Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kobalds Round 25: A Brutal Affair

Before the kobald attack.
Beginning again with arrow shots:

The two on Hut 3103 are loading, but the two by 3202 (one on the hut, one on the ground) both fire at Vala.  One hit for three points, stunning Vala (all the dwarves are getting low on hit points).  Vala can't stumble back towards 3205, because there are two dwarves there, so she remains in 3204.

The kobalds in 3502 fire at Mega and Ermeth.  Mega is hit, taking 2 damage.  Mega was seriously hit by the otyugh, and she's also stunned.

The striped bowkobald in 3402 seems to be quite intelligent.  His bow is larger, and he uses it to shoot at Andrej.  The bow slips in his grasp (rolled a 2), and he unfortunately hits the kobald next to Batath, struggling with Lukas' charmed kobald.  The hit kobald dies.  The charmed kobald leaps into 3408 and fouls his compatriot's attack against Ganzor before Lukas' spell ends.  Batath is astounded to find himself alone on the hut.

The bowkobalds on the right in 3604 fires at Andrej, missing, before backing up the stairs.

The other two bowkobalds, in 3504 and 3604, shoot at Frith before drawing swords and defending themselves. The latter hits Frith with a 20 critical, which does 8 damage.  Frith is stunned, but Warth and Culf support him - so he does not fall down the stairs.

One kobald attacks Frith with a sword, missing.

Andrej is attacked from 3404 and 3405.  Both miss.

Vala is attacked from 3103 and 3203.   She is unfortunately hit twice, the first another natural 20, for double damage.  Vala takes 8 damage, then 4 damage - maximum.  She drops into negative hit points, falling onto her knees, but manages to stay conscious.

After all this, here are the results:


Lukas said...

If Lukas can see the enemy kobold he charmed, he now attempts to throw a dart at it...

D20: nat 20
D3: 3

Shame it was a little minion... But here's for avoiding berserking

Alexis said...

Don't forget to double the damage with 20s, Lukas. That's six damage total. It hits and kills.

Andrej said...

Hoping Vala will be tended to by the active nearby dwarves and wanting to hold this flank Andrej will be attacking the kobold in hex 3405, not intending to move anywhere:

to hit: 13
dmg: 4

Alexis said...

That hits, Andrej, but hold onto your mace:

It doesn't stun.

Ahmet said...

Ahmet goes to 3507 and starts up the stairs, if possible.

Andrej said...

Not stunned? Looks like we got ourselves a gamer. Andrej grunts his approval and prepares for the counter attack.

(OOC: Still loving the AC 1 / 0 vs. missiles no matter the slow speed. Somebody's gotta control the middle/ front.)

Alexis said...

I think that covers the party's movements.

Ganzor attacks 3406, hitting the orange kobald. Ganzor does six damage, which stuns but does not kill that kobald.

Warth pulls Frith back to the stairs, takes his place and attacks twice at the kobalds in 3504. He hits once, killing the kobald on the left. Warth doesn't have enough move to keep moving forward.

Culf makes room for Ahmet to move forward.

Batath draws out his sling and fires at 3402. He rolls a 19 and hits for 3 damage; this doesn't stun.

Ermeth pulls back Vala (still on her feet) and moving forward attacks 3203. Ermeth drops his weapon - it doesn't break and lands in hex 3304.

Zoft climbs onto the hut next to him and recovers his hammer from Batath.

For the present, that's the dwarves' attack. I'll start the kobalds and the next post.