Friday, April 20, 2012

Kobalds Round 18: Have We Won?

Nerga attacks the last kobald on the level, hitting and killing it.  The remaining dwarves flow up onto the level, wary of the ledge above them ... and with that, there is no counterattack by the kobalds.

At this point in the combat, initiative determination has been lost.  When the next attack occurs - which may be the very next round - who attacks first will need to be re-determined.

Removing Lukas' view, and opening up all that the dwarves can see as well as the party, here's how things look:


Ahmet said...

(OOC: They pulled back. I don't know whether to say "whew!" or "ut-oh...")

Ahmet goes to 3209.

Lukas said...

(OOC Depends on whether or not we hear drums)

Lukas pushes up as soon as he can, but not giving preference to himself over the dwarves. He'll make for 3410 or 3309 if possible.

Andrej said...

Andrej crouches and steps into hex 3105, trying to expand our view but take some cover behind the slope/ stairs.

Alexis said...

The next post is up.