Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kobalds Round 6: Lukas Knocks 'em Flat

Kobalds with a green symbol are sleeping.  The Dwarves attack for the remainder of round 5.

Warth is caught by Erdina, who helps him back.  Zoft starts up the stairs behind Ermeth, who climbs to the top and attacks 2811, standing over the two sleeping kobalds.  Ermeth attacks twice and misses both times.

Ganzor and Worter both have healing salves ready - Ganzor is able to give his to Warth immediately; Warth swallows it and regains 3 hp.  Erdina leaves Warth in Ganzor's care and moves up behind Zoft.  Htuya moves up with Erdina.

Nerga climbs up next to the fire and begins to climb his way onto the hut, where there are now two sleeping kobalds.  Aruth, Balther and Salth retain their pyramid and shout at Andrej to climb up over them, as soon as he gets the opportunity.

Frith and Balther both leap into the battlement on the bottom of the room.  Frith has time to attack the fire-damaged kobald in 2716, but only succeeds in a glancing blow on the body.  The kobald has just enough time to open its eyes this round before Frith attacks again (see next post).

Batath climbs to the top, leaps over the battlement, and manages to slash the throat of one kobald in 2415.  Mega climbs up on the shoulders of Seth and the others.  Meanwhile, Vala, Kushi and Odval separate, reorganize themselves on the bottom of the slope and turn towards the other battle (Frith can handle this).

Finally, Wedth moves around to 2613.

The kobalds fight back.

The bowmen on the house of 2609 are reloading, but those two bowmen on 3008 loose into Ermeth and Ahmet.  Both succeed in hitting (rolling an 18 and a 19).  Ahmet takes 1 damage, and Ermeth takes 4.  Neither are stunned.

The kobald in 2909 moves forward on Ermeth and the other from 2809 moves forward on Ahmet.  Ahmet is missed, but the kobald in 2811 hits Ermeth for 3 more damage.  Again, Ermeth is not stunned.

Two kobalds move down the stairs from 3108 in support.  Other kobalds appear above the stairs and move down.  This is all the kobalds can do at this time.

For Round 6 actions:

Ahmet, any kobald you attack this round (awake or sleeping) requires only 1 mp.  Thus, you can attack, move, and attack - provided you either stun or kill the kobald in the hex before moving forward.  I suggest that you roll your first attack, and if you hit, let me give the result before you decide what to do with the rest of your movement.  No need to try to do it all at one time.

Andrej, with the help of the dwarves, it will take you one round to climb to hex 2911 (Nerga will have climbed onto the roof by that time).  This is assuming that is your desire.

Lukas, so suggested options at this time.


Ahmet said...

Ahmet leaves the sleeping kobolds in 2710 for those coming up the stairs.

So, 1 MP: Attack 2610. Then move to 2610 and attack 2709, but as you said, I have to see the result of my attack first. (I suppose if I miss 2610 on the first attempt, I can try to hit him again?)

I think the only die modifier at this point is my +1 for STR, yes?

To hit: 18
Damage: 5

Lukas said...

Lukas will attack any awake kobolds he sees, he will move three to 2713 and then use his remaining two to throw his dart.

d20: 14
d3: 1

Alexis said...

(OOC: Ahmet, you are on a roll!)

Ahmet's first attack kills the kobald in 2610. I'm going to ignore what was said before about what Ahmet did next, so repeat it again if that's your intention; hex 2610 is clear.

Lukas, you hit the kobald in 2811. The nice thing about kobalds ... your 1 damage kills it.

Ahmet said...

(OOC: Yes, I'm afraid all my good die rolls are being used up to slaughter these little buggers...)

To quote Han Solo, "I have a bad feeling about this..."

But Ahmet steps into 2610 to attack the kobold in 2709.

Ahmet said...

(waiting to fall through the trap door before rolling to hit)

Lukas said...

(I think the waiting is in case you don't kill the kobold, in which case it would cost more to move away from it.)

Alexis said...

There is no trap door, Ahmet. Roll to hit and damage.

Ahmet said...

(waiting for the piano to fall from the ceiling onto my head...)

To hit: 12
Damage: 6

Alexis said...

That will kill the other kobald, too.

Feels good to be 3rd level.

Andrej said...

Andrej will climb the dwarf pyramid to hex 2911.

Andrej said...

sorry... Andrej climbs as stated.

(OOC: Really looking forward to getting into the action today.)