Thursday, August 9, 2012

Andrej's New Monk

Here's the base table for Andrej's Monk henchwoman:

There are a number of details that need addressing.

Because she is 24, her strength and constitution are both increased by 1.  I left the original rolls on the above table, but in fact her strength is 16, and her constitution 15.

Because she is less than 140 lbs., she gets a d6 for mass hit points; she gets the maximum of 2d6 for starting hit points (and I will explain that in a moment); and +1 for the increased constitution.  Rolling a 1 for mass, the total starting hit points are 14.

I dislike the weaknesses of monks in the player's handbook, so they have been increased in two ways - the hit dice have been increased from d4 to d6; and the AC is improved two points, from 10 to 8.  In the case of Andrej's monk, she also happened to roll a result that gains her a natural AC increase of 1 due to her toughness (composition), so her starting AC is 7.

She may be flexible, but she's been relaxing too much, drinking too much perhaps, and probably just getting off the booze (see Tendencies & Interests), so this is why her Physical is down.  Note that although she can use two weapons, together they cannot be more than 5 lbs. until she has toned up - this toning will make itself evident when she has reached 2nd level.  I think we can guess that the conduct that has banned her from bars has been drunkedness (or possibly shouting about the realities of Ottoman law). 

Monks, I think, start with 1 weapon proficiency.  I could be wrong.  The player's handbook is accurate in this instance.

"Law" is a specialty knowledge field which the monk has - I wanted to emphasize the Ottoman knowledge because her Catholic father practiced law in Sofia.  Her Catholic mother is listed as a laborer - since she would not need the money, we'll say she did so as an act of piety and charity in a Benedictine monastery, as a farmer day in and day out.  This would create the connection between her own life and her daughter's choice to take vows and train.

The "Monk" in historical European tradition has to be tossed out.  Just as mages do not exist in reality, we must perceive that European monks carry more characteristics of the Black and Yellow Hats of China ... and that they, too, are trained in the ways of open hand combat.  This is not only necessary for D&D to work in an Earth setting, is it far more interesting, too.  Thus, whereas the monasteries of Italy, France and England may look the same, they would be full of monks training, practicing, learning the methods of the quivering palm and so on ... after all, if such powers did actually exist, why shouldn't European monks embrace them as well?

If we can rethink the European druid for D&D, there's no reason we can't rethink the European monk.


Andrej said...

Very nice. Will be unavaible for much review or comment until the afternoon, but I noticed the image describes here as unable to use two weapons in combat but your exposition above seems to indicate she can. Which should I go with?

Also, are the weapons allowable the same as in the player's handbook?

Alexis said...

I just read it wrong. The image is correct.

Andrej said...

Dang. That combined with the weight limitation on weapons puts a damper on my desires regarding the single weapon proficiency, but still overall a nice result. She's got more gold than Andrej right now.

Andrej said...

Alexis, are there any special rules regarding pole arms that I should be aware of aside from their increased reach? Lacking the ability to fight with two weapons I'm considering taking a pole arm and waiting until 2nd level to use it.

Andrej said...

She was named "Sofia" by her parents, as both a nod to their home city and "the Wisdom of God" in the Catholic tradition.

Andrej said...

Another question: I assume the prohibition on using two weapons in melee does not apply to throwing two weapons. That is, given enough movement points Sofia should be able to throw two daggers in a single round, yes?

Alexis said...

She can still do multiple attacks when she reaches those levels; it only is a reference to the dexterity penalizing rule of using a weapon in each hand.

Alexis said...

I don't believe, though, that a monk ever gets two attacks with a weapon naturally ... I've said before that just because you have the movement does not mean you can attack multiple times in a round.

Andrej said...

So no-go on having a dagger in each hand and throwing them one at a time?

Andrej said...

So a couple of more questions.

1) Just a poke to remind you for a market list for Lubek

2) see above question re: polearms

3) How many daggers do you think she could reasonably carry? Could I go one up each sleeve, one in each boot and two on her belt? More on the belt? More/ less overall?

Alexis said...

One attack per round unless you're using two weapons and taking a dex penalty (which Sofia cannot do), or you get multiple attacks due to your class and level.

1) Market list for Lubeck will be forthcoming.

2) I can't find any question regarding polearms. If you mean, can she use a two-handed weapon, the answer is yes.

3) The standard rule on the number of daggers is 2 per belt, 3 belts per person. A dagger is an 18-inch weapon, and does not fit in a boot. We can discuss throwing knives that can fit in a boot for those with dagger proficiency, which would do 1-2 damage.

Andrej said...

1) Polearm question was are there any special rules regarding pole arms that I should be aware of aside from their increased reach? Though, given the 5 lb. limit until first level I've probably already decided against this for now.

2) Daggers can still be thrown, though, yes?

3) Whichever way you answer #2 above, I'd still be interested in the throwing knives.

Much thanks for everything. I've added a new page to my character blog for Sofia, including a background.

Alexis said...

1) pole arms are inconvenient in really small places, but that's it for special rules.

2) daggers can still be thrown.

3) I've played with a bonus to throwing knives to hit, but I think I'll not include that. However, I could allow backstabbing/assassination with throwing knives - I usually don't allow that ability with a thrown weapon.

James C. said...

Backstabbing and assasination wouldn't apply to this character, though, would it? Either way I'd like a few throwing knoves and probably four daggers (2 belts). I think I'm ready to go once the price list is posted and equipment is bought.

Andrej said...

Sofia is ready to go. I bought her equipment and added that to Andrej's equipment page on the character blog to make things easy on me. What is located where should be clear to anybody reading it.

I just need a price and weight for the throwing knives.