Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kobalds Round 21 (Part B): The Kobalds Attack

There's a frenzy of movement.  Kobalds rush into 3205, 3305, 3406 and 3405 with javelins, hurling them at Andrej, Salth, Erdina and Frith.  Andrej is hit once for 4 damage; Salth and Erdina are missed, and Frith is hit for 1 damage.

Bowmen at 3504, 3502, 3204, 3304 and 3402 shoot at the visible Ahmet and Lukas.

Ahmet is hit once with a natural 20 (double damage) and a second arrow by the fellow in the white stripes.  He takes 2 points of damage with the first hit, and 3 hit points with the second.  I'm sure one of those stuns him.

I hit Lukas 3 times.  He takes 3 damage, 2 damage and then 3 damage, in sequence ... I'm sure he is quite stunned also.  Both Lukas and Ahmet must roll a d20 against their dexterity (dex checkj).

That is the kobald round.  Andrej, I think, is the only one who can make a move:


Ahmet said...

I started at 11 HP... now at 6.

Ahmet said...

D20: 11

Alexis said...

Yes Ahmet, that's sufficient. You do not fall from the roof.

Alexis said...

The dwarves boil up onto the next level, making pyramids as they did before. Frith will rush up the stairs and attack (he can only do so once, as the kobald in the orange jersey is another leader).

I'll give the effect of these attacks after Andrej makes his move.

Andrej said...

I take the four points thankfully against the extra points provided by the aid spell, but those effects expire at the end of this round so I'm back to normal by start of round 22. Yes?

Andrej swings at the kobold leader in hex 3205:

to hit: 7 (dang)

Lukas said...

That puts Lukas at 0hp.

D20: 2 (Dex 16)

Alexis said...


That's correct. In effect, you take no real damage, so next round you'll simply be at maximum hit points.

(you do get experience for the 4 damage the aid spell took)

Alexis said...

Frith moves two, attacks and drops his weapon (happens to the best of people). It will tumble down the slope and land in 3607.

Culf throws an axe at 3406. It misses, bounds off the hut in 3406 and ends up in 3207. Warth throws an axe at the same kobald and misses; it skitters to 3504.

Amidst this comedy of errors, Erdina, Worter and Wedth form a pyramid. Salth, Balther and Seth form another. Vala throws an axe at 3305, and misses ... that axe ends up in 3307. Ganzor throws a dagger at 3305, and also misses. It ends up in 3305.

Zoft moves into the cover of 3208 and starts casting a spell.

That comprises the dwarven attack for the present.

Alexis said...

The next post is up.