Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kobalds Round 24: Andrej Leads the Way

Before the kobalds attack.
Beginning with bows.  Those on the hut at 3405 fire into Vala and Batath.  Both miss.  They draw swords and proceed to defend the hut.

Andrej has stepped into the line of sight for two previously unseen bowmen above 3103, and they fire at him.  They're +1 to hit for range, and one hits Andrej for 1 damage (that won't stun).

The bowman in 3203 backs up, and it and all the other bowmen are loading this round.

Ermeth is attacked by the kobald in front of him and the orange spackled kobald that descends from the stairs at 3302.  Both these kobalds hit - Ermeth takes one damage from the first, and 3 damage from the orange, tougher kobald.  Ermeth is stunned and falls back into the hex with Batath.

The orange kobald to Andrej's left was stunned (I forgot to note it) and doesn't attack.  Andrej is attacked by the kobald in 3404 and the tough kobald in 3504.  Both kobalds miss.

The kobald in 3406 attacks Odval.  It hits and causes 4 damage.  Odval tumbles back, stunned.

Frith is attacked twice and missed.

This will leave the final position at this:


Alexis said...

Lukas, your spell is cast; you may discharge it at any time that's convenient for you.

Ahmet said...

Ahmet drops the bow and arrows, unslings his shield, draws his scimitar, and advances to 3507, provided he can get around Nerga (why is he facing me?).

Andrej said...

Pressing the attack on the stunned kobald in 3303:

to hit: 15
dmg: 5

If the kobald is hit, Andrej will step into hex 3303.

(friendly reminder, Andrej is a 4th level cleric)

Andrej said...

(OOC: Wasn't Nerga applying a salve to you last round, Ahmet?)

Ahmet said...

Whoops, missed that. Well, they can apply salve to my ass while I'm kicking someone else's!

Alexis said...

Last round, the two healing salves were offered; Ahmet would have to spend this round getting them, if he wants 2-8 hit points restored.

Lukas said...

Lukas releases the spell on a kobold in 3505 if possible, or on the hut next to them if possible after pupping up from behind the hut.

Kobolds make a save vs magic if their HD is under 1. If it's over 1 it cant effect them.

Should it succeed he will command them to drop their weapons and move their friends out of the way.

Effects last 1 round.

Lukas said...

Er 1 or under.. heh

Alexis said...

Lukas, a drawn line of sight indicates that you cannot see the hex 3505. At present, the only kobalds you can see are those atop the hut at 3405, or the orange kobald in 3406.

Lukas said...

Would the one on 3405 viably be able to hinder the ones at 3505 or 3405? If so that one, otherwise, I will go for the one at 3405 and hope I don't just waste it on a 2HD dude.

Lukas said...

If they can't hinder, I will have them attack their friends and hope my allies kill it before it berserks me to death.

Alexis said...

Yes, the one kobald on the roof can hinder the other one, and make both ineffective for the duration of the spell. Will that do?

Lukas said...

It will.

Alexis said...

Waiting on a final answer from Ahmet.

Yes, Andrej, on 3303. You did kill that kobald.

Ahmet said...

Ahmet spends this round getting salve'd.

1D4: 4
1D4: 2

Bringing him back to 12 HP.

Alexis said...

(OOC: Thanks guys. I'm going to be held up for awhile.

We've been playing this combat for 29 days)

Andrej said...

(OOC: You know, the 29 days doesn't really bug me like it might have had you told me that it would take that long to get this far at the outset. Nature of this particular beast, I suppose. I'm still thoroughly enjoying it.)

Alexis said...

(OOC: You don't miss those long fruitless months with dialogue and without the potential for experience?)

Alexis said...

I've just realized it would take two movement for Andrej to slip into 3303 (the point for movement and the point penalty for crossing in front of 3404 and 3405; so Andrej is stuck for the moment in 3304.

Andrej said...

(OOC: I happen to like the long fruitless months of dialogue and no xp as well.

In a certain way the campaign has been a pretty thorough demonstration of most of what can be done with the AD&D rules. What I mean here is that there's plenty to chew on for both role-players, roll-players and those in between.

There's plenty of role-playing, but no real rules to support it and real constraints other than the tastes and good sense of the participants, especially the DM. Take that story-gamers.

The combat system is a bit involved, sharing a neighborhood if not an exact address with the ideas that seemed to drive a lot of 3rd edition. Tactics nuts can really sink their teeth into something here and not get a toothache like I did running 3rd edition for a few years.

What strikes me as definitive about your game Alexis is that combat itself is at once so dangerous and rewarding that you need much less of it to satisfactorily advance. In the meantime I can, for instance, consider with some pleasure what Andrej will say at a marriage ceremony or how I intend to have the bronze Lombard helm melted down into a bronze cross as a symbolic and hopefully appropriate gift to Serafina & Eberhardt before setting out for Trieste and beyond.

It's satisfying my particular itches, so the long delays or slow pace are more than tolerable.

I tried to get one of my players to read along but he had trouble following it. It's a lot to try and consume if you're not playing it, I admit. This especially in a world where 128 characters seems an acceptable limit on broadcasted ideas.

The playing has been quite fun. All of it.)

Alexis said...

Vala slips in front of Batath and attacks the kobald in 3103, missing.

Mega moves to 3303, and doesn't have enough move to attack.

Batath, the thief, leaps quickly to the top of the hut in 3305, to attack the kobalds there next round (hasn't the time to do so this round).

Mega moves through Andrej's hex and reaches 3303, without enough move to attack this round. Zoft moves to 3305, and Htuya climbs the stairs.

The left pyramid collapses and runs for the stairs. Ganzor climbs the right pyramid towards 3406 and doesn't attack.

Again, Frith attacks three times: He hits the kobald on the right and forces his way up into hex 3505. Warth and Culf move up behind him.

Lukas, the one kobald you charmed is wrestling with the other.

Andrej said...

Ah yes, disengagement. Understood. 3304 it is.

Alexis said...

(OOC: I can't really guess how hard this is to read, or if anyone is beyond the party. I know that a lot of people who might stop by here are staying out and deliberately not making comments. Still, I've given them opportunities and not much comes of that.

I always appreciate the praise, Andrej, but mostly I am befuddled in trying to measure the energy status of the party. Most long, long combats have a certain degree of exhaustion that builds up - this was just as true when I used to run the original D&D combats in my early days going back to the 80s. Not being able to see your faces, I don't know how sick people are of this, or how much they really wish it would JUST END.

Have faith; there is experience waiting at the end)