Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kobalds Round 17: The Level Is Gained

Warth draws out a dagger and attacks with it.  He hits once, stunning the kobald, not quite killing it.  He pulls back to 3410 (no penalty moving away from the combat if the enemy is stunned) and picks up the hand axe there.

Palt moves to 3209 and attacks the kobald, missing.  Frith drops back, picks up the axe in 3109 and throws it at the kobald in 3208.  He hits and the kobald dies.

Batath attacks 3007 and misses; Ermeth moves, attacks the same kobald and hits, killing it.  Ermeth moves over the body and engages the kobald in 3006 (that is, threatens him), but can't attack again.

Dwarves swarm up onto the yellow level.

There is little the kobalds can do to fight back.  The two kobalds on the hut fire at Kushi, where the pile of dwarves is thickest.  Both kobalds manage to hit AC 0 and AC 1 (with the +2 bonus) and Kushi takes two arrows for 3 and 4 damage.  He is most definitely stunned.  Both kobalds, upon firing, leap off the back side of the hut and disappear out of sight.

The single able kobald in 3006 attacks Andrej.  He misses, and nimbly backs up to the stairs in 3109.

As things stand:


Ahmet said...

Once Ahmet retrieves both daggers, he makes his way toward the stairs again (2909).

Andrej said...

Andrej steps into hex 3006 to attack checkers. Is there a modifier to hit since he's on the stairs? Either way:

to hit: natural 20 (yay)
dmg: 7, 5 = 12
2nd roll: 20 (unnatural)
dmg: 6

I have a feeling that was a wasted critical.

Alexis said...

Sorry, Andrej. Can you explain,

dmg: 7, 5 = 12

Did you roll damage twice due to the first 20 you rolled?

Andrej said...

Yes. Was I supposed to just double it? Sorry.

Alexis said...

yep. just double the damage.

so 14. That'lll pretty much smash in his tiny head.

Alexis said...

(OOC: Like yesterday, that'll be the end of our playing day. We are making headway - have faith that everyone will get more chances for experience)