Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tower Crown Round 2: Ahmet Gets Whacked!

I've added arrows to indicate the movement of Mr. Red and Mr. Yellow, moving to attack Ahmet.  Mr. Green continues to load his crossbow, while Mr. Pink falls back.  Nothing else changes.

Mr. Red misses Ahmet, but Mr. Yellow hits with a natural 20 (and the DM has some luck, finally).  The flail does 2-8 damage; I roll a 7, +1 for strength, and Ahmet takes 16 damage.  This, I'm certain, will stun.  As he falls back, Andrej only has to put out a hand to be sure Ahmet doesn't fall into the hole, but instead staggers to hex 0606 - I'm going to be generous and say this happens with no-movement cost.

Andrej, you're free to move.  Whomever is next (Janos, unless he wants to change with Lukas) will take Andrej's present position the following round.


Ahmet said...


János said...

Lukas, I trust you won't mind if Janos steps up next?

Andrej said...

Confirm that Ahmet is currently in 0606. If so:

Andrej steps up into 0705 to smite these motherfuckers.

Swinging at Mr. Yellow:

d20: 9 (+1) = 10 (remember Andrej is 4th level, if that helps)

dmg: 6

Alexis said...

Confirmed on Ahmet's location.

A 10 for Andrej hits AC 8 ... which means you hit the body, but not the PERSON, of Mr. Yellow. His armor turns aside your blow.

Get up another round tomorrow, when I'll attack Andrej and Ahmet, and then the party can do what they can.

Lukas said...

Lukas does not mind still following Janos, I don't fancy squeezing around people on a catwalk.

Ahmet said...

(OOC: FYI, I'm currently at 14 HP. Let's kill these dudes quick!)

Alexis said...

The next post is up.