to keep on trucking, my other three games are going silent for the next 3+ weeks :( )

Andrej said...

Alexis, prior to Lukas's hit and after Ahmet and I struck you said "neither" opponent was stunned, but we all three struck #1, so he should have received all 15 points of damage from the three attacks.

Alexis said...

How 'bout that, huh?

Lukas technically hits first, as he has the highest dexterity. He hits for 3 and doesn't stun. So the fellow had to have at least 13 hp.

Andrej swings next, does 3 damage, which still doesn't stun ... so he had to have at least 13 left after Lukas's damage. That means a minimum of 16.

Ahmet swings 3rd ... he does 9, which would stun up to 36. Which would mean the fellow had to have at least 43 hit points to start, or else Ahmet would have stunned him.

And yet he isn't stunned.

Alexis said...

I had misspoken; I was writing fast and meant neither hit on the opponent. But wanted to clarify.

Ahmet said...

Let's hope #1 is the big brother.

Lukas said...

I really need to be able to cast, asap.

Andrej said...

With the way #2 apparently hits, I think they both might be big brother. I just hope the archers will be easier and Lukas gets a spell off soon. Ahmet and Andrej will hopefully hold the line for a few rounds but those archers will be a huge pain.

Andrej said...

(OOC: Starting in about 10 minutes I'll be unavailable for a couple of hours. I might be able to check back in before the end of the workday, but if not I will certainly check in later on this evening from home.)

Lukas said...

I have to say, the physical map is much easier for counting hexes, but if I can squeeze out a hex or two I think my 60' range I can probably hit all the archers with a sleep spell.

But those hexes aren't going to be easy to get.

When I'm on lunch I'll try and edit the picture in paint and get an exact position.

Lukas said...

The only way I can hit all the archers is from hex 1214

With six archers there's a chance I can take them all out if they are all HD2 or lower with 4HD to spare.

If I target the 'brothers' I will still hit the lowest HD first, and have a chance to effect the brothers.

If not effecting all archers I have some concerns, mainly with suddenly becoming the target of any awake archers.

Alexis said...

Before I forget, after Lukas throws his dagger, the horse in 1215 backs up into him and pushes him into 1414.

Alexis said...

The next round is up.