Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tower Crown Round 5: The Party Strikes Back

Starting with the attacks.

Mr. Green attacks Ahmet; he rolls a 12, hitting AC 6, thankfully missing.

Mr. Yellow attacks Andrej.  He rolls a 14, which with his strength makes it a 15 and hits AC 3 - so Andrej is also missed.

Mr. Pink withdraws from the combat with Janos; Mr. Red moves forward and attacks, rolling a 19.  He has no strength bonus, but this will hit AC -1 ... so Janos is hit.  Red is using a flail, but he rolls minimum damage: 2 points.  Red has no strength bonus.  This is not enough to stun Janos.

Up top, in the doorway, while the four men with their levers hold the orb in place at the lip of the door, another fellow appears; he messes with the two objects which extended from the doorway into the throbbing globe of energy, and you can see now that these are runners, intended to allow the orb to roll down and into the glowing center.

This round for the party:

All players are free to take action.  Lukas' spell has been cast, and can now be discharged (no one disturbed him, and as Andrej was not struck, the danger that Andrej might stumble back into Lukas - ruining the spell - has now past ... if anyone even recognized that was a possibility).

Please, everyone:  take action.


Andrej said...

Andrej is taking a swing at the guy in 0704:

d20: 1

fuck me

Ahmet said...

Ahmet takes a whack at Mean Mr. Green again.

To hit: 15
Damage: 9

If that didn't stun him, we are in big trouble.

Alexis said...

Ahmet hits and he will thankfully take note that Mr. Green is stunned.

Andrej, that's a drop. I'll need a d6 to determine if you broke it, and a d8 to determine where it lands (2d8 if it now in two pieces!).

Andrej said...

d6: 4

d8: 1

2nd d8: 8

Alexis said...

(joking about 2d8 ... why would you want to know where the two pieces landed?)

Your weapon doesn't break; it also ends up in the same hex as you, so you can scoop it up next round and use it (if you're not stunned).

Andrej said...

(OOC: This from the guy that can tell me how much it costs to ship a iron ingot from Trieste to Naples ;) )

I have one movement point left this round, may I draw my light mace from my belt?

Alexis said...

Oh, trust me, if you had a mend spell and could slap the pieces together in the middle of the combat, then YES, I'd make you roll for where the pieces landed. But since you have no way of putting them back together ... it won't matter after the combat where you pick them up from when you're ready to have them repaired ... :)

Alexis said...

Yes, you can draw the light mace.

Lukas said...

Lukas will discharge the spell.

Lukas will ONLY target enemies on the ground in the fight. Even though he may be able to target people through the dimensional door thing. (I don't want to waste HD)

Creatures with 5+ HD are allowed a save vs magic.

Lowest HD affected first. Then closest.

Lasts 10 rounds.

4d4: 10 HD affected.

Alexis said...

I'll have to await Janos' action before expressing the effects of Lukas' spell.

Andrej said...

Andrej draws his horseman's mace. After two consecutive stuns and a dropped weapon maybe it will be a good luck tonic.

Andrej said...

Anybody hear from Janos? That's what we're waiting on, correct?

Alexis said...

(OOC: I haven't heard from him this week.

I have to request that players (I do this too) check in once per day and at least say why they're unable to play. I think probably Janos remembered that I said I wasn't going to play in June, and took me at my word ... and hasn't looked here since. I can't fault him for that, but I'm going to have to judge that he misses his opponent so we can all move on)

Alexis said...

That said, Mr. Red, Mr. Yellow and Mr. Green are all going to take a nose dive.

That will end the round. I'll get up another one around lunch time.

Alexis said...

the next post is up.