Monday, April 30, 2012

Kobalds Round 27: Signs of Weakness

Before the kobalds attack.
The bowmen on the hut of 3103 are loading; all others are firing.  The bows on and off the hut at 3202 fire at Salth and Zoft - I roll a natural 20 on Salth, hitting him for 4 damage total.  That's enough to stun him, and he staggers back into the hex with Seth.  Zoft (and Mega) are unhit.

The bowmen in 3502 and 3602 fire at Warth, seeing him push his way into the front.  One hits for 3 damage.  Warth isn't stunned.

The white striped kobald fires at Andrej.  He manages to just hit AC 2 - his arrow careens off Andrej's shield, causing no damage.

The kobald swords attack.  The kobald in 3103 steps forward and attacks Andrej from the rear, gaining a +1 to hit; he succeeds in landing his blow, just, and Andrej takes 3 damage.

The kobald in 3404 runs into 3405, grabs his sword and attacks Ahmet.  He rolls a natural 20, hitting AC 0.  (GCI: for a 20 to be "critical," it must be 2 or more above the number needed to hit.  The kobald here needs a 19 to hit Ahmet, so the 20 isn't double-damage; those times in this combat when I have doubled the damage on either Ahmet or Andrej, it was because the kobald got a bonus +1 for position or personal strength.  There's no bonus here, so the damage is not doubled).  Ahmet takes 1 damage.

The kobald in 3203 attacks Zoft, hitting and causing 5 damage.  Zoft doesn't have the hit points and is stunned, falling back into 3404.

Finally, Warth is attacked from 3604.  He's hit for 1 damage.  This doesn't stun him.

Here is the position after the kobalds attack:


Ahmet said...

Ahmet returns the favor for the guy in 3405.

To hit: 7
Damage: 6

Do I get another swing at him?

Lukas said...

Lukas is going to climb the hut at 3307. Though I might not be able to climb it this turn, might be one MP short if I cant start climbing in 3308.

Alexis said...

Ahmet, you do!

Lukas, you're still behind the hut at 3210. To get to the other one, you'll have to climb back over the one in front of you. This round you can get as far as 3209.

Ahmet said...

Ahmet swings again.

To hit: 12
Damage: 9

I should'a stuck with the kobow.

Andrej said...

Did Ahmet kill the right-sided kobald in 3405.

Ahmet said...

Well... I attempted to, anyway.

Alexis said...

For Ahmet, a 12 hits AC 6, and that hits and kills the right handed kobald in 3405.

Alexis said...

Warth attacks twice and fails to hit either time.

Ahmet, you have a move of 1 left; if Warth had hit you could have moved into 3504, but that hex is not free; you may want to wait and find out what Andrej does first before deciding on that 1 move.

Ahmet said...

Yes, I'll wait on Mr. Slowpoke.

Alexis said...

If anyone here is a slowpoke, it's me.

Lukas, if you could acknowledge my point about climbing the hut next to you, and Andrej, Ahmet is getting anxious.

Lukas said...

Alright, that works. I figure all I see is dwarf butts right now so I'm not in too much danger.

Andrej said...

Andrej swings at checkers in hex 3405.

to hit: 15
dmg: 4

Alexis said...

That does successfully stun Checkers, Andrej - but still doesn't kill him.

Andrej said...

(OOC: That is one tough sonofabitch)

Ahmet said...

Hm... nowhere for me to go, really. Ahmet stays put to work on Checkers.

Alexis said...

The dwarves finish their moves:

Vala climbs to the bottom of the stairs and prepares a salve for the next round.

Seth hands Sarth off to his brother Balther on the stairs, and attacks 3204. He misses.

Mega attacks 3203 as well; she misses also.

Htuya hands a salve off to Ermeth, then throws a hand axe at 3204; the axe hits with a 19, killing that kobald at last. Seth moves into the hex and Htuya behind him.

Frith picks up the axe at his feet in 3406 and throws it at 3603. The axe hits and kills.

Ganzor leaps onto the hut next to Batath. Batath uses his sling and attacks 3203, missing.

Culf crowds Ahmet in 3505 as others come up the stairs behind him.

Alexis said...

The next post is up.