Monday, April 16, 2012

Kobalds Round 13: Andrej's Luck

The dwarves complete their attack.

Palt swings at a kobald in 3008 and hits, killing it.  He drives the other back to 3007, while Palt enters 3008.  Wedth climbs up the pyramid behind him.

Meanwhile, Batath literally climbs up next to the pyramid, clinging to the corner of 2907 & 2808.  Warth releases Ahmet and climbs the stairs next to Andrej, throwing an axe point blank at the left kobald in 3209.  This hits and doesn't quite kill the kobald.

Htuya throws an axe at the kobald in 3109; she misses and the axe winds up in 3410.  Odval also throws an axe, and misses, and that ax winds up in 3508.

Frith continues to marshal the dwarves, keeping them organized, letting two more up the stairs.  Zoft moves forward five feet towards Ahmet, casting a spell.

The kobalds fight back:

Position as the kobalds attack Palt, Andrej and Warth.
Nine bowmen release arrows (Lukas reduced the number) - two at Palt, three at Warth and four at Andrej.  Palt is hit for 1 damage (not stunned).  Warth is missed completely.  Andrej leads a distinctly charmed life, as one of the kobald arrows goes through the head of the right kobald in 3208 (killing him) and another stuns the kobald in 3109.  Otherwise, the arrows miss Andrej.

The kobalds in 3007 and 3107 all three attack Palt; the remaining two, in 3208 and 3209  (the others stunned) attack Andrej.  Palt is completely missed.  Andrej is also missed.

This makes for the party's turn.


Andrej said...

And so I go, by the grace of God.

Andrej attacks the lone kobold in hex 3208 and will push him out or stand over his corpse with his movement.

to hit: 11
dmg: 8

Lukas said...

Lukas will throw another dart at the kobold he stunned.

D20: 19 (+2 -2)
D3: 3

Ahmet said...

Ahmet eagerly awaits Zoft's spell.

He has three salves remaining, all in his belt pouch; he'd like to apply/eat/whatever as many as he can this round. All three, or two, or one?

Alexis said...

Ahmet will have to move towards Zoft - Zoft can only move forward one hex, and with the new rules to touch Ahmet they will both have to be in the same hex.

Alexis said...

Lukas, that second dart kills.

Andrej, that attack misses.

Andrej said...

Am I still able to push the kobold out of the hex and occupy it myself or does missing prevent that?

Alexis said...


It's an interesting quandary, but I think we must argue for the reward for success formula and say that missing does provent moving forward (makes for better drama).

Alexis said...

(OOC: Guys, I have something to talk about.

It's been a couple of months now since adding Lukas, and I'd like to breach the subject of adding a new player to the game. I have a fellow who is interested in joining and who tells me he's a tolerant fellow.

I know I heard from the party that they needed some time to meld - I can say firmly that sometime following the kobalds (if you live) there will be an opportunity. Have you had time to relax, and are you ready to allow a fourth into the game?)

Lukas said...

(OOC: I'm ready when you are.)

Andrej said...

I think its fair to not be able to move into the space after a miss.

Regarding the new player, if they are either a) familiar enough with you and how you run the game they won't be surprised and quit or b) open-minded enough to want to learn and contribute to the fun, then I suppose I'm on board. Lukas has worked out fantastically.

Ahmet said...

(OOC: I'm all for it. We could use the help! :) )

Ahmet moves toward Zoft while applying salve, if possible. But the priority is reaching Zoft.

Alexis said...

(OOC: Sorry, fellas.

I spent a lot of my time this morning writing out a blog post, when I could have been creating the next round here. Hope you don't mind.

With a little luck, I might get the next round up this afternoon.

I am assured by the new player that open-mindedness is not a problem)

Alexis said...

The next round is up.