Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tower Crown Round 10 - The Enemy's Incompetence

It really is easier letting the enemy go first on each post.

Please note that I've a red arrow to indicate Mr. Orange's move, and red/black exes to indicate where attacks have taken place.  The above image is the position of the party AFTER the enemy attacks.

Note also that a 7 appears next to the two held persons; this is the number of rounds the spell yet remains in effect.

Greenhand attempts to wake up Mr. Red, fails, and moves between the two stunned persons, attempting to flank Ahmet.

Mr. Orange, for his own reasons, chooses to attack Janos instead of Lukas.  He rolls a '2' and misses.

Bluehand attacks Andrej.  He rolls a '1' and drops his weapon, which does not break and ends up in hex 0206 (not shown on map).

Mr. Green attacks Ahmet, rolls a '3' and misses completely.

And that has to be about the worst rolling I have done in a decade.  Truly spectacular in its badness.

Pinkhand and Yellowhand will cease to be stunned.

Klaas is in his third round of loading.  The crossbow can be fired next round.  Apart from that, I have no notes for the party.

Your actions please, gentlemen.


Andrej said...

Andrej will take a swing @ blue hand:

to hit: natural twenty (again)
to hit again: 19

dmg (x2 for crit): 12

(OOC: I had closed my spreadsheet for lunch and re-opened it to RAND the result. That's twice today my first generated result on the file was a 20. Maybe I should re-open it every roll, eh?)

Alexis said...

(OOC: actually, the seed for your random number is generated on millionths of a second, so you're fine for randomness)

(GCI: there is a rule that I may not have clearly gotten across. If your second roll is a 19 on a d20, after a critical, and the enemy is not wearing a helmet, the damage is TRIPLE; in this event, the die is not rolled again). In this case, being an artillerist, the enemy is not wearing a helmet. So the total damage is 18)

Blue hand is good and dead.

Lukas said...

If I unleash push at 0204, the line would go through the three medium opponents correct?

Would this then mean I could push them all back 10 feet?

Furthermore, would this give me the opportunity to achieve my one primary goal in this fight... Create a very real threat of throwing someone off the tower?

If so, that is what I do. God save pink flail because I sure as hell wont.

Meanwhile Klaas reloads.

If not, I just unleash the full force of magic on the guy in 0505 and try and knock him back 30 feet.

There is no saving throw to this action. If I knock back only 0505 he takes 1d4 damage.

1d4: 2

Andrej said...

Very nice.

(OOC: Logically you and I both know that... I'm just trying to fetishize excel now.) ;)

Andrej said...

(GCI: Does the 18 damage qualify me for a new Conflict! card?)

Ahmet said...

Ahmet swings at Green again.

To hit: 16
Damage: 8

Die, you tough bastard.

Andrej said...

(OOC: Nice move Lukas. This could be the best use of a push spell I've ever witnessed.)

Alexis said...


Reading the spell, you're exactly right; you could push back all three of those 10' ... or two of them 15'; or one of them 30'. If you push them off the tower, they get a saving throw to determine if they are pushed against the low wall surrounding the tower, or over that wall. I was thinking about this last night; if they hit the wall, they take 1 hp damage for every 5 feet they do not travel. This is a new rule, but implementing it here.

Thus, if you could push someone 70', and they moved 5 feet and hit a wall, they would take 13 damage from the PUSH.

So thus, while there is no save against the push, there is a save to determine (in this instance) if they actually go over the side.

May I confirm for the record: you're pushing Mr. Orange, Yellowhand and Mr. Pink?

Lukas said...

Confirmation correct. I am aiming for pink, therefore orange and yellowhand get pushed as well. (As per the specific verbage of the spell)

I assumed the saving throw, and hope he rolls poorly, but we shall see.

I was a bit curious about the 'into wall' thing and am glad you noticed it as well. What are your thoughts on throwing into other enemies? I don't want to double dip, but just want to have a certain expectation should it occur.

Alexis said...

Andrej - yes on the conflict card; you're able-bodied now.

Ahmet - that hits and it does stun. Mr. Green will fall back into hex 0602.

To both Andrej and Ahmet ... you each have an unused mp.

Andrej said...

Thanks for the reminder.

I move to hex 0305.

Alexis said...

The "other enemy" thing is bound to come up; I think we may presume that a non-thrown person will have time to react, and thus gets a save or takes the same damage as the pushed person (1-4 per 25').

I also think that should be -1 per 5' distance on the rule ... thus, 1d4-(1 x 5' distance). So 10' should be 1d4-3 damage. Could you please roll a d4 for each person you're pushing, Lukas?

Alexis said...

And possibly a +1 save per 10' distance between pushed person and target person.

Lukas said...

The 1d4 is per 25'. Since each is traveling 10' there is no innate damage. However, to save time should you wish a roll anyhow I will put one below.

Pink 1d4: 2
Yellowhand 1d4: 3
Orange 1d4: 1

Alexis said...

I'm suggesting:

25' = 1d4
20' = 1d4-1
15' = 1d4-2
10' = 1d4-3

In which case, Yellowhand and Mr. Orange do not take damage.

Mr. Pink blows save. Goodbye Mr. Pink.

Lukas said...

Oh sorry, I see what you did there. That's very nice too. It's like Christmas. With more screaming and people falling from the sky (hopefully). Well, actually...

Alexis said...


Be aware there is no Mr. Orange in front of you to attack; he's 10' further away from Lukas now, in 0304 ... but you can move to 0405 and attack him still if you want.

Alexis said...

Nice experience too, Lukas. All that Mr. Pink had left.

Andrej said...

(OOC: Jingle Bells motherfuckers! This has been a smashing return to the game, especially since I thought we were all four in for it up here on the tower.)

Ahmet said...

Ahmet steps forward into the space vacated by Mr. Green.

Lukas said...

(OOC: How many dice of damage was it again? For science and all that.)

Alexis said...

Scientifically ... a lot.

Alexis said...

Everyone is accounted for except Janos ... I intend to give him until the end of the day.

János said...

(OOC: Sorry to have to scurry off again; still getting settled back in from my own brief vacation.)

Janos two-hands his bastard sword, moves to 0405, and attacks Mr. Orange.

d20: 8
2d4: 7

Alexis said...

The next round is up.