Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Tower Round 3: Apparently, a Cakewalk

I'm hoping this is a better image, and gets across to a greater degree the sheer terror of fighting 70' above the floor.

I could be wrong here; as far as I know, Ahmet is the only person to have actually advanced forward with the last round.  Please take note that the artillerist was stunned TWICE, and that he therefore fell back the equivalent of two full moves - to the ladder, as depicted.  He is therefore 10 feet from Ahmet, who would have to move two spaces to attack him again.

Looking over the last post, there are two axes and two darts on the floor in front of Ahmet (Lukas lost a dart when he rolled a "7" on the d8.

Ahmet will see a crossbowman appear at the top of the ladder:

He appears to be laying on the floor above the hole, leaning with his elbows upon the top rungs of the ladder.  The crossbow is loaded and the bowman fires.  He rolls a 12, which hits AC 6; thankfully, this misses Ahmet.

Only Ahmet and Andrej can really see this crossbowman; the other party members can see the corner of his elbow on the top of the ladder, and of course the crossbow.

Using the top image, please explain your moves for the rest of Round 3.


János said...

I was under the impression that Andrej had moved to follow behind Ahmet, and thus that Janos could also have moved up one hex.

Andrej said...

Andrej was following Ahmet, so should be right behind him and last round I inquired what could be seen beyond the stair and upon the roof. Specifically, the aArtillerist called out for help a round or two ago, did this elicit any noticeable response from those upon the roof was the question in the last post. It looks like the crossbowman is one response, any others?

Andrej lights and lobs his oil flask at the crossbowman:

d20: 14 (13 +1 for grenade like)
Andrej gets a +3 bonus to break thrown objects... is that another d20 roll?)

Ahmet said...

Ahmet charges forward to finish off the Flailman. I won't have enough movement points left to attack him, however.

János said...

Janos draws his bastard sword again, since there's not a whole lot else he can do at the moment.

Lukas said...

Lukas advances to behind his next companion after throwing another dart at his visible opponent.

D20: 12 (9+3)
D3: 1
D8: 4

Darts Remaining: 16 (20-4)

Alexis said...

Please assume that everyone is one hex forward from where the image depicts - I did mention it because I wasn't strictly certain.

As Ahmet comes forward the two hexes, therefore, please confirm that Janos and Andrej are right behind him for the next round.


I'm sorry I misunderstood;

1) There's very little detail you can see; you have only an oblique angle at the hole above you, and beyond that you would have been able to see nothing except the base of a stone wall. Moving closer, you can see that this wall is four feet high, and you can see the bottom of a pillar that supports a roof above that. You can also glimpse now the outside - but it is about mid-dusk, suggesting that the sun has just gone down perhaps minutes ago.

2) You don't HEAR any specific sounds in answer to the call of the original artillerist, who was wounded. That may be for a number of reasons; at any rate, there's clearly the sound of a crew shouting at one another - vague and indistinct. However - and this occurs to you as strange - there is NO sound of feet pounding on the boards of the floor above you. None. No one seems to be actually walking on the floor.

Alexis said...

Sometimes it is difficult to answer a question that is lost in the shuffle, particularly when I am jumping to a new post.

Please use the following advice. If I don't answer you within a comment or two of your question, assume I've completely missed it, and ask again. I always try to answer every question with my next comment ... so if I haven't done so, I've overlooked your query.

Alexis said...

Ahmet, so noted on your movement. He didn't attack before you moved; he will be able to attack once you've moved forward.

Janos; one of your axes is under Andrej's feet when the end of the round comes. The same is true of one of Lukas's darts.


That last dart will miss.

Andrej said...

(OOC: no worries Alexis, we didn't get too far past the question and I could have been clearer. I think the pronoun "he" combined with my habit of speaking of Andrej in the 3rd person were the culprits. Maybe I'll adopt a 1st person perspective from now on.)

Andrej's declared action stands... I'm trying to light up the crossbowman, dice as above.

Alexis said...

See Andrej? I completely missed the part where you threw the flask. Cognizant blindness, that's all it was.

I do need another d20 roll to determine if the object breaks (subtract 3 from your d20 for your specialty).

Andrej said...

d20: 11 (-3) = 8

Alexis said...

The party hears a shout and a cry as Andrej's flask explodes; the person up top manages to retain hold of his crossbow, but he disappears from sight ... oil burns upon the ladder, it drops in globs towards the floor of the tower.

There's a chance the ladder will catch fire (being made of thin wood), but you do not know if it does so at this time.

(OOC: I believe I'll make the next round a separate post - easier all around. Look for it in the morning).

Ahmet said...

(OOC: No problem. We'll kill the Flailman and use his blood to douse the flames!)

Alexis said...

Upon further consideration, I realized the last thing this guy with the flail is going to do is try to hang onto the ladder while attempting to take a smack at Ahmet. Instead, he's going to use all his movement points to flee, scrambling up past the fire (shouting ouch as he passes by) and up into the tower's crown.

This will leave the party deciding what it wants to do next - though I can probably predict Ahmet's choice ...

Andrej said...

Andrej drops his torch over the edge of the walkway and draws his heavy mace. He follows Ahmet with what movement remains.

Ahmet said...

Ahmet pursues!

János said...

Janos follows behind them.

Alexis said...

The next post is up.