Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tower Crown Round 1: The Stinger

What Ahmet sees ...

Well, ain't life fun.

There are a number of details here ... so absorb them patiently.

First, Ahmet's immediate issue is the artillerist with the flail (pink) and two others with flails (yellow, red).  The fellow with the crossbow (green) looks singed, but he's in the process of reloading.  No one is holding the space next to the ladder, so as Ahmet climbs up, we will have to begin with initiative again.

Andrej's fire has burnt out.  The ladder did not catch.

The roof of the tower is supported by five three-foot diameter pillars.  The blue outer circle represents the darkness/ground that surrounds the outside of the castle - I have not drawn in any walls that would logically be below, or features below the level of the tower's crown at all, for the sake of simplicity.  For the present, assume that it is all a long, long way down ... and it is.  On the side not looking over the castle proper, where it overlooks the exterior ground, the drop is nearly 300 feet.

The roof is peaked and a good 20' feet at its center above the floor.

Now, about this toy in the centre.

It is sitting on four massive gray blocks; there appears to be some kind of fire floating in its centre, about five feet off the ground, which is incredibly bright to look at and which puts off NO HEAT.  It is emitting red clouds of smoke, however (best depiction I could manage, I'm afraid).

The spear at its end doesn't seem quite solid; in fact, its either partly phased, or partly invisible.  Take your pick.

The long red image shown is a DOOR, hanging about eight feet off the floor, attached to absolutely nothing.  There are two guidewires that extend from the door into the heart of the glowing "fire" ... and you can see the door is open and that there are men trying to haul something towards the door.  Whatever it is, it appears to be very, very heavy.

That's probably not everything, but lets try this and see.  We'll start with Ahmet rolling initiative.


Ahmet said...

D6: 2

Alexis said...

No questions?

(OOC: even though Ahmet is technically the only one who can see, please feel free to jump in and ask about anything I've described ... I'm only reserving description outside the castle until someone has time to really look).

Lukas said...

Lukas follows behind the group as best he can from this point onwards.

Alexis said...

(OOC: Hm)

The artillerists win the initiative. At a signal from Mr. Pink, none of them engage. "Watch him," says Pink. "He hits like an anvil." They hold their ground, covering Green loading the crossbow behind them.

It's the party's round, though only Ahmet can take action on the map. Andrej will appear in Ahmet's place when the round ends.

Ahmet, your action.

Ahmet said...

Ahmet moves forward one hex and swings at the fellow in 0704.

To hit: 14
Damage: 6

Andrej said...

Andrej will appear in Ahmet's spot, donning his shield.

Questions? Where does one begin?

What is the "toy" made of? How tall is it? This "door" hanging in mid-air, do you mean an actual door or simply an opening, perhaps into another plane? What does the heavy thing appear to be? Is it wihtin or partially outside of the door?

What do we hear and smell once upon the roof? Where does the tower seem to be situated?

Ahmet said...

(OOC: Yes, I have a number of questions... but first we have to kill these fellas!)

Alexis said...

That does hit, Ahmet - the fellow staggers back. He's been hit before.

Alexis said...

The top of the object is about 7 feet; the front and back, between the stones, about three feet high.

The toy seems made largely of stone and wood; the central portion has no specific "substance" - even the guidelines I described are not attached. They're like rails.

The door does appear to be something gating to another plane. It's too high off the floor to reveal what the "heavy thing" is (you can't see it for lack of line of sight). It is near the door, judging by the position of the movers - and the man shouting "HAUL!" is out of sight.

Ah, regarding smells and sound. Everything smells distinctly of stale air, like a room that has been left closed for weeks.

Outside, there is IMMENSE sound of battle, but so distant that it is still like the ocean upon a shore.

Andrej said...

I'm ready for the next round when you guys are.

Ahmet said...


Alexis said...

The next post is up.