Monday, April 30, 2012

Kobalds Round 28: The Kobalds Abandon Missile Weapons

Before the kobalds attack.
The number of kobalds is distinctly declining.  The bowkobalds on 3103 fire their bows at Seth: one hits for 4 damage and stuns him - he stumbles back into the hex with Andrej, fouling him.  Both bowmen pull swords this round, rather than choosing to reload.

The bowmen around hut 3202 would be reloading this round, but they pull swords as well.  One moves into hex 3203 and attacks Mega.  It misses.

The orange spackled kobald in 3203 moves forward and attacks Htuya.  He misses.

The sword in 3604 attacks Warth, and misses.

The three remaining bowmen in 3402 and 3502 load this round.

That is all the kobalds have.  Here is the position for the party's move:

Here is an updated map showing fixes, plus Warth's attack and movement:


Alexis said...


Warth will hit and kill the kobald in 3604, and will start up the stairs at 3603.

Therefore, 3504 and 3604 are empty.

Alexis said...


Zoft will also be attacking 3405 this round; Andrej cannot without first helping Seth to hex 3305, which gives him time to attack.

Zoft will attack 3405 first (since he's immediately free to do so) and his hits - but he still doesn't kill the little begger!

Andrej said...

Andrej tries to maneuver Seth into hex 3305. Did this take 1 or 2 MPs before?

Alexis said...

(On the last map, it shows that 3405 is stunned at the end of the turn - that was false, I had forgotten to remove the marker. However, Zoft does stun him again)

Alexis said...

It takes 1 mp, Andrej. See above.

Alexis said...

(Errors all over - the kobalds in 3202 and 3203 should have swords, not bows. Also, the kobald depicted as still on top of the hut should be in 3102. Apologies)

Alexis said...

Please see additional map added to the post for fixes and correct positions.

Ahmet said...

Ahmet follows Warth up the stairs.

Lukas said...

Lukas will start queuing up at 3007. At this point I don't think he'll see anything on the next hut.

Andrej said...

Andrej will take another whack @ 3405, hopefully freeing up Ahmet for the stairs:

to hit: 17
dmg: 8

(I've got a "1" in this RANDBETWEEN coming soon, I can feel it)

Alexis said...

Because the fellow in 3405 is stunned (and being kept busy by Andrej and Zoft), there is no penalty bonus for Ahmet. He does move to 3604 - and Andrej DOES finally kill 3405.

Andrej has one movement point left.

Andrej said...

I used up one point on moving Seth and two on attacking, so that should do it for me, yes?

If not, though, Andrej turns to face hex 3204.

Alexis said...

Uh, yes, three move. Used to moving the dwarves.

Alexis said...

Good, finishing the dwarves move:

Mega attacks 3203, missing.

Htuya attacks 3204. She hits, and takes advantage of her considerable strength (18/72): she hits for 6 damage, which stuns the spackled orange kobald. Htuya drives forward to 3204. Salth, Balther and Kushi move up behind her.

Lukas has the move necessary to slip in behind Kushi if he wishes.

Alexis said...

Vala and Ermeth both apply healing salves.

Batath and Ganzor both fire their slings on kobalds. Batath hits the right kobald on the roof above 3103; his sling stone kills the kobald, who falls nearly out of sight.

Other kobalds swarm onto the level. Culf moves forward, grabs the axe in 3504 and throws it at a kobald in 3502. He hits and the axe kills the kobald. Worter picks up Frith's pick.

Lukas said...

Unless dwarves behind me are heavily injured I wouldn't dream of getting in the way. I'll hold off and let the people who can do some melee damage go first.

Alexis said...

You're the last man, Lukas ... except for Vala, who's at -1 and isn't going back into the fight.

I presumed you would move forward; the new map shows that you have. If you're definite about not, I'll fix it with the next incarnation.