Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Proper Conflict Modifiers

I am an idiot.

I have for months been trying to work out a consistent set of modifiers for Conflict and it has been staring me in the fact this whole time.  I mean literally, staring me in the face.

Civilization IV and V have conflict modifiers which are included in the game, designed to balance negotiations against the course of recent events and circumstances.  Why not use those?

So if my players could please ignore the previous modifiers I introduced a couple of months ago, and please include these in your calculations, that would be terrific:

I think the inclusion of these may make some circumstances more difficult (like the recent discussion), but since they come from a source outside myself - a recognizeable source - they may be more readily accepted.  Please give your opinion, and I will get back to running my campaign.


James C. said...

It looks like a nice complete set. I would think you would have to apply the modifiers, however. For instance, we may not know that we are seen as a threat or that they covet what we have or that we are competing for the same goals. On the other hand, you might miss a few or find the task of sorting through the list each time onerous. Ideas?

Alexis said...

I'll just have to get used to them.

Lukas said...

Alright, but if they ALWAYS covet my territory I'm going to start to get irritated. I hope Alexis made some AI revisions ;)

Stupid Rome, I meet them and first thing they do is start denouncing me...

I'm good with this.

Alexis said...

I think we can be certain that coveting implies an intended ostentatiousness by the player, as in parading your wealth ... as well as a certain recognition that the person doing the coveting is someone bad and potentially criminal. Not just an ordinary bloke on the street.

Ahmet said...

I'm not quite sure about "THEY have become friendly towards YOU"... isn't that a result, not a modifier?

Overall, I think the modifiers are too broad. Maybe they'd work for race relations, but individual parties... I dunno.

Alexis said...

The modifiers are only general if you interpret the definitions generally.

Remember that one of the results of a conflict roll is that the person you are in conflict with becomes "friendly" - so this would be in reference to FUTURE conflicts you would have with that same individual.

For example, if you disagreed with Hornung, the modifier would apply. But it would not apply with a couple of fellow travellers you happened to meet, with which you had had no previous conflicts.

Alexis said...

Let me try them out with the conflicts, and we can debate the relevance case by case until we have a comfortable understanding. Again, this would be MUCH easier if we were face-to-face, but let's try our best with it.

I'm going to be posting the next day as soon as I'm able tomorrow morning. Some of tomorrow is going to make me very busy, but with luck we can get going again.

I'm never sure about dreams, Ahmet. Sometimes it's your mind just trying to get rid of garbage.

Ahmet said...

Garbage in, garbage out? :)