Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tower Crown Round 12 - And the Enemy's Backlash ... Fails

Mr. Green is stunned, and Greenhand is clearly out of it.  On the left flank:

Mr. Orange advances on Janos.  Thankfully, he rolls a 7 and misses.

Pinkhand and Yellowhand again advance upon Andrej - but the party's luck holds and the DM screws up again.  Both miss, and Yellowhand drops his weapon under Pinkhand's feet (not shown).

This ends the enemy's attack.

All members of the party may now clean house.


Ahmet said...

Ahmet hacks again.

To hit: 11
Damage: 9

Alexis said...

That roll will miss, Ahmet. Mr. Green will get one more chance at you.

János said...

Janos hopes that Mr. Orange is prepared to meet his maker (i.e. he swings with his bastard sword).

d20: 20
d20 (again): 18

2d4 (x2): 12

Andrej said...

I swing at pink hand:

to hit: 12 (hits AC 6, yes?)
dmg: 6

No further moves this round

Alexis said...

(OOC: Wow, fellas ... do I need to have six more guys drop in on hanggliders?)

Janos, that hits and stuns; Mr. Orange staggers back to hex 0304 again. (and that justifies an Able-Bodied card for Janos, also).

Andrej, that stuns Pinkhand. He falls back into the corner of 0307.

I await Lukas to act and to let me know what Klaas does.

Alexis said...

Sorry, I must point out that I believe Janos has 2 movement points left this round.

János said...

Janos uses one MP to follow Mr. Orange, moving into hex 0405.

Andrej said...

(OOC: I sure hope not Alexis. This fight was a tough one.)

Ahmet said...

(OOC: Now I feel like a loser!)

Lukas said...

Klaas will reload his awesome crossbow.

Lukas will draw a dart, and chuck it at pink hand for all it's worth. (Point blank again I believe)

d20: 19 (19+3 = 22)
D3: 1

Well I think it hits at least.

Alexis said...

Yep. That hits. I'll work on the next post.

Alexis said...

The next round is up.