Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tower Crown Round 13 - It Grinds On

While Mr. Orange and Pinkhand take the worst of it this round, we're not done yet.

Yellowhand moves to 0306, grabs his weapon and attacks Andrej.  Again he rolls a 19 ... but the damage done is only 1 hit point, and Andrej isn't stunned.

Mr. Green delivers a smackdown against Ahmet.  Hah.  No, not really.  He rolls a 6 and misses.

The party is free to take action.


Andrej said...

I'm concerned at this point that if we tried to take any prisoners we'd be too weak to manage so many, and the clock is ticking on the two relatively healthy (by my unofficial tally) opponents currently held. So...

I take a shot at yellow:

to hit: 8
dmg: 4

Lukas said...

Klaas continues reloading.

Lukas will pull out and throw another dart at pink hand.

d20: 17 (+3 = 20)
d3: 3

Darts remaining: 16 (18-2)

Ahmet said...

(OOC: Yes, I agree about the prisoners -- at least until we reduce them to a more manageable number. But we definitely need to leave one or two of them alive for questioning, if only to learn more about the Stinger!)

Ahmet slashes at Mr. Green.

To hit: 15
Damage: 7

Andrej said...

(Fuckin' a Lukas, you're a dart sniper.)

Alexis said...

Lukas, that's three darts you've thrown, not 2 ... one at Greenhand, and this is the second at Pinkhand.

Pinkhand is stunned, as is Mr. Green. Mr. Green falls unconscious.

(OOC: This, I'm afraid, is where we're going to have to call it for the day. We can pick it up again Monday)

János said...

If we want prisoners, we might be able to start tying up the "held" fellows before they unfreeze.

Regardless, Janos attacks Mr. Orange again.

d20: 14
2d4: 4

Alexis said...

Janos, that does hit. Mr. Orange and Pinkhand are also unconscious.

That only leaves the two Held captives and Yellowhand - who at this point will surrender.

Alexis said...

So, before we DO quit for the weekend ... that legitimately ends the battle. When Klaas finishes loading the crossbow, if you will simply disarm Mr. Yellow and Mr. Red (and load the loose crossbow Ahmet can find on the ground), they will probably not attempt to fight you.

Thus, I can hand out experience. Be so kind after reading this to comment on it, as I like hearing the response I get when I hand out X.P.

Included in this are 800 g.p. found on the bodies, some fairly decent adventurer's wear (cloaks, robes and such), leather armor, weapons, 7 doses of healing salve, and of course the value of the Stinger itself.

This is a considerable total.

Andrej: 3,115 x.p.
Ahmet: 3,016 x.p.
Lukas: 2,609 x.p.
Janos: 2,520 x.p.

I like a rich haul.

Andrej said...

What, not 5,000 each? Kidding of course. That is a rich freakin' haul indeed and I'm loving it.

Consider the prisoners disarmed and covered with the crossbows. If we have enough time let us also bound at least their hands behind their backs.

Healing salve has generally costed between 50 and 75 GP. For the sake of easy math I'd like to call it 60 GP, bringing the total value of gold and healing to 1220, or 305 for each player. Split up it goes like this:

Andrej 2 healing salves & 185 gp
Ahmet 2 healing salves & 185 gp
Lukas 2 healing salves & 185 gp
Janos 1 healing salve & 305 gp

Janos, as the newest party member I gave you one less healing salve and more gold. If you object and/ or anybody would like to trade with you we can change that.

The rest of the loot we gather up and dispose of or take for ourselves later? Does this split work for everybody? If not, we can settle some other way.

Ahmet said...

Wow! Tremendous!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Ahmet still has a way to go before hitting Level 5 -- with the X.P. today he just cleared 12,000. I think he has to get up around 18K to be Level 5?

Love the X.P. and the gold, and especially the healing salves given what we've been through, but more importantly this was a satisfyingly bloody end to a long battle and a great break point. Looking forward to Monday.

Andrej said...

Ditto on the satisfyingly bloody end. I feel like the party carved a hard fought, exciting and memorable path from the point we dropped down into the excavated tunnels to ending the melee upon the tower crown. I used every spell at Andrej's disposal, all of the healing salves and all but 9 of my many hit points.

Best of all, taking out the Stinger feels like a solid and possibly unexpected contribution made to Hornung's attack. I felt at times crawling under the keep that while we were having some memorable adventuring it would be a footnote to the bigger battle raging outside. It was a very satisfying result on all counts.

Andrej said...

I'm almost hesitant to ask, Alexis, but I wouldn't mind hearing some feedback on how you think we handled everything from under the castle up until now. Any peek behind the curtain you're willing to give us would be interesting too.

Lukas said...

So my ratio of combats to leveling has gotten very high. In other words, I am now level 3.

d4: 4 (+1 con = 5 health)

I'm beginning to doubt the validity of the DnD dice rollers first few rolls, perhaps I'll roll the d12 a few times before rolling my actual roll...

Also I REALLY need to get a spellbook soon... And a hat.

Cantrip d%: 88

Spell Choice: Melf's Acid Arrow
Because it looks cool and is the first major damage spell.

Alright, so if I can get 5k xp in the next two fights we can keep this ratio up...

Alexis said...


Correct on the 18K.


Not sure what feedback to give you. I'm somewhat chagrined about the bypass of the fellow and his weasels ... but that was my error in not working out those modifiers to the conflict system I keep putting off. I didn't really "plan" the end result. I pictured you coming up into the tunnel, if you didn't run out of gas. I felt you could have killed the dragon and gone out through the dragon's escape hatch (and I had plans for that if you did). You could have gone with the dwarves ... but by then I'd cooked up the Stinger idea, which wasn't in my mind until you were actually almost in the tower (I liked the thought as soon as I had it, and I'm sure I was influenced by Girl Genius).

I had bad luck a lot of the way, but a little too much good luck for a DM is a total party kill, so ...

As far as a peek behind the curtain, that begins when you look over the edge of the tower at the ground below.

Lukas said...

I'll admit, Lukas is much more interested in what's behind the door than beneath the tower. But both will be extremely interesting.

Alexis said...

The door you passed on the stairs? Ah yes.

And every good Jager needs a hat.

It is easy to keep the combat ratio to levelling low so long as you have big 4th levels to stand behind.

Alexis said...

Still deciding on what really is a good answer to your question, Andrej.

I'm not really judgmental about that. It's Connery saying the line about going home at the end of your shift - you've lived and that's all you can hope for. I don't balance the world for or against you; I try not to kill everyone. But there is no "right" or "good" playing I expect ... I'm interested in the game, I love it when you guys are on the spot, I think the camaraderie is good.

It's been ten months since taking up the campaign again, eight if you don't count the two breaks. I need the breaks, but the game is good and I don't plan to end it soon. I have no idea if the rest of the world is reading ... I know they keep out of the comments box out of respect. To me, watching you four play is the best example of learning how to play this game that I can imagine.

Lukas said...

Actually I mean the big one floating in the air over the siege weaponry, but I guess that other one is interesting too...

Alexis said...

Wow. There's some dissonance for you. Yes, that door too.

Andrej said...

If it's any consolation, Alexis, I was immediately thinking the door in tower too, but now that Lukas mentions it...

Also, I've been wanting to peek over the side of the tower since we got here. I really can't wait to resume again on Monday.

That was a pretty good answer to my question.

Lukas said...

Oooh, it could be a gate to another plane. Or perhaps it could go to another portion of the castle. Or it could just go to an enclosed pocket room...

I'm wondering how much 'ammunition' is in there, what it is, and how much it's worth.

I'm also wondering about if the gateway is permanent, or maybe if it's from a device, or mobile...

In other words, my urge for 'science' is taking over.

Ahmet said...

Yeah, I also was thinking about going downstairs to check out that door.

The Stinger, while interesting, is so far out of Ahmet's realm of understanding that he's going to ignore it. But I'm glad we have our prisoners to explain a little bit more, if they can be convinced.

Lukas said...

Well, I have a mage's level 3 charm person we might be able to use ;)

János said...

I'm also interested to see what's behind both of our mystery doors. I hope our dwarven friends are doing alright down below...

Alexis, do you know how much XP a ranger needs to level up? I apparently hadn't thought to make note of that. This seems like a fantastic haul, though!

Andrej, I'm perfectly fine with splitting the loot your way.

Ahmet said...

Unfortunately, it looks like I am going to be on the road for much of the day. I'll try to pop online sometime this afternoon, but it's not looking good. Don't want you guys to hang things up waiting for me.

On the positive side, the rest of this week looks good.

Alexis said...

No problem, Ahmet,

It is going to take some time to work up the description on the next post ... so no one should feel too rushed today.

Andrej said...

(OOC: I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment.)