Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kobalds Round 23: Kobalds Frolicking

Before the kobalds attack.
The kobalds in 3505 both attack Frith.  The orange misses, and uses his two movement to slip into hex 3406 to block Odval.  The other kobald hits for 1 damage.  The kobald in 3405 moves forward and attacks as well, but misses.  Frith is not stunned.

Andrej is attacked by 3204 and both in 3304.  3204 drops his sword into his same hex, not breaking it.  3304 rolls a 19 and hits AC 1.  Andrej takes 3 damage.

The kobalds on the hut of 3405 load their weapons.  The kobald bowmen of 3504 and 3502 all four shoot at Frith.  Frith is hit once for 4 damage, but still is not stunned.

The kobald bowmen in 3202 (who he can see now, though I've cut it off the image - it's there below) , 3404, 3303 and 3402 (the white striped one) fire at Andrej.  They all miss.

The bowmen on the pink level retreat (2 moves) after firing.  The final appearance before the party's move is thus:


Ahmet said...

Can Ahmet see the fellow in orange (now in 3406)?

Andrej said...

Andrej swings at the orange-jersey kobald again, stepping into hex 3304 if successful:

to hit: 20 (not natural)
dmg: 3

My rolls seem to be alternating between lucky and unlucky lately... haven't rolled a 1 yet, though...

Andrej said...

(OOC: Scratch that, that was two (assumed) hits in a row... I only missed with the first swing. That makes my luck decidedly good.)

Alexis said...

I'm sorry ... I repeated the same picture as before. The post has been corrected with the right picture, and Ahmet can see the kobald in 3406.

Andrej, that does hit and do damage. He's stunned again, and falls back.

Ahmet said...

OK, we're going to kobow the kobold in 3406.

Nock... draw... loose!

D20: 12

Not sure what the non-profiency penalty is -- that's the roll (12).

Assuming damage is 1D6... I rolled a 2.

Alexis said...

The non-proficiency penalty for a fighter is -3. The bow does 1d4 damage when it hits; which unfortunately it didn't.

Lukas said...

Lukas begins casting charm person from behind the hut, did the salve go through? I saw no objection so I assume so.

Alexis said...

The salve does work fine.

Alexis said...

Following Andrej's push forward, Ermeth, with two attacks/round against minor kobalds, moves into 3205 and attacks 3204. He hits and kills. He moves into 3204 and attacks the bowman in 3103 - and hits again! That bowman also dies

Batath moves into 3205 and attacks the non-frolicking kobald; he criticals and kills it.

Vala attacks up at 3205 against the frolicking kobald, hits and kills that one. Vala climbs into 3205.

Odval attacks once and misses.

Frith attacks three times - but frustratingly he still can't land an attack (even though he only needs a 9 to hit).

Alexis said...

Palt shouts at Ahmet to quit wasting his time with that "toy" ... Aruth offers a healing salve that Ahmet can drink, and Nerga says if he will lean still against this wall, she can apply a second one.

Zoft climbs the pyramid, and the other dwarves reorganize themselves.

Andrej said...

Is Vala now in 3205 or 3305? You stated 3205, but I was wondering if you meant 3305.

Alexis said...

Yes, my error. Vala is in 3305. I'll have the next post up soon.

Alexis said...

The next post is up.