Monday, July 9, 2012

Tower Crown Round 7 - After the Blast

There are actually three rounds that pass since round "6" - but due to the phenomenal effect of the weapon, for two of them no one can take any action except to recover.  The last round enables the enemy to back away; they give the initiative to the party (for their own reasons), expecting the party to have to come on and fight them.  It's clear they're weakened to some degree.  In turn, they don't expect Klaas to appear at the top of the stairs with a crossbow.

It is the party's move.  Ahmet can decide if he's upright or under the machine; if under the machine, he's probably in hex 0504 (if so, start from there), not in 0605 ... but I need to give him the option.  If not lying down, Ahmet, start from 0605.

Everyone can act; the stunning effect from the damage is well past.


Andrej said...

Andrej begins casting hold person.

Ahmet said...

I assumed Ahmet did exactly what Pink did and threw himself under the machine, so he's at 0504.

If it's only 1 MP to clamber out and stand in 0604, Ahmet will do so and then use his remaining 2 MP to attack Mr. Green.

To hit: 14
Damage: 9

But, alas, I'm assuming it will take 2 MP to get out and get up, leaving Ahmet without enough to attack Mr. Green. If that's the case, he will instead spend 2 MP getting into 0605, and his remaining 1 MP to move to 0704 to protect Andrej.

If it takes 3 MP to get out, he will simply move to 0605.

Alexis said...

I'll rule that it takes 2 MP; that will put Ahmet in 0704.

Alexis said...

Whoever is responsible for Klaas, they should fire the light crossbow this round.

Ahmet said...

Lukas, fire away!

Ahmet said...

Are we missing an opponent? Is there one still hiding under the machine? Did I see him there?

Actually... what is the situation under the machine? Is it, for example, a wide open space under a raised platform -- almost like being under a carport?

Or is it more like being under a big construction vehicle -- can't really move or see beyond the space you're occupying?

Alexis said...

The opponent you're "missing" is Mr. Pink. I made a comment about him moving under the machine and coming out on the other side.

The machine sits on four gigantic wheels, shown on the image as grey rectangles; these support a diamond-shaped platform which is about 30 inches off the floor. The fire that was there is diminished somewhat in intensity (but not size) - but the fire gives off no heat, and apparently is cross-dimensional. A new "bolt" appears after the previous one fired. Apparently the metal balls that are rolled into the top are a sort of "fuel" that initiates the fire and creates the "missile" ... you don't know the effect of the missile on the ground, because from your vantage point, you can't see the ground.

Janos can probably see over the side of the castle (if he took the time, which he has little of); but the main battle would be at 12 o'clock on the map, whereas Janos would be looking out at 4 o'clock (the main castle extends from 6 o'clock to 10 o'clock).

As far as it being moved; you're not sure what that entails.

Lukas said...

Alright, so I assume none of those chaps are asleep (Blast might wake folks up I would assume), or I went after the vicious explosion and lost my spell.

I don't remember Klaas' attack and damage bonuses, I apologize. I did some searching, but came up naught.

Klaas (Fires at red on the right, he looks like the clearest shot.)
D20: 11 (i think it was +1)
2D6: 7 (I think it was +2?)

Begins Casting Magic Missile
I'd have started casting push, but there's no room and I don't want to ask one of the warriors not to fight.

Alexis said...

As near as I can tell, Lukas meant to cast push upon climbing up the ladder, but did not actually cast it.

The opponents are AC 6, so Klaas would need a 15. I don't believe he gets +1 to hit, but the damage on a heavy crossbow is 4-14.

Hard to hit with it, but when it hits ...

Lukas casting magic missile is noted; we only await Janos.

Alexis said...

Unfortunately, Janos is not quite as johnny-on-the-spot as we are. I'll give him another hour - then I'll move on, judge the results and post the next round.

Alexis said...

Very well. Janos has missed the round.

Mr. Green throws a dagger at Lukas. He rolls a 7 and it misses.

Mr. Yellow will advance to 0703 and attack Ahmet. He rolls a 13, which also misses. Mr. Red backs off to 0702, drawing out a vial of healing salve and drinking it.

Mr. Pink will emerge in hex 0402; he can't really be seen there, but just for the record.

Then there is a bit of bad news - the leader and four followers decide they are not reloading the stinger - instead, they fly out the door, landing on the machine or the ground beneath the door, short swords drawn, intending to attack the party.

I'll include the image (plus any further description) in the next post, coming soon.