Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kobalds Round 8: Charging the Stairs

The Dwarves attack for the rest of round 7.

Nerga succeeds in killing the other kobald on the roof and jumps down into hex 2910 (number not visible).  Ermeth attacks the kobald in 2909 and kills it, leaving him 3 movement to start up the stairs.

The other dwarves swarm up after him, and Zoft can't stand in their way to kill the sleeping kobald in 2710.  Htuya accidentally kicks it as she rushes by, and the kobald wakes up (won't take any action at this time, and can't block those moving forward).  Lukas will reach the top of the stairs and find himself in the same hex as the groggy kobald.

Aruth climbs up beside Andrej, while Salth and Balther sort themselves out below.  Others are jammed up at the bottom of the stairs.

Frith and Mega finish off the last two sleeping kobalds (FYI - Lukas got half experience per hit point of a killed sleeping kobald throughout all of this - 5 x.p. per hit point, as he contributed largely to their death).  Frith climbs on the top of the battlement, being faster than Mega, where he can see the battle.  Batath slides to the floor of the bottom room.

The kobalds fight back.

The bowmen in 3008 unleash into Ermeth, both missing.  However, a flurry of arrows fly from beyond what any member of the party can see - Ermeth is hit five times ... for 2, 1, 3, 1 and 2 damage.  Despite this, the various arrows bounce off his helmet or his armor, none sinking into flesh - and amazingly, Ermeth is NOT stunned.

The kobald in 3108 attacks Ermeth next, and misses.  He's joined by another kobald who comes out into view, who also misses.  Ermeth is leading a charmed life.

The kobald in 3109 throws a javelin at Erdina and hits, causing 4 damage.  This stuns the dwarf.  Erdina would normally stagger back, but she is supported by Htuya.

BOTH kobalds leap off the roof at Ahmet (they've watched many of their companions die by Ahmet's blade).  They both miss doing damage, and Ahmet throws them off into hexes 2709 and 2710.

That is the kobald's turn.

Lukas is in position to attack the kobald in 2710 (at +2 to hit, due to grogginess).  Ahmet's course of action is obvious.  Andrej can take whatever action he deems appropriate.


Ahmet said...

Jump at me, will you?!

Ahmet goes after the one in 2708 first:

To hit: 8
Damage: 8

Hm... well, maybe jumping wasn't such a bad idea.

If he has 1 HD, Ahmet tries again:

To hit: 14
Damage: 7


Lukas said...

If Lukas can get a meaningful attack in from 2611 with his dart in hand, he widthdraws and does so against the kobold in his square (2710?)

If not, he will jab at the kobold before widthdrawing to 2611.

I'm also assuming I can use a dart for a melee attack, and that it is not optimal to attack from either hex as a ranged action.

Apparently it probably doesn't matter either way...

D20: 22 (rolled 20, +2 for kobold state, don't know penalty for melee with dart)

D3: 1

Further D20s: 8 (6+2)

Alexis said...


The first attack does miss. You didn't specify, so I'm going to presume the second attack was ALSO at 2708 - it hits, and it kills.

Ahmet has 1 mp left, but cannot attack again.

Ahmet said...

Yes, sorry... I wanted to keep hitting 2708.

Ahmet said...

Ahmet will use his remaining MP to yell at the kobold in 2709, "Surrender!"

Alexis said...


Because the kobald in 2710 isn't combat "active" (still waking up from sleeping), you can attack and withdraw without penalty.

You can use a dart for hand to hand combat.

(GCI: I did just have a moment of inspiration - if a dagger and a dart can both be used to throw, and for combat, why would anyone ever take a dart? It does 1d3, and the dagger does 1d4.

The obvious answer is to increase the dart's likelihood to hit. So here it is - a thrown dart is +1 to hit; it gains no bonuses when used in hand to hand. Experimental rule ... I may increase it later to +2)

Technically, since you get bonuses to hit throwing the dart anyway, because of your dexterity, it is ALWAYS better to step back and throw a dart than to stab an opponent with it. With the additional bonus above, PLUS the point blank rule (within 10 feet), you're actually +3 to hit with the dart from 2611, whereas you get no bonuses whatsoever to hit in hand-to-hand. Something to think about.

REMEMBER: a natural 20 when rolling to hit does DOUBLE damage. Further d20s to determine triple or quadruple damage are never, ever modified (so your second roll is a 6, plain and simple).

Lukas, therefore, does TWO damage. He hits the kobald in the eye and it dies.

Andrej said...

Andrej climbs atop the hut with the intent of following Nerga into hex 2910. How far can I get?

(OOC: Wonderful, wonderful ruling on the the half xp point per damage for Lukas on the sleep spell.)

Alexis said...

Andrej can get on top in 2 moves; he can cross the diameter of the hut in one more move.

If he wishes, however, to take in the additional view he can get of the upper level beyond 3008, he will have to remain there until the end of the round (I can't remember if Andrej's move is 3 or 4).

Andrej said...

Andrej's move is 3, and he remains to get the extra view even if it takes me into next round.

Lukas said...

I'm always willing to accept free XP and bonus attack. Keep in mind though, darts are cheaper and I believe lighter too. So while no DIRECT combat bonuses, there are some other ones. Perhaps also daggers don't fit in quivers quite as well ;)

Alexis said...

(OOC: I'm done for the day here; when I get home tonight, I'll make time and get the new combat round up so its there in the morning)