Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kobalds Round 7: We're Slogging Now

The Dwarves attack for the remainder of round 6.

Nerga climbs on the roof and destroys the first sleeping kobald.  Ermeth swings twice, and kills both kobalds in 2810.  He wades forward into the hex.  Zoft finishes climbing the stairs and kills the first of the two kobalds in 2710.  Erdina climbs the stairs and moves into hex 2811.  Dead kobalds litter the floor.

Htuya and Wedth climb the stairs.  Warth finishes a second salve, given to him by Worter, and gains back 4 hp.  Warth moves to the bottom of the stairs.

Frith kills the kobald in 2716 and moves to 2515.  Batath kills the second kobald in 2415, retains Zoft's hammer and swings himself back over the battlement - Frith and Mega (who moves over behind Frith) can handle the others.

Kushi, Odval and Vala press themselves towards the stairs, moving around Lukas.  Seth, culf and Palt break the pyramid and sort themselves out. 

The kobalds suffer under the sleep spell for the 2nd round.  They fight back.

The bowmen on the roof of 2609 both fire at Ahmet at point blank - both missing.  Rather than reloading, they pull swords, and move beyond range of Ahmet's scimitar.  The two bowmen in 3008 reload.

The kobalds in 2909 each attack Ermeth.  One kobald hits the dwarf, and Ermeth takes 3 damage.  It does not stun.

This, shockingly, is the kobald's round.  Lukas' spell most effectly eliminated the initial resistance.

This round:

Aruth shouts at Andrej to help him up.  The small bit of oil still burning isn't dangerous.

I think the party is getting the general idea of how to go about this, but as ever, ask questions.  I think I should say at this time that Ahmet can see the cavern roof above him extends up and beyond the bowmen in hex 3008, at least a good 60 feet.  The map is black beneath that roof because Ahmet cannot see the cavern floor - but clearly what's depicted is not the whole lair.


Lukas said...

Lukas sees if he can try and join the flow upwards with Warth. Presumably being unarmored I would think he could match pace. If he has any extra movement he will draw a dart.

During movement however, he will speak to Warth, "Their front line is broken, now we push. Our asses are clear."

Alexis said...

"Thanks to you, mage - I look forward to your next trick."

Ahmet said...

Way to go, Lukas!

Ahmet advances to 2709 and attacks the kobold in 2809.

To hit: 13
Damage: 5

Alexis said...

It's 1 mp to hex 2709, and 1 mp to attack the kobald (1HD). Ahmet kills the kobald and has one movement left.

Ahmet said...

If I still get two attacks, I hit the bastard again... unless he's dead. Well, I might as well make sure I suppose.

Ahmet said...

Are there stairs going up at 2709?

Alexis said...

That latter seems an odd question to me, Ahmet.

The stairs going up lead from 2909 to 3108. There is a small hut entrance at 2709, but you're too big to fit through the door.

Ahmet said...

I thought there might be some kind of external stairs or something to get to the roof of the hut.

What's the hut made out of? Is it like a ramshackle wooden shack that a stout Turkish fellow could topple into the blackness of 2608?

Alexis said...

The hut is pretty solid, made of half-timbered brick. It is kobald sized, however, only 4 feet high around the edge (remember that short Nerga climbed the other hut, and he's a dwarf!)

It would take Ahmet 2 mp to climb onto the hut.

Alexis said...

I should make it clear that the "blackness of 2608" is a solid wall of stone.

Any black hex where you can see the number is a wall; but I can change the fog of war color so you can distinguish between walls and "out of sight."

Alexis said...

At this point, I'm only waiting on Andrej's move.

Ahmet said...

Ahmet moves to 2809.

Lukas said...

Darkness vs wall is a bit confusing, I'm beginning to see the benefit of the shaded edges. Doesn't betray the shape of the room, but does help with the difference between dark and wall.

Alexis said...

I've made the change and it will be clearer with future images.

Andrej said...

(OOC: So sorry guys, I've been refreshing the last post for the last two hours instead of looking here.)

Andrej leans down to help Aruth up onto the ledge of the slope. "You help the others once situated, friend dwarf."

If that doesn't take up all of Andrej's moves this round he will turn to consider the hut. I assume climbing it won't pose a problem... what about stepping around it into hex 2811?

Alexis said...

Helping Aruth up will involve more or less laying on the ledge and reaching down, as Aruth is a dwarf, so it does take up Andrej's move. There isn't enough room to step from 2911 to 2811.

Sorry you didn't know about the next post, Andrej, and sorry that getting this answer was a more or less likely conclusion - but I needed confirmation without running your character. I shall try to get up the next round in the next hour.

Andrej said...

(OOC: No worries on both counts. I'm sorry that I held things up. I'm usually better about checking the main page vs. always refreshing the current post, but today have been busy so it got by me. Your "next post" replies are helpful when you can do them, but not necessary. You're busy too, and doing the lion's share of the work here. I just have to get back into my old playing habits after our break.

Alexis said...

I'll go back to putting in the indicator.

The next post is up.