Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tower Crown Round 11 - A Bit 'o Thumpin'

To begin, Greenhand rushes from 0803 to 0704 to attack Klaas, even as he is lifting his crossbow to fire.  Greenhand misses, enabling Klaas to fire at him point blank in the party's turn.

Mr. Green was stunned and takes no action.

Mr. Orange was not stunned; he attacks Janos, hits AC 4 and causes 7 damage.  Janos had been hit before (and should be at 17 hit points), so this stuns Janos for this round.  Janos will fall back to 0505 (shadow indicates present location).

Pinkhand and Yellowhand also recover from the Push and move to attack Andrej from 0205 and 0206.  Yellowhand rolls a 19, hitting AC 1, and rolls to cause 5 damage.  Andrej is at 14, and he is stunned also, falling back to 0406 (shadow indicates present location).

The party's move:

Klaas can fire.  Ahmet and Lukas may take action.

(OOC: If this map system is not working for the party, or you need me to put up more maps, please let me know.  I'm trying to keep the graphics work to a minimum, and I don't want that to confuse people)


Ahmet said...

Ahmet swings at Mr. Green again.

To hit: 19 (rolled an 18)
Damage: 7

Ahmet said...

Maps are working just fine. The turn-by-turn posts are so much better.

Lukas said...

Klaas will fire his crossbow point blank at the incoming attacker.

D20: 19 (+1 = 20)
2D6+2: 10

Lukas will wait for a result from Klaas, and throw a dart at green hand point blank if he is not down.

If he is, he will move back one space to 0506 and throw a dart at pink hand at point blank (3 hex)

d20: 14 (+1 = 15)
D3: 3

Andrej said...

Maps and turn by turn posts are working extremely well. This is so much cleaner and easier than before, I hope its not too much work.

Alexis said...

Ahmet, that hits again. Mr. Green is stunned again, is backed into the corner and holds his position there.

Beautiful job on Klaas' part. Greenhand will fall back into 0703, obviously hurting; Lukas's dart then strikes, and he collapses. There are signs he is still breathing, but he's unconscious.

Nicely done.

Alexis said...

The next post is up.