Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Preparations in Lubeck

October 10, 1650.  Friday.

I'm creating this post to compensate for the comments, which are past the 100 mark.  I don't think the weather is important, but I am adding three days for locating objects, sorting out details, buying horses and so on.

Klaas speaks with Emmanuel and decides to travel to Dachau with him.  Emmanuel is leaving Saturday morning.

Before he goes, he encourages Andrej not to fret about his going home.  "I would not keep you from any opportunity," he says.  "For the first time in my life I feel I've made a difference - I plan to go make a difference at home now.  Please, my former master, you must now make a difference yourself, without me.  I shall always remember you, and consider you my master.  Perhaps we will meet again, and perhaps I shall be a person able to make more for you than dinner."  Emmanuel will smile, and drop his eyes in slight embarrassment.


Included, a map of Germany south of Lubeck.


Ahmet said...

Ahmet's second throwing knife goes on his torso.

Lukas said...

Hey Alexis,

Still interested in riding horse carrying capacity.

I would like two riding horses.

I think I will be relying on magical food more than non-magical (aside from my salt which I forgot to count so I'll start collecting today) since I'm concerned about the carrying capacity of these horses.

Andrej said...

Andrej bids fond farewell to the unflappable Emmanuel, helping him prepare the cart and horse that now belong to the former cotter. Perhaps he takes a bit longer to do so than would be his normal practice.

"You are destined for more than preparing my supper, Emmanuel. Go with God's Grace and my best wishes."

Andrej gives a brief mass and prayer, blessing each of Emmanuel and Klaas.

Andrej said...

I have a bit of character sheet clean-up still to be done but in summary, Andrej and Sofia have two horses each, currently shown on the character sheet.

Andrej now possesses a sling and bullets and is proficient in their use.

Many other minor changes too numerous to recall or list were also made regarding equipment.

Regarding the throwing knives, could Sofia manage the following configuration:

2 belts with 4 daggers
1 throwing knife in one boot
1 throwing knife @ torso
1 throwing knife up left sleeve, slid between a cotton bandage worn there for this purpose

That's 7 weapons total, 3 of which are throwing knives.

Andrej said...

Another question. Andrej still possesses the Lombard helmet and amulet that looks like a key from when he returned Serafina to Hornung with Delfig and Avel.

I would like to have the bronze helmet melted down and re-cast as two decorative bronze crosses with detailed etchings that would increase its value as an art object. One of the crosses and the amulet I would like to gift to Hornung and Serafina as a memento of our adventures. The other I would keep for the same purpose.

How would I go about figuring a cost for this given the trade tables? The raw material is already there, but what should be the labor for melting it down and, more importantly, how do I account for the artistic aspect? I'm hoping to find and employ a well-regarded bronze caster in the city of Lubek. Am I on the right track?

Alexis said...

(OOC: It's been nearly five hours since I had outside access to the internet. Been a bad five hours)

I had been trying to explain that people could keep A knife - one - in their boot OR in their torso OR behind their neck, but that is just not getting across. I guess I don't care enough to argue it. Please, feel free to bristle with knives.

A horse's carrying capacity is half its weight. A light riding horse weighs about 1,000 lbs. A light warhorse, 1,100 to 1,200; a medium war horse, 1,300 to 1,600; a heavy warhorse, 1,700 to 2,400.

Alexis said...

Andrej, I will have to give some thought to the melting down of the bronze helmet. It is entirely a labor issue ... and when I have time to think about it, I'm sure I can produce an answer.

Lukas said...

Awesome, thank you Alexis.

By the way, when swapping horses to ride for the extra speed, do you need to have the second horse unladen?

János said...

I think Janos is fairly well supplied with what his horse was carrying already, but here are some additional transactions:

He buys a light warhorse, which he outfits with new horseshoes, a new bit and bridle, and an additional saddle bag with fourteen days of horse feed. For himself, he purchases a healing salve, a composite longbow, twenty arrows, and a large quiver. A bit of smoked bacon (4 lb.) should be fine to supplement the food he already has.

Alexis said...

I think we can let the other horse remain laden ... you might want to put your heaviest stuff on your largest horse (the one with the most hit points).

I have long since gotten confused. I would like it if the party could do two things for me.

Could you please a) name all your horses; b) identify by name any horses which do not at this time have hit points.

In an email containing no other information, to make it easy to read, could you please identify the horse needing hit points, and I'll provide with answers, using the names to keep track (and it will help when we need to know which horse you're on).

Alexis said...

Forgive me, fellas. I don't know why I asked you to send your horses by email. A slip of the hand. I looked at the emails last night, I love the names of the horses, but I couldn't addess the issue.

Could you please post the names again here? Again, my apologies.

Ahmet said...

Both of Ahmet's horses need hit points... if I was given hit points for the first one, I didn't record them anywhere. But I don't think I was.

The original horse (the Holsteiner) Ahmet calls "At"... which is the Turkish word for "Horse".

Ahmet isn't a sentimental guy.

But now that he has two horses, he has to call the second one something, so he'll go with Iki -- Turkish for #2.

So, At and Iki.

Lukas said...

Lukas' two horses...
(Big one) Magnus
(Little one) Tovenaar

János said...

Ahmet, I love the names.

It looks like Janos needs hit points for both of his horses as well.

Horse A, his new light warhorse, is named "Alerich".

Horse B, his old riding horse, is named "Erzsébet"—or just "Beth" for short.

Andrej said...

I need hit points for both "Paul" and "John", which you may take as either apostles or Beatles.

Lukas said...

Ringo was always my favorite apostle.

Alexis said...

Hit points:

At (holsteiner) - 29 (2+3 hd)
Iki (light war) - 28 (2+2 hd)
Magnus (riding) - 27 (2 hd)
Tovenar (riding) - 18 (2 hd)
Alerich (light war) - 33 (2+2 hd)
Erzsebet (riding) - 19 (2 hd)
Paul (holsteiner) - 30 (2+3 hd)
John (light war) - 29 (2+2 hd)

Alexis said...

Are there any other details that still need to be addressed?

János said...

lol, Lukas.

I'm pretty sure Janos is all set for now.

Ahmet said...

I'm ready.

Andrej said...

I forgot Sofia's horses.

Truth (cream-colored Hanoverian)

Beauty (bay Oldenburg)

Alexis said...

Then if I can jump ahead of Lukas and Andrej (I'm sure they'll throw in) ... which road do you intend to take?

I've added an image to the post of the lands south of Lubeck. The red lines are the principle trade routes - but presume there's a road that passes through Schwerin, Perleberg and Tangermunde to Dessau, on the right bank of the Elbe (the large blue river on the map).

There's also the question whether you wish to travel to Cuxhaven first (presume a road between Hamburg and Cuxhaven). Finally, regarding Eichstatt and Andrej's book ... that city is more or less straight south of Dessau or Quedlinburg at the bottom of the posted map.

Andrej said...

I'm willing to get Cuxhaven go and just head south to Eichstadt by way of Hamburg-Brunswick-Quedlinburg.

Andrej said...

"let" Cuxhaven go.

Lukas said...

I approve of whatever route is chosen. I will need to buy a bit of horse feed and some produce before we go, but otherwise I am ready.

Alexis said...

Sophia's horses:

Truth (riding) - 25 hp (2 hd)
Beauty (riding) - 19 hp (2 hd)

János said...

I have no problem with Andrej's route either.

Andrej said...

Alexis, I had Sophia's horses as light warhorse. Is that a no-go for monks?

Alexis said...

I just didn't know, Andrej. You may have specified the details earlier, but I did get lost.

change those to Truth (31) and Beauty (24) ... both 2+2 hd.

Whenever you guys settle and take an action, I'll wait patiently.

Andrej said...

No worries and thanks.

I'd say assuming Ahmet agrees on the route, we're ready to depart.

Regarding the previous question on the bronze work crosses, I'm OK with moving along now awaiting your ruling. Once made, though, could we enact it retroactively and say Andrej made arrangements and paid for having the crosses made and delivered and I'll deduct the gold at that time?

Lukas said...

I am now prepared. I think.

Alexis said...

Andrej said he was willing to bypass Cuxhaven. Can I assume that "Andrej's Route" means you ARE bypassing Cuxhaven?

Are you starting on the main road to Hamburg?

Can I presume you leave on October 11?

Ahmet said...

Ahmet agrees to Andrej's route, whatever that is. ;)

Andrej said...

We leave for Hamburg on the morning of October 11th.

Ahmet said...

FYI, it looks like I'll be out of the office and without Internet access for most or all of tomorrow... but Friday should be better.

Alexis said...

Okay, I'll work up the next post. It is a travelogue, probably, and they take a lot of work.

I am starting vacation on Monday through Friday next week. I plan to still mess around with D&D, so I'll have full access. I might take a couple of days and actually get sunlight and stuff, but otherwise its a good time for play.