Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Contact Status

I wanted to write and say that I'm having computer troubles at home.  The computer that uses and processes my email is, at the moment, a large brick sitting on my desk.  It probably has some value or use as a brick, but I am waiting to see if it could be repaired so as to become a computer again.

In the meantime - Supernal Clarity was going to start a character.  I haven't been able to contact him, so I hope he catches this post.

If you want to start, give me the link to your character, and I will introduce you into the campaign.


Ahmet said...

Does this mean you're not getting emails at all? Because I sent you a couple questions regarding weapon proficiencies.

Alexis said...

Computer has been down since monday.

So no, nothing. You have a question?

Ahmet said...

Two questions, as I'm wrestling with what to use my proficiency on.

1) Does a spear allow you to reach an opponent a hex away (as a polearm does)?

2) What are the load times for a short bow, long bow, light crossbow, heavy crossbow? Other than range and damage, any other differences between the four?

Alexis said...

1) Not really; you'd have to opt for a glaive, fauchard, guisarme or other pole weapon for that.

2) The load times on a short or long bow is 1 round loading, 1 round firing. Each round requires 2 movement. You can load and fire a bow every round if you have the movement, but there is a -4 modifier to hit when doing so. Shortbow causes 1d6 damage; a long bow, 1d8 damage.

The load time on a light crossbow is 2 rounds loading, 1 round firing. It requires ALL movement during the loading rounds - 2 movement for the firing round. Causes 2d4+2 damage.

The load time on a heavy crossbow is 3 rounds loading, 1 round firing. The movement cost corresponds to a light crossbow. Causes 2d6+2 damage.

Both the light and heavy crossbows may be kept "almost" loaded when moving around - i.e., one round from being fired. Thus, if your crossbow is kept "loaded" while exploring, you need only spend one round loading before firing. In effect, it is spending 1 or 2 rounds getting the crossbow started, carrying it in that condition, then finishing off the last round loading and then firing.

Thereafter loading takes the usual time.

Ahmet said...

OK. I'll take the heavy crossbow, since Ahmet already owns one and it packs a pretty good punch.

Alexis said...

We'll assume you've been getting the hang of it, and that during your youth, your master gave you some training, so you had practice and experience with a crossbow before.

Alexis said...
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János said...

Here's the link to my character, Alexis:

I look forward to finally joining the team.